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The Vapor Sea: Layer One - The Pale Sea

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On Vearth (Vapor Earth), there are a total of seven seas that are divided by barriers of hardened clouds that prevent people from traveling to layers above and below their current layer (I explained this more in depth in my most recent post).

This post focuses on layer one of The Vapor Sea which is recorded in the Cloud Atlas as the Pale Sea.

The Mothwoods cover the majority of the Pale Sea's seafloor while sky islands hover above the Geyser Belt and Great Divide. The Vamiliar reside within the forests while humans live in the sky, in the Glades, and on the borders of the Groves. Airboats (wooden ships + blimps) are a main form of transportation for the sky people known as Avalonians.

Minor Geysers can be found on the seafloor as remains of Geysers known as Major Geysers that have fallen out of the Geyser Belt's orbit.

There's a lot more that goes into this layer as it is the one book one focuses on first but I've either already posted a large sum of it and explained it elsewhere or plan to post it in upcoming posts.

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