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theVanguards is a group dedicated the superhero team made up of fan characters set in the Marvel Universe specifically following an alternate reality of the Avenger's movie.

Please read the rules before you submit something and we'll let you know.

:bulletblue: theRainbowOverlord's Halli Stark/Frostbyte (Team Leader)
:bulletblack: theRainbowOverlord's Alexei Barton/Blackhawk
:bulletpurple: theRainbowOverlord's Sophia Rodgers/Psia
:bulletpink: theRainbowOverlord's Tabitha Leroy//Plasmira
:bulletyellow: theRainbowOverlord's Donar Thorson/Thunderhead
:bulletgreen: theRainbowOverlord's Soren Thorson/Terrin

Asgardian Support:
:bulletwhite: theRainbowOverlord's Eira Thorsdóttir/Thunderfrost
:bulletpurple: Ashuri's Freya Ragna/Shamira
:bulletpink: theRainbowOverlord's Brynja Eerosdóttir/Gaelia
:bulletgreen: theRainbowOverlord's Gala Olinsdóttir/Magia
:bulletblue: theRainbowOverlord's Rasmus Gilison/Arien

:bulletpurple: theRainbowOverlord's Aitana Santos/Celestia
:bulletblack: theRainbowOverlord's Duncan Romero/Phantom
:bulletwhite: LittleAlyce's Melody Kokinos/Silver Moon
:bulletblue: theRainbowOverlord's Lethia Makarios/Seraphina
:bulletpink: theRainbowOverlord'sEland Rhimes/Fennec
:bulletgreen: aerieyena's Sean Walsh/Bodysnatcher
:bulletwhite: theRainbowOverlord's Xiu Juan Lu/Nightingale
:bulletred: KitsuneAngel's Gretchen Edwards/Red Shift
:bulletpurple: KitsuneAngel's Demetri Jones/Spike

Medical/Technical Support:
:bulletgreen: theRainbowOverlord's Patton Leroy
:bulletwhite: KitsuneAngel's Daniel Casey/The Doctor

:bulletyellow: aerieyena's Cassidy Martin


This collection does not have any deviations yet!






Edit// Forgot to mention but I'm also looking for ideas for their villains/rouges. If anyone wants to have their baddies be enemies for the team let me know because we need some. XD
I have an idea for an not-quite-villainous duo, a lady with plant-like abilities (having a hard time keeping her from not being a Poison Ivy clone tho) and maybe a dude with the ability to talk/control animals who fight against deforestation, pollution, poaching, etc. in extreme ways. They aren't totally wrong in their desire to fix the world they just go about it the wrong way so the team struggles to handle them at times. >3>

So it's been a while since I had my Civil War freak out and I'm working towards hashing out the new backstory for the Vanguard verse. Sweating a little... I realized since the first Avengers film isn't going to play out like it did in the canon a lot of things are going to be changed so I'm going to be re-watching the movies to get some ideas. Also a few of my pre-established characters are getting big redesigns and since my Marvel peeps are first on my to-do list for new sheets they should be popping up soonish.

And since super-humans are kind of an issue in the MCU and since the team is almost entirely super I'm making the team a safe haven for supers/mutants/etc. Got the idea that Halli wanted a welcoming environment for supers who might have had a hard time blending in with the humans.

I'd also love to hear any specific events/ideas/characters that the people involved in the Vanguards team would like added. So shoot me your stuff, I love feedback. ;3

If y'all are interested in hearing the basic story pre-Avengers that I have done so far you can read it here:
the (all new) Vanguard verse introSince I am officially changing the AU in which my team of fan-based Marvel superheros I decided to jot down the changes so everyone who is a part of the team is on the same page.
Most of the events in the MCU that lead up to the Thor movie happen the same with a few exceptions only instead of Odin adopting Loki he is returned to Laufey in exchange for a future marriage between the infant and his own son when they are old enough. Neither Thor or Loki were happy about the arrangement at first and both rebelled in their own ways. Thor ran away from Asgard to go on dangerous quests and adventures to make up for his impending marriage while Loki on the other hand found himself the mother to several children despite his young age. Sadly, Loki's children were taken away one by one and used to get Loki to do whatever Laufey wanted. Despite their best efforts they were not able to get out of their marriage and eventually Thor decided it was best to try and get to know his husband-to-be not that

Also love to hear any thoughts on that if y'all have any. ;) (Wink) 

Anywho, I've been wanting to update the team info for a while especially now that I'm changing the main backstory that led to the creation of the team. In addition to some newer characters of mine being a part of the newly expanded team many of the older character have received some updates.

Halli Stark/Frostbyte - Jotun physiology/super strength; minor magic/technomagic, tech expert
Alexei Barton/Blackhawk - archery/combat expert
Sophia Rodgers/Psia - Mutant physiology; precognition, mental manipulation
Donar Thorson/Thunderhead - Aesir physiology/super strength; combat expert, storm manipulation
Tabitha Leroy/? - Cyborg physiology/super strength; tech/energy manipulation
Soren Thorson/Terrin - Aesir/Jotun physiology/super strength; combat expert

Asgardian Support:
Eria Thorsdottir/Thunderfrost - Aesir/Jotun physiology/super strength; combat expert, limited magic
Rasmus Gilison/Aero - Aesir physiology/super strength; combat expert, limited magic
Ashuri's Freya Ragna - Aesir physiology/super strength; combat expert
Brynja Erosdottir/Gaelia - Aesir physiology/super strength; combat expert
Gala Olinsdottir/Magia - Aesir physiology/super strength, combat expert, minor magic

Aitana Santos/Celestia - Mutant physiology; solar manipulation
Duncan Romero/Phantom - Spirit physiology; mental manipulation, ectoplasm manipulation
LittleAlyce's Melody Kokinos/Silver Moon - Olympian physiology/super strength; archery/combat expert
Lethia Makarios/Seraphina - Mutant physiology; light manipulation
Eland Rhimes/Fennec - Mutant physiology; illusion creation/chaos inducement
aerieyena's Sean Walsh/Bodysnatcher - Mutant physiology; body possession
Xiu Juan Lu/Nightingale - Mutant physiology; sound manipulation

Harper - Android physiology; electricity manipulation
Patton - tech expert
Cassidy Martin - Mutant physiology/super speed

The inclusion of the abilities is mostly for my reference and since I'm playing around with the idea of making the team interchangeable depending on whatever the mission they are faced with; basically the team works in shifts since the team is so large.
If I missed any powers or anything let me know. I'm forgetful. XD

Also, I'm still feeling iffy on my decision for their official home base. I know we kinda agreed on Florida and I do like that idea but I'm gonna open up for suggestions and a poll again. I'm an indecisive person sorry. ;w;
So here are the ideas I had (btw, I'd prefer port/coastal cities as suggestions)
San Diego or Los Angeles, California
Miami or Orlando, Florida
Washington DC
Seattle, Washington

That's pretty much all I have so far. I hope I didn't bore y'all with that word vomit. XD
Hope to get some more stuff soon and hear from my peeps in the mean time. :happybounce:
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