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still kicking

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Hey friends. enough time has passed i feel i can share my story now. i was infected by covid on October. it wasn't actually that bad. sure i had fever, cough and sore throat. it was very mild for me and by day 3. i was back at work. but my work place. which is a nursing home got hit hard. it was the toughest month for us. one by one the old folks and staffs got infected. so every week was tougher than the last cos it means less and less staffs is working. and more and more patients needs to be taken care of. some nurses were doing double shifts for weeks. with no day off. no weekends. i helped where i could but i wasn't a trained carer or nurse. my department is maintenance and facilities. but we all have to chip in and pull though this crisis. finally after a full month of struggle. all our staffs and old folks has recovered. we lost 6 of them thou. very sad... now our center is slowly recovering. some carers and nurse has quited the job. so we're still quite understaffed.
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Hi everyone. how are you doing? its been a while since my last journal so i should update it once in a while. the world is crazy right now. and i'm still ok. didn't catch covid or anything which is quite lucky considering my job needs me to frequently goes the hospital and clinics. got 2 friends got it. but has since recovered with no lasting effects. new plan is to actively draw again and take commissions and try again with the patreon. fail miserably last attempt ... anyone wish to support my art. pls do. :D so here's wishing everyone luck! COMMISSIONS statues: Eldari couple - Chrispy92 - finished - Teminators captains - Felthea - finished - TAU couple - phantom1493 - cancelled - Dreadlord Krethaq Ivensyr - Halduis - currently -
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hows everyone doing? how was the year for you? actually not such a great year for me... my pc of only 3 year old just died.... mother board and harddisk dead. how? i dunno... maybe a lightning strike? who knows... so i wont have any new drawings till i get it fix up again. healthwise wasn't great either. keep getting sick for the pass few months.=___= trained muay thai for a year and a half. its alright. lots of cardio. but i think its time to move on. try something else. also hardly have time for wargaming too. but mostly its because of some drama in the group. sigh... i don't need drama in my recreation plz... currently building the new ossiarch bonereapers army. :D i love these models!! so its not all bad. at least TWICE still gets me thur the year.
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Do you play 40K these days? The chitchat we had about Forge World made me curious. I did research and found many companies that make excellent bits and proxy models.

Some are so obviously meant to be GW material it's amazing they haven't been sued into oblivion. One seems to specialize in creating off-brand but obvious, quality representations of heroes from Black Library series and other pop culture sources... especially Dan Abnett works.

(I've been tying myself in knots wondering how to buy or make many such models for a long time.)

40k no. but been playing AOS these days. waiting for my CHAOS CODEX GW!!!!

oh yes. lots of amazing 3rd party sculpts lately. some are so much better than gw.

and yes. gw is hunting them down one by one. they even hiring spys. one of my "friend" is actually applying for the job. what a brown nose cunt.

some of these 3rd party just sells the 3D file and u have to print it out yourself.

so if youre apply go and get it! before they're hunted down.

I'm most impressed by companies whose products supplement and blend in well among the existing Citadel models. That's actually harder to do than making a better sculpt: you have to do something new and fantastic, but without straying too far from the well-known design styles of the game.

I'd happily buy the exact same stuff from Games Workshop or an affiliate instead if the bastards would just make it, and keep making it. It doesn't help they've begun releasing new stuff so often it's a constant struggle these days to keep your army and Codex up to date. They're out of control now; each force mysteriously possesses completely new powerful units pulled out of their asses every few months to upend game balance. Codexes and core rule editions come out at a faster pace to accommodate this fact, and everything gets more expensive by the year.

Back in my day you had to plan strategy more, because those units that can eat five tanks in one turn simply weren't around. I wasn't any good at it... but now any punk can just buy a win with a few uber-unit kits.

Some of the companies I'm interested in should stay viable, because they have enough minis based on non-GW stuff. And some of the GW-like stuff can't reasonably be proven is a rip-off, like the characters I want so bad.

One company has off-brand versions of: Inquisitor Quixos and the members of Inquisitor Eisenhorn's retinue; Inquisitor Ravenor; Ciaphas Cain with his aide Jurgen; and the Blood Pact from Gaunt's Ghosts novels. I have no idea how many of those names mean anything to you. But although the resemblance is clear, nothing beyond suspicious coincidence can be proven.

It also has some generally useful models, that were clearly intended for Warhammer players but go nowhere near a copyright violation. They just have looks that blend in well with the overall aesthetic!

(If you're interested in the company that had all those characters, let me know. I'll drop a Note, so your friend can't see the site or company name.)

yeah agree. GW is out of control. they dont care about the game. they just want to sell sell sell. the founders must be so disappointed with what GW has become.

yeah i know of ciaphas cain. and heard of these gaunt ghost. but never read any of the books.

yeah just do it! just buy em!!

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I'm pretty sure i just found my new favorite artist.