Life's a Beach (Azura TG)

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“Time to hit the beach!” Ricardo said as he drove up to a parking lot by the beach shore.

Ricardo was a 25 year old Ecuadorian man with brown hair, brown eyes, with a height of 5’ 9” and slight muscle mass from going to the gym. Styling his hair with short hair and his bangs parted to the side.

He was visiting family in Florida and this was his last day there before he had to go on a long plane trip home. Everyone in his family decided to do their own separate things and Ricardo decided to visit the beach shores of Florida and enjoy his time there.

Once he parked his car, he began pulling items out of the car he was borrowing. Such items included a back with items in it such as food and sun lotion, a towel, and an umbrella. As he checked his bag though, he noticed he was missing his swimsuit. “Huh, can’t really go swimming without one.” He said to himself. “There must be a shop nearby that sells them, hopefully cheap too.” He said as he looked around.

By a sidewalk, he noticed a shop that in fact sold swimwear, though he could only spot female ones. “Huh, well I’m sure they have something for men too, why else sell swimsuits for only girls.” He said to himself.

Walking in he saw nothing but bikinis or one pieces that filled the store, but this was his best chance. Upon walking up to the counter, he saw a small purple hair girl who looked like she was putting away some items. “Excuse me, do you sell anything for men?” He asked the small girl which surprised her a bit before turning around. On her chest he saw one of those badges that said, “Hi, my name is Mika!”

“Oh we do in fact help male customers as well! This shop is female only though we can help the males as well!” Mika said in a cheerful tone.

This was the break he needed. “Sweet! I thought I might’ve been screwed since today is my last day to enjoy the beaches.” He said while scratching his head. “So how much will this cost, hopefully not much cause budget is kinda tight.” He said before chuckling.

Mika just laughed. “Normally they cost $40 dollars plus tax but since you’re a special case, I’ll give ya a swimsuit, on the house!” She said she grabbed Ricardo hand. “Though we gotta hurry! Don’t want your last day to be ruined now do we?” She said as she dragged him towards the back where he was led to a changing room.

“Okay now stay here while I get ya a good swimsuit! Just take your clothes off and just be patient a bit, k?” She said winking before closing the door. Ricardo did as he was told since no matter what he was going to do since he’d be wearing a swimsuit and would hit the beach soon. Unknowing to him however Mika had locked the door in his changing room and he couldn’t get out now.

Mika went to the front of the desk and pushed a big, round pink bottom that had a female symbol on it. With that, it activated pink gas to be released into Ricardo’s changing room, causing him to cough and wave it off until finally the clouds disappeared. “What was that-huh?!” He shrieked as he heard a new voice escape from his mouth. “Is that...my voice?!” He shrieked again as he heard the same voice again escape his lips. Something wasn’t right.

As he tried to open the door to the changing room he was in, he saw it was somehow locked. “Let me out of here!” He yelled. As he tried to knock again he stopped. His fingers were wagging as he heard his finger cracking. Pulling his hands in front of his face, he saw them shrinking! Not just that, they were thinning out and his nails were extending, sharp as if they were perfectly manicured and covered in a beautiful light blue nail polish.

“Mika! What did you do to me?!” He yelled at her, causing her to laugh. “I’m doing ya a favor, we said we helped men right? I’m helping you become a woman so you can fit into one of our swimsuits and enjoy the pleasures of womanhood!” She yelled back, causing him to shake.

“Mika! You better stop this right now or so help me I’ll-ahh!” He tried threatening her but couldn’t as he felt all of his body hair, arm hair, and leg hair disappear from his body. All that was left was just smooth skin like that of a woman. Though it didn’t stop there as his arms and legs began to thin out as well. Becoming soft and petite, much weaker than his normal body. This wasn’t his body, it was becoming a woman’s body.

“Mika I’m not joking! Stop this now!” Ricardo yelled at her, but she just ignored him. “So what do you think is better, a one-piece or would you rather get a bikini?” She said as she looked through to see what to get the soon to be female as their swimsuit. He couldn’t yell as he moaned at the pleasure of his shoulder popping in, causing his body to curve as his torso caved in to give him a womanly curve.

Afterwards, his torso crunched in giving him a sort of hourglass figure. To add on to that, he felt his hips began to split slowly but surely until his hips were separated from each other a great amount. Ricardo at this point was tired of standing and sat down as he contemplated what to do next. However he couldn’t really think as he felt his ass gain fat, causing it to plump up in shape. He could also feel his thighs gaining more fat, causing it to be plump and toned, as if he were someone who dances.

As he looked at his feet, he saw the same occurrences  happen to his feet. They were slimming down, becoming feminine and his nails were nicely pedicured as the same coat of nail polish covered his toe nails.

However the weirdest sensation was what happened to his head. It felt like someone was brushing his hair, and with each brush his hair grew longer and longer. First past the head, then the shoulders, then the stomach, before finally reaching his legs. As he looked in the mirror, he saw his brown hair slowly change from brown to a light blue. As that happened he finally realized who he was turning into.

“You’re turning me into Azura?!” He yelled in her voice. However Mika didn’t seem concerned at all. “Oh you played Fire Emblem too? Most people I turned into a girl never played a Fire Emblem game beforehand. Must be weird for you right?” She asked before giggling a bit. However that caused Ricardo to bang on the door again. “Please stop! I can’t go back to my family as Azura!” However his screams and banging stopped as he felt changes began to happen on his face.

“Don’t worry, I got that covered for you, just enjoy your new body!” Mika said to Ricardo . He would’ve retorted however he couldn’t say much as he felt like someone was rubbing his face, and wherever they rubbed, his face changed. As he softly passed over his lips, they slightly grew and became a bit more prominent as they were coated in light lip gloss and looked softer and more kissable. When his nose was rubbed, it shrunk and became less prominent and more feminine. His ears wear lightly rubbed and they changed to fit Azura’s ears. His entire face softened as well as his jawline when the entire face was rubbed.

The entire time he was blinking, as if the hands were on him, and with each blink his eyelashes extended and his eye color went from brown to a shade of gold amber. With the hands softly rubbing the eyes while they were closed, the eyelids and eyes changed shape.

When Ricardo opened his eyes, he saw he was staring at a perfect imitation of Azura...well almost. His chest was still intact and so was his manhood. “I really am becoming her…” He said as thoughts filled his mind, causing him to zone out before he felt something. He felt a warm, tingling feeling in his chest as he moaned. The feeling was pleasurable as a small amount of fat began to build up and pushed beneath his chest. With that gave birth to his new breasts, going from A, to B, to C cups and stopping there.

Finally it was time for the finale. The same feeling of warmth of pleasure occurred in his manhood. With that, his penis slowly began to retract into the body, also bringing in his balls for the journey back inside. As they went in his male organs began to change as well as the woman equivalent began to take its place. With that, his manhood had retracted all the way in and init’s place, was a slit that symbolized his transition from a he to a she. With that, a small patch of fuzzy light blue hair appeared above his slit. With that, Mika finally unlocked the door and stepped in.

“Well...what do ya think?” She asked as Azura looked at herself in the mirror, trying to look all over her body.

“I really did become Azura…” She said before sighing. “I guess I can’t undo this myself, though I guess I am pretty cute.” She said to herself.

“Ah so you did enjoy becoming a woman! Most guys deny it then when it’s all done they are perfectly fine with it.” Mika said, causing Azura to pout. “Fine fine. Well here’s your outfit.” Mika said, handing Azura a white bikini. Upon putting it on, she saw it had blue laces and a blue ribbon on one of the legs. “I suppose a new life wouldn’t be too bad. Thanks, I guess.” She said before walking out.

However she was stopped by Mika. “Wait! Your skin is so light! You’ll be cooked out there in this kind of weather!” she said before pulling Azura to a table and lying her down. “Here, let me rub some coats on you to protect you from the sun. Gotta get all of the body.” She said covering her hands in lotion, rubbing them with a dangerous aura surrounding her.

Azura sighed as she knew it probably would be bad to anger her. “Okay fine, just be gentle.” She said hoping not for too much hassle. However upon saying that, Mika went straight for her plump bum as she began to massage and oil it, causing a loud “Eeep!!!” from Azura.

So I know I'm barely posting this now but this was done way back of February of 2019. I finally am posting this as an example of my writing capabilities for anyone interested in commissioning a story from me. So this was the very first story I wrote.

Mika belongs to KAIZA-TG 
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It's a funny thing. Back in Christmas 2018, a Nitocris TG and a separate Azura TG were also uploaded on the same day, but by different people. I've read both of your versions; one of them features a character who I've been waiting for a good TG for.

However, between the two, I saw almost identical sentences in places.

Your grammar and spacing are far better than many I read. But you're working with well-known, well-designed characters. Do all of their uniqueness, and their appeal, justice in the transformations and you'll be an excellent commissioner.

And use some lovely pictures to advertise them, if you can source them. People may not know what the characters look like.

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Yeah the picture and focusing on charm points are good points. Again I wrote this over a year ago so feel I’m better at focusing on the points that stick out (trust me I love details in my coms)

Yeah still trying to figure out how that all works cause eh Eclipse. But yeah valid points again though thanks for enjoying