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Nitrocris TG by TheUrbanLegend52

“Yeah! Anime Expo 2019!” Alex yelled as he went into the Exhibit Ball.

Alex was a 19 year old Californian, with brown messy hair that he tended to wear a hat to keep it down, brown eyes, 5’ 11”, and was pretty skinny due to not exercising much though ate a healthy diet to make up for it. He was excited since he was at Anime Expo for his 6th year, after his sister got him into it years ago. Luckily for him it was always at the Downtown LA Convention Center which wasn’t far from his home see he could always focus on shopping for merchandise rather than food or hotel money since he already had a home.

The Exhibit Hall was known for selling merchandise from both companies and those coming to sell their wares. Needless to say his main priority was hit to the Atlus booth first to get a lot of shopping down there before browsing the aisles, seeing what others were selling. ‘Man! This haul is better than last year!’ He thought to himself. Buying more merch from his favorite company, he still had tons of extra money and decided to see if anything else might catch his eye.

Walking through, he had to navigate the rows as people were clustered, trying to get their shopping done. As he walked through another aisle, he saw a purple haired girl walked by. Normally she wouldn’t stick out however he saw she dropped something. He quickly picked it up to see it was a white board with some...weird eyes. ‘Wait a minute, it looks like one of those things from FGO, what were they called? Medjeds?’ He thought to himself, before realizing the girl was walking away. He decided to follow her until she stopped somewhere so he could give her the board back.

As he followed her, she made multiple turns as he struggled to follow her but saw she ended up walking behind a counter what looked to be a cosplay store. “Can I help you today?” The girl asked him as he approached her. “Do you run this booth? Not to sound rude, but you do seem kinda...small.” He said, looking at the height difference.

It looked like she stepped up as a stool as she reached a little higher to look into his face. “Hey bub! Just because I look small doesn’t mean I’m not an adult!” She said, looking very angry. “Okay okay! I’m sorry! My mistake! I just came cause I saw you dropped this.” Alex said as he grabbed the Medjed board from his bag and gave it to the girl in front of it. “Thought it be better to give it to you in person so you didn’t worry about.”

The girl just laughed as she pushed it back to him. “Names Mikaela Wendell though you can call me Mika. Now listen, I appreciate the gesture so as a reward, how about you keep that board and I give you a free cosplay, on the house!” She said with excitement, leaving Alex confused. “Wait, what? Don’t you want your board back?  Also why a free cosplay? Don’t you guys tend to like raffle them or do a buy one get one free sort of deal?” He asked in response.

Mika shook her head. “Nope! Many people like to steal from others to get free stuff so your cool besides the ‘small’ comment. So yeah, why don’t we walk into the changing rooms and find ya a nice cosplay just for you! Hell I already got a person in mind! Just keep your bag and the board with you in the changing room and let good ol Mika get ya a perfect cosplay!”

Alex thought about it. He didn’t mind a cosplay and he saw pictures of what seemed to be satisfied customers, though they all seemed to girls. “Umm...sure, why not?” He said as he walked into Mika’s booth and entered one of the changing room. Mika however just cracked a big smile as he stepped in, snapping her fingers.

The Medjed board Alex was holding began to glow before shocking him, causing him to drop it in response. “Oh what the-what happened?” He asked, confused as he reached to pick up the board but saw something completely wrong with his right arm. It looked more feminine, dantier, and he noticed his fingers had skimmed down and grew a bit of length as his  nails were perfectly cared for, coated in a purple nail polish. To add on to that he went from having a tan skin, to having a completely darker skin.

“What the actual living fuck?” He said to himself. The fingers were responding to his movements. However something else began to distract him as he felt his left fingers dancing, moving on their own and extending. He saw the nails began to look the same as his right hand. His left hand was becoming smaller and feminine as he saw first hand the skin color change. “What’s going on?!” He yelled.

Mika just laughed. “I guess you saw your new hands huh? You might want to look in a mirror cause this is far from over!” She boasted as she sat down on a nearby chair.

Alex however didn’t like the sound of that. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re but you better undo or so help me I’ll-ahh!” He said before witnessing his both his arms begin to slim out. Traces of any fat began to disappear along with muscle, leaving behind a long, feminine form in replacement. As the skin slowly changed color, any part of the skin that contacted the new color cause the hair to retract into the body leaving it nice and smooth.

His shoulder cracked as they bent in, giving him a much smaller frame. His torso slowly started to compress, squeezing out any fat he did have as it left a perfectly cared for body. His hips, beginning to split apart until the difference gave him womanly curves. His spine cracked as he felt himself shrinking, losing inches of his height. He quickly popped off his shirt to see these changes as his witnessed the skin growing darker again. He quickly put his shirt on before realizing it wasn’t fitting him anymore. “What did you do to me?!” He yelled at Mika.

“I’m giving you a beautiful women’s cosplay! Don’t worry, all you guys act the same then in the end you welcome womanhood. So just get it out of your system now and get ready for new life as a woman!” She said in a cheerful tone, leaving Alex scared of what’s to come.

Suddenly, his legs began to feel a change. They were going through the same process as his arms were. However as the legs thinned out, he felt his thighs gaining a few layers a fat, causing them to become more tone. He also felt the same fat build up in his ass, causing that area to become more apparent as it pushed against his pants which was starting not to fit quite right.

“No...please. I don’t want this.” He said as he felt something occurred in his shoes. He felt they didn’t felt quite right, quickly taking them to see that his feet were undergoing the same changes on his hands. His feet smoothed out as it shrank in size, his toenails moving on their own, shrinking yet extending a little, and his nails perfectly pedicured, covered in the same coat of purple his fingernails were.  From his shoulder to the bottom, his body was now feminine and darker than before.

“Oh lighten up! You’ll look cute and sexy! You’ll have both guys and girls throwing themselves at you!” Mika said, fantasizing the results. Alex however couldn’t speak as he felt pressure occur on his throat. Like someone was rubbing it, and it wouldn’t stop until his Adam apple was no more.

However it didn’t end there as he felt more hands rub his face. He felt that wherever the hands touched, his face underwent a change. Softening his jawline, making his nose much more petite, softening his lips and covering it in light lip gloss and making it more kissable. The entire time he was blinking, unaware that with each blink was causing his eyelashes to grow and his eyes from slowly changing from brown to purple. With his eyes changing shape and a eyeliner to go with it.

He felt his eyebrows thinning out to fit his new eyes. However came the weirdest parts. He felt something pierce his ears but he couldn’t tell what it was. Not to mention it felt like someone was brushing his hair. First the hair reached the shoulders, then to the stomach, then to the legs, until it reached the feet and then some. As a result his “hair stylist” had to grab 3 strands of hair, 2 by the shoulder and 1 by the hair and tied them with a red not. When it was all said in done, Alex opened his eyes to see all the changes occur to him, he even witnessed his hair slowly turn from brown to purple. As for what pierced him, why it was a pair of hoop earrings! Not to mention he had a weird red blush on his cheeks too!

“I look like Nitocris! I even sound just like her!” He yelled in distress with his new womanly voice. Mika however just laughed. Alex felt something funny occur in his head. He felt something was growing on it. Looking at the mirror it first looked like 2 strands of hair was standing up. However as time passed that hair grew and grew until it birthed a second pair of ears on his head, leaving him in shock. “No way! How?!”

“Seeing these transformations are magical. How else would you get your womanly parts?” Mika said, making sure Alex heard she was emphasizing magical. “Magic is doing this to me?!” He yelled, only to realize what would soon happen.

He didn’t get much time before he felt warmth in his chest. Fat underneath the skin started to push, causing his nipples to darken and become more sensitive as his new breasts grew. They ended growing to a decent size where they were noticeable but not too big either. Poking it, he couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. However there was still a piece of him left intact...his manhood.

However that didn’t last long as he now felt warmth on his member. “No please I-ahh” he wanted to stop it but all he felt was pleasure as his man parts slowly began to recede back into the body. As a result his organs began to change as they slowly became the women equivalent. As a result his manhood completely disappeared as a slit appeared in his place, birthing the pure flower of her womanhood.

Alex was now a she, sitting in a changing room in clothes that no longer fit him. Mika came in and smiled. “You look so sexy! Though I can’t let you walk around a con like that! Here, here’s your free cosplay!” Mika said handing her a swimsuit and a blanket. She began to take of her old clothes and slip on the swimsuit, not noticing Mika was admiring the view.

She looked at the mirror to see Summer Nitocris staring at her, with the same blanket no less. However she just sighed. “What I’m a going to do? My life is ruined…” she said, sounding like she was gonna cry.

Mika snapped her fingers and suddenly they were on a beach. “Okay, go over there and lay down.” Mika said pointing to a umbrella and a towel. Nitocris did what she asked out of fear.

“Now I’ll tell you why this isn’t so bad.” Mika said as she approached the laying Nitocris.

“But I-“ before she could say anything, Mika gave her a tropical drink and place the straw in her mouth. “Just relax, let me relieve you of your stress.” Mika said as she began giving Nitocris a shoulder rub which felt amazing.

“Listen you guys always stress out how you act in society right? As a girl you’re free to do whatever you please.” She said before moving to the back “You can be tough or girly without a care in the world. You can wear makeup and dress cute or sexy!” She said before moving to her legs. “Tell me, doesn’t that sound amazing? To start a new life? Not everyone gets too.”

Nitocris just took in the words. She actually felt more relaxed than ever even if she was still a bit nervous. “I guess you’re right! I don’t know why but I feel warmth, and joy. I’m still a bit nervous but...thank you Mika.” Mika pulled her up from her position as she pulled out a camera. “That’s great! Now why don’t I take your picture to show how happy of a customer you are! I’ll let you keep a picture as well!” Nitocris nodded as she grabbed her blanket to pose like how she did in Fate/GO.

After that, Mika took them back to the con. “Now show the world what Nitocris is made of!” Mika said, causing the new woman to be motivated. She grabbed her bags and the Medjed board before leaving though was stop by numerous people around the booth.

“What a great cosplay!”

“She looks so cute!”

“May I take a picture?”

Nitocris just blushed before letting people take some pictures. “If you like my cosplay, you should check out her booth! That’s where I got mine from!” Nito said as she pointed to Mika’s booth. All she did was smile as thoughts of money came to mind. “Guess business is booming!” She said as she prepared herself for the waves of customers who wanted to get a cosplay just like Nitocris’

So this was a second story I had written I believe back in March of 2019. This was a story done based of an idea and a commission of mine. I felt much better about this one compared to the previous one and upcoming one but this was one I had spent awhile on if I recall correctly.

Art is done by TF-Artist-Chan and commissioned by me
Mika belongs to KAIZA-TG 
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