A Dragonic Effect (Tiki TG 1st POV)

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Well this was just splendid. I had decided to gone on a hike to get some fresh air and take a break from staying inside today. However I had failed to notice I had forgotten to charge my phone, let alone bring my portable battery. I was using my phone as a navigator however one wrong turn heading back and I was lost. I couldn’t find my way back to the main trial as I ended up lost, wondering a maze of trees.

It was tiring to say the last. I wasn’t sure if I was walking around in circles, let alone heading into the right direction. With the suns constant rays of heat, it was easy to rack up a sweat doing so. Anything, anyone, anywhere, I just had to find my way out of this mess!

Walking along to the sound of branches snapping, I eyed a clearing. Among the trees there was a grotto and a lake nearby, this was my chance to cool off and take a break. Dropping my stuff down near the grotto, I walked to the lake to splash cold water against my face. It felt refreshing as I could feel my body relax. If I wasn’t stranded I might be tempted to jump in and swim. However finding my way out of this mess was a priority.

Walking back to the grotto, I would grab my belongings as I decided to inspect it a bit. It seemed to be vast in size as the end wasn’t visible. Maybe I could even find someone to ask for help.I however found no one inside but inside a small altar. Atop the altar laid a single gem. It seemed to be a sky blue gem in the shape of what I could only describe as a teardrop that shimmered.

Curious, I decided to walk up the altar and inspect the gem. It was set up on a pedestal for me to see, as if someone laid this there. Considering how rare it looked, I’d say I was the first to find this gem! Part of me had my suspicions why such a gem was here, however this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Grabbing it, I held it in my right hand as I stood there, waiting for a curse or some trap to activate but...nothing happened! I was overwhelmed, filled with glee as I ran back to the entrance to grab my belongings. I had struck it lucky and I was going to be rich soon! 

I would soon reach the entrance grabbing my belongings and stepping out of the grotto. However the moment I had stepped out, the gem was beginning to glow. Suddenly my right hand felt a surge of energy flow through it. My mind said to drop the gem, but my body refused to listen as it held on tight.

What would happen next would shock me. As I felt the energy flowed through me, I took a glance at my right hand. Eyeing it, I could see that my hand seemed...smaller?! My fingers were smaller and more dainty and petite. Not only that but it seemed my nails were cared for as it was neatly filed too! This sent mixed emotions into my head but that wasn’t the end, far from it.

Part of my shirt would rip off as it began to change color and rearrange itself. Soon a red glove with a golden bracelet would appear on my right hand. Now my right arm was exposed as I saw more changes occur. My skin lost any signs of body hair, as it shranked and smoothed out, making my arm look that of a woman. 

Next my shoulders would arch in, causing a large cracking sound to be heard as my shoulders rearranged itself into a more feminine shape. After that what had happened to my right arm and hand began again on the left side. My hand feminized itself again as so did my arm. Now my left arm was the same as the right, sleeve gone as my left hand was covered in a red glove as well.

With that out of the way, next was something that I was glad no one was around for. I felt a warm sensation as my chest started to tingle, with my arms and hands feminized, the extra fat went to my chest. I slowly felt myself grow breasts. A to B to C, finally stopping at D. Throughout the entire process I could only moan in pure bliss and pleasure from what had happened. After that happened my shirt and pants had changed together, leaving me with a red top and no pants or even skirt. I could barely hide what was down south of the border as I felt shame build up.

However to fix that problem, my hips grew out as my waist caved in. In mere moments I would have an hourglass figure, my new outfit fitting me much better though becoming more womanly wasn’t an answer I enjoyed. 

What I didn’t enjoy more was the fact with the extra fat again, I felt my rear push out against my top. As pathetic moans escaped my lips, my rear grew more and more. Soon enough it stopped growing though I knew if I sit down I would feel a soft cushion below my rear. However I wouldn’t get much time to sit as I felt my manhood began to disappear. 

Slowly but surely my manhood retreated as I felt to the ground as I was attacked by a weird sensation. I felt nothing down there as I could feel my insides rearrange itself. No longer a man, my body swapped reproductive systems to fit my new gender I was given. Now I was a woman fully though, the changes didn’t stop there.

I could feel my thighs grow in size. As if to match my rear, taking a hand to feel it, my new thighs were ripe and plump. Of course to fit the new thighs my legs would slim down and feminize as well. I now had womanly legs as I could feel changes happening to my toes. They become soft and petite as the nails just like on the hands, were perfectly pedicured and taken care of. 

Finally my socks would grow in size, going up my womanly legs as they became pinker and became pink nylon stockings. My shoes too had changed, growing in height yet shrinking down to meet my feet’s new standards as I soon had bright red boots on.

Now my neck was hit next, as my Adam’s Apple retracted inside as a red bracelet wrapped around my neck. My face would then begin to tickle as I closed my eyes. With each twitch I would feel my face round out and become more feminine. Lips would pucker up, covered in a light pink gloss and becoming more kissable. Eyes grew in size yet changed shape to match a womanly shape. Finally my nose shrank in size, becoming smaller and petite.

Finally my hair would begin to grow. It grew and it grew until my hair would reach my legs. Grabbing a lock I could see my hair start to change color, changing to that of a light green color as a ribbon formed to tie my hair up in a ponytail stopping at my back. 

I would feel no more changes as I rushed to the lake to see my reflection. Upon reaching it I could see a womanly face I didn’t recognize. Yet whatever movements I did, the woman’s reflection copied mines. This was me now. This gem had done this to me!

As I was about to hurl this gem into the lake, it shined once more. I could feel my ears feel pain as looking at the reflection, my ears would grow out like that of an elf. In addition to that, a crown with a red gem in the center appeared on my head as a pink cape appeared and formed on my back. I’m addition to that a pink ribbon formed around the waist and tied itself pretty tight.

With that all said and done, my energy from before vanished as a want of sleep overcame me, and without much resistance I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep. Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? However it felt I had slept way longer than I should’ve. Yawning and stretching my arms I found myself...in a tent?! I was in a bed wearing what  looked like women's pajamas. Looking at my surroundings I would eye the gem again on a table. Just where was I?!

“Tiki! Are you up yet? Are you feeling better than before?” I heard a man’s voice say as I could see a figure approach my tent. Needless to say I wasn’t Tiki but if I was in her bed with the gem nearby, chances are I was “Tiki”. Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me seeing I don’t know where I even am now. 

Aight so this one was an attempt at a first person tf/tg story and I can say this was pretty bad. However I know I did this in like, 40 mins on a phone at the middle of the night so this could say something about my writing considering this was just something I wanted to write to get the flow back in it.
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Personnaly I would say it’s pretty good for something written that fast, by a tired writer.

I’m legit impressed.