Diaper Tester(Part2 of Commission 1 for Bask25456)

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The next morning, Amanda groggily let Mabel change her diaper and feed her a bottle while she tried to forget the previous night. Had she really just had a baby shower for her? She didn’t want it, but she knew she’d been reduced to the status of baby in most of her coworkers eyes.

“Are you ready for the bet?” Mabel asked as she let Amanda down from her new high chair. It had been one of the bigger gifts from the party.

“Bet?” Amanda asked

“The bet we made at the party yesterday. Don’t tell me you’ve honestly forgotten?”

“Oh, right.” Amanda said. She was supposed to go a day without pooping her pants. Or peeing them. Was that even possible? She looked at the diaper pail. It was all her used diapers in there wasn’t it?

“So…” Mabel set the training potty in front of Amanda “Whenever you need to go, you can go in the potty like a big girl.”

“Umm…” Amanda wanted to back of out the deal, but she knew Mabel wouldn’t accept that. Already Mabel was pulling off her diaper and plopping her on the training potty.

It had been so long since Amanda had sat on a toilet that she’d almost forgotten what it felt like. She tried to push something out. Nothing happened. She tried again, grunting and shifting on the potty. Still nothing. She kept trying, trying to relax and push something out, she knew she probably had to go, but in the end all she managed a small dribble. She stood up.

Mabel looked in the training potty

“Are you sure that’s all you need to go baby?” She asked “I would’ve thought that you’d need to poop quite a bit after that meal last night.”

“Nope, I’m good!” Amanda said. Her confidence in her ability to hold it was approaching rock bottom, but she assumed she’d get at least a little warning before peeing her pants. She’d be able to go then and if a little leaked out, well, it would dry and Mabel would never have to know.

“Fine.” Mabel said, holding out a pair of underwear for her to step into.

Having just spent a couple months in diapers 24/7, wearing underwear felt really strange to Amanda. She had to force her legs together when walking instead of spreading them out and toddling like she had gotten used to.

Amanda made a beeline for the nursery Tina was. Though she didn’t want to admit it, she wanted to show the toddler for once that she didn’t need diapers. Tina was the one wearing a pull-up and she was in underwear.

“How’s your diaper feel?” Amanda asked rather obnoxiously as soon as she entered

Tina looked up and stuck her tongue out “Hmph. Mommy’s going to get me big girl underwear soon.”

“Yeah? Well until then you’re going to need to wear your diapers like a stinky, messy… diaper… baby…”

Amanda trailed off as she became aware of a warmth spreading across her crotch. Splort! She suddenly let out the biggest wet fart she’d ever heard and began pushing a mess into her formerly pure-white underwear.

“No!” Amanda said, frantically trying to figure out how to stop. She couldn’t even feel herself going! Amanda tried to stop herself but her bowels kept contracting until they were empty and she had a massive mess in her underwear. She looked at Tina who was snickering.

“Wait, hang on!” Amanda said “Please don’t tell your mom! I’ll take care of this and-”

“Mommy, Amanda messed her underpants!” Tina yelled at the top of her lungs. Amanda winced. Mabel appeared at the doorway and took one look at Amanda. She grabbed a diaper and taped it over her underwear to keep it from dripping onto the carpet.

“It was just an accident!” Amanda said automatically

“You didn’t even last ten minutes, Miss I’m-so-potty-trained.” Mabel said, crossing her arms


Mabel swooped Amanda onto her lap. Smack!

“Wait, I didn’t mean it like that!” Amanda cringed. Smack! Smack! Already her butt was beginning to sting.

Mabel paused “If you didn’t mean it like that, then you’ll eat your prunes like a good girl as a part of the bet?”


Smack! Mabel gave her an extra hard swat.

“Yes! Yes I’ll do it!” Amanda wailed

Mabel had the high chair ready with several jars of prunes waiting. Clearly she hadn’t expected Amanda to stand a chance. She set Amanda down still wearing her soiled underwear in her diaper and held a spoonful of prunes in front of Amanda’s face. Amanda gulped it down and opened her mouth for more.

In her eagerness to avoid a spanking, Amanda kept downing all the prunes she could to try to please Mabel. She didn’t think about how much she was eating until her stomach really began to hurt.

“Ugh, um Mabel?” She asked, staring at the spoon of purple mush hovering in front of her mouth “I’m full, have I eaten enough prunes yet?”

She looked up and saw Mabel grinning, much to her surprise.

“You just ate four jars of prunes.” Mabel said “I think that’s enough.”

“Four!?!” Suddenly Amanda’s stomach felt even more bloated. Usually two jars of baby food was all she needed to get full!

“Now let’s get you ready.” Mabel said, moving quickly. She knew she only had so much time before the prunes took effect and she wanted to have Amanda at the park when that happened.

“Quick, Tina, run upstairs and grab two of your sister’s diapers. We’re going to double diaper her.”

“Double diaper?” Tina asked “Does she really need two?”

“Just you wait until you see what prunes do to a baby girl’s digestive system.” Mabel said with a twinkle in her eye “Amanda’s about to become a diaper filling machine. If we don’t change her often, two won’t be enough.”

It took ten minutes for them to get everything ready and Amanda into the stroller. As promised, Amanda was just wearing her two diapers. Tina walked next to the stroller.

“She’s still not poopy!” Tina said, looking at Amanda’s diaper again

“There’s a delay between when she eats the prunes and when they come out of her.” Mabel explained “It isn’t long though. Keep watching and tell me when she poops. Ah, here we are.”

Mabel pushed the stroller through the entrance to the park. She checked her watch. Twenty minutes. It wouldn’t be long now, it didn’t take things very long to pass through Amanda’s tiny digestive system. She helped Amanda out of the stroller and patted her on the butt, sending her towards the playground.

“Have fun.” She said

“Yeah.” Amanda rolled her eyes

Amanda had both hands covering her breasts while she took two big, waddling steps away from the stroller. A couple people glanced casually in her direction and then stopped and stared. Amanda tried to ignore them and kept waddling towards the park in her thick diaper. She was thinking she’d be able to take some cover from all the people watching in the slide or something.

Pffft! Suddenly it hit her. Amanda got maybe a second of warning and then hot, squishy poop was filling the seat of her diaper.

“Mommy, Amanda pooped her diaper!” Tina yelled at the top of her voice, drawing the attention of a good portion of the park. People began to point and giggle.

“See I told you prunes worked.” Mabel said, scooping Amanda up and lying her on a changing mat she already had set out on a park bench. It was so methodical that Amanda barely had time to register the incident before she was back on the grass, two more clean diapers wrapped around her waist. People were laughing and beginning to take their phones out to get a picture of her. Amanda tried to ignore them and toddled towards the playground.

Blort! She just barely had made it to the sandbox when she felt herself let out a massive wet fart into her diaper. She pushed something solid and mushy into her diaper.

“Mommy, Amanda’s pooping again!” Tina’s voice yelled

“Again!?!” Amanda asked, trying hopelessly to stop herself from messing. When that failed and she’d filled her diaper, she did the next best thing and toddled back to Mabel to get another diaper change.

Mabel hadn’t been lying when she said prunes could turn a baby girl into a diaper filling machine. Amanda was running to Mabel every fifteen minutes in need of another diaper change for the next three hours. Mabel of course didn’t bother giving her any privacy, instead changing her on the bench in the middle of the park for everyone to see.

It was the most embarrassing experience of Amanda’s life, she usually barely made it to the playground before her bowels released again and sent her toddling back to Mabel with her diaper sagging behind her. A miniaturized teenager was enough to draw quite a few stares, a miniaturized teenager wearing a just a diaper and messing it was enough to draw a crowd of watchers around the park bench, all snapping pictures of Amanda getting her diaper changed.

Amanda kept trying to come up with reasons that they had to leave and go home so she could get the rest of the prunes out of her system in private at Mabel’s house, but Mabel had thought of everything. She had Band-Aids to take care of Amanda’s tiny cut that Amanda was worried would become infected, the keys to prove she’d locked the house, and even an umbrella for the rain cloud Amanda supposedly saw. Amanda was becoming more and more desperate for reasons to leave as she got her fourth, fifth and sixth diaper changes.

“Aren’t you running out of diapers? Don’t we need to go home to get more? I don’t want diaper rash.” Amanda asked Tina just after diaper change number six

“Nope.” Mabel said, opening her diaper bag and holding up two more full packs of diapers “You’ve already gone through a pack though.” She said loudly enough for everyone nearby to hear. Several people snickered at the number.

Amanda blushed and tried again.

“But we have to leave!” Amanda said “I’m, um, hungry!”

Amanda was thinking that Mabel would need to take her home to make food. No sooner had she said it than Amanda remembered that even though Mabel didn’t have any formula, she could still feed her. Mabel grinned. With every sentence, Amanda was managing to make it worse for herself.

“All right then baby.” She said

“Wait, no, actually I’m not hungry!” Amanda tried but Mabel was already unbuttoning her shirt.

“But you just said you wanted food.” Mabel said, lifting up Amanda before she could run away. Amanda looked at her breasts. Drool began to run down her chin involuntarily. Even though one part of her hated it, another part of her wanted nothing more than warm milk in her tummy. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Please Mabel…” She begged, drooling more as she talked “Don’t do this in public… even a bottle would be- mmm…”

Mabel pressed her against her breast and Amanda’s mouth took over, eagerly sucking away. She knew cameras were recording the entire thing.

Amanda finished feeding as fast as she could and hastily tried to wipe her chin clean of milk and drool, while Mabel set her on her knee. From the camera flashes she could tell that some people had gotten pictures of her face when it was messy.

Mabel abruptly bounced her knee.

“Ah!” Amanda eeped in surprise as she flew into the air. She came back down. Pffft! The back of her diaper sagged and got lumpy.


Mabel bounced her knee again. Squish! Faart! This time Amanda’s diaper squished under her. It was like she was shaking money out of a piggy bank.

“Stop that!” Amanda said, flailing her arms. Mabel ignored her and did it one more time. Squish! Splort!

“How’s that?” She asked someone behind Amanda

“Perfect!” A voice said. Amanda craned her neck around and saw someone with an expensive looking camera snapping shots of her. His t-shirt said MIDDLEBURY TIMES across the front.

“Aren’t you excited? You’re going to make the newspaper!” Mabel said, lying Amanda back for another change.

“Shut up.” Amanda muttered

When Amanda finally escaped, she toddled over towards the field next to the playground in hopes that there would be less people to see her. A boy about six or seven years old stepped in front of her, three friends flanking him.

“Sorry, only big kids can play here.” The boy said “Babies need to play over there in the sandbox.”

Amanda didn’t really care about playing, but she didn’t want to be told what to do by some random kid.

“But you’re wearing a pull-up!” Amanda protested

“Yeah, which means unlike you I don’t go poo-poo in my pants.” The boy said and the other kids laughed.

“I don’t do that!” Amanda said. The kids burst out laughing. Amanda crossed her arms.

“What’s so funny?” She demanded. That just made the kids laugh even harder. She rolled her eyes, they were just immature. She toddled towards the sandbox and sat down at the edge. Her diaper squished under her. It was then they she looked down and realized what the kids were laughing at.

Amanda gaped as she saw her messy diaper. When had she pooped? She hadn’t even felt herself doing it! It wasn’t just a small mess either, her diaper was brown and lumpy and sagging low.

“Mommy, Amanda pooped her diaper again!” Tina’s voice yelled

Her cheeks burning red, Amanda silently toddled back to Mabel for another diaper change.

After almost four hours of constant messing, Amanda finally managed to go half an hour without making a mess in her diaper. Mabel took it as a sign that Amanda had finally gotten all the prunes out of her system and put her in the stroller to take her home, making plenty of promises to the people with cameras that they’d be back. She stopped by the store on the way home. She made Tina and Amanda wait outside since she was buying each of them a ‘surprise.’ Amanda wasn’t happy, but she was stuck being pushed in circles in her stroller by Tina and didn’t have a choice.

When they got home, Mabel opened up the bag.

“Tina,” She said “Congratulations. As of today, you are officially potty trained.”

She set two packages of underwear in front of Tina, whose face lit up.

“Cool, big girl underwear!” Tina said “Can I put it on now? Can I? Can I?”

“Of course.” Mabel said. Tina eagerly took off to her room. Mabel reached into the bag and pulled out another package.

“As for you, I got you some more diapers since you were running low.” She said, setting them in front of Amanda “I’ve noticed that you’ve needed more diaper changes recently.”

Amanda’s heart sank. The girl on the front of this package was wearing only a thick diaper and had a pacifier in her mouth.

“Come on, can’t I please try potty training?” She begged “I know I can still control it!”

“Like how you tried it this morning?” Mabel asked “You pooped your pants in minutes! And then you needed a dozen more changes at the park! And don’t blame it on the prunes either, I could eat as many as I wanted and I wouldn’t be helplessly pooping my pants every fifteen minutes.”

“But I’ve been wearing diapers for the past few months! Of course I’m a little less potty trained!” Amanda said, stomping her foot with frustration. Faart! Hot, mushy mess filled the back of her diaper. Apparently the prunes weren’t all out of her system yet.

“That-” Amanda began but Mabel grabbed her and swung her onto her lap before she could continue.

“All right Squirt, if you’re so potty trained, then what did you just do in your diaper?”


“It was an accident!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Amanda’s butt was red and stinging before she’d even finished the sentence. She whimpered.

“All right, I pooped!” She said softly


“You pooped where? In the potty?”

“I pooped in my diaper!” Amanda said, squirming

“Say it like a baby girl.” Mabel said

“What?” Amanda asked. Smack! “Owww!”

“Can babies speak clearly?” Mabel asked. Smack!

“Fine! I went poo-poo in my diapey!” Amanda whimpered

“What did you say?” Mabel asked. Smack!

“I went poo-poo in my diapey!” Amanda shouted through tears

“And who poo-poos their diapeys?” Mabel asked, pausing her spanking “Do big girls do that?”

“No…” Amanda sniffled “B-babies poo-poo in their diapeys.”

“So what does that make you?”

“A b-baby…” Amanda said. Mabel nodded in satisfaction.

“Remember that next time you try to tell me you’re a big girl.” She said, squishing Amanda’s diaper with her hand “Now go get a clean diaper and ask me to put it on you.”

Amanda stared at the ground while she walked to the pack of diapers. She had to use all her strength to get it open and pull a diaper out. She noticed something.

“These aren’t even the right size diapers for me!” Amanda complained “They’re too small!”

Zap! Amanda realized what she had said just after being zapped with the shrink ray. The diaper she was wearing got loose and fell down between her legs. Amanda groaned and held up the new diaper.

“Can you please put a new diaper on me Mabel?” She asked

“But I thought you didn’t need diapers?” Mabel said

Amanda wanted so bad to run at Mabel and start punching and kicking but she knew if she tried that her butt would be red for a week. She swallowed her pride.

“No, I go poo-poo in my pants so I need diapeys wike a baby.” She said. Mabel burst out laughing.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” She said, helping Amanda into her new, smaller diaper.

“On, that reminds me, there’s something I should show you.” Mabel said, picking Amanda up  and carrying her up the stairs into the nursery. Amanda looked around. There was the crib, the changing table, and all the toys scattered around. Nothing was different.

“What about it?” She asked

“Welcome to your new room!” Mabel said “I hope you don’t mind a couple hand me downs.”

Amanda looked from the changing table to the crib. It was true that she was the one using the changing table lately and everything but… the crib too!?! She wasn’t a baby! She didn’t need a crib!

“But I’ve been just fine in my bed!” Amanda said “Why do I need to switch?”

“Because Tina’s outgrown the nursery. It’s not like she needs a changing table anymore. You on the other hand, fit just perfectly in here. She’ll get your bed, you can have her crib.”

“Fine.” Amanda grumbled “But can you at least tell me how long until I get to use a growth ray on myself and get out of all of this?”

“Growth ray?” Mabel asked “There is no growth ray Squirt.”

Amanda froze. There had to be a growth ray, didn’t there? They wouldn’t keep her as a baby forever! They couldn’t! But thinking back through all her conversations with Mabel, Amanda realized she had never said anything about a growth ray.

“B-but… college! And my life!” Amanda sputtered.

“The contract took care of all those little details.” Mabel said “You’re under my care until I decide and I’ve decided to keep you for a long time.”

The training potty was sitting in the corner. As though to emphasize her point, Mabel picked it up and threw it in the trash can.

“You won’t be needing that anymore.” She assured her, patting Amanda on the head as she walked away. Amanda stood there gaping in shock. There was a soft hissing from her diaper as she wet it.

Over the next few weeks, Mabel began moving more and more of Tina’s baby toys and furniture up from the basement, turning the nursery into a room more appropriate for a newborn baby than a one and a half year old toddler. Amanda had thought the dolls and baby books were bad, but now that they’d been replaced by rattles and teething toys Amanda was actually missing them a little.

One night Mabel had Amanda in Tina’s old baby walker. It was too big for her, her toes could barely touch the ground, but Tina was having fun running around her in circles and explaining what all the toys around her did. When she saw Amanda needed help reaching the floor, she grabbed Amanda’s ankles and pulled her down. The elastic netting stretched and then sprang back up, taking Amanda with it.

Amanda grunted, suddenly getting a familiar sensation. It was like the time in the park when Mabel had bounced her on her knee.

Blort! Her bowels released. She immediately came down on it, her butt squishing into her soiled diaper. It was immediately obvious what she had done.

“Ewww!” Tina recoiled, covering her nose “Mommy, Amanda pooped her diaper!”

Tina had never pinched her nose in the presence of a dirty diaper before. Amanda guessed that was because she’d always had one on herself or was used to them because all her baby friends were diaper dependent. But now she’d been potty trained, like all her friends, while Amanda had slowly needed more and more padding on her butt.

Amanda had a vision of the first time she’d met Tina. The toddler had pooped her diaper and Amanda had made fun of her for it hadn’t she? She’d pinched her nose and complained about sharing a house with a smelly baby.

“Did she?” Mabel asked looking up from the changing table. She giggled as she realized what had just happened.

“Oops, I didn’t think about that before I took the walker out. I guess it’s really important that you’re wearing a diaper when you’re in that thing right?”

“You try being bounced up and down for a minute and see if you can hold it!” Amanda said, kicking but her feet were well off the ground.

“You love to come up with excuses for why you messed your diaper don’t you?” Mabel rolled her eyes “When are you going to accept that you’re just a diaper dependent baby?”

“I’m not a- wait, what are you doing?” Amanda asked as Mabel stood up and walked over to her

“Having a little fun with this thing.” Mabel said. She pulled Amanda down and released. Splart! Amanda let out another wet fart into her diaper as she came down. Tina’s eyes lit up.

“Cool! Can I try? Please? Please?” She asked excitedly like Amanda was some sort of strange toy for her to play with. Mabel stood back and Tina pulled her down.

“Stop! Can’t you-ah!”

Tina let go and Amanda bounced again. Squish! Braap! Amanda helplessly messed herself again. Tina laughed.

Tina bounced her again and again, keeping it up long after Amanda had emptied the entire contents of her bowels and bladder into her now very full diaper.

Suddenly in the middle Amanda realized something. She was completely used to the feeling of wearing a soiled diaper on her butt! Not to mention she couldn’t even smell herself! She was acting like a real baby, completely dependent on Mabel to check to see if she needed a change!

“We’d better change the stinker before she gets diaper rash.” Mabel finally said, rescuing Amanda if only to change her diaper. Amanda couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief that she was getting into a clean diaper. But as soon as Mabel was done changing her, she lifted up her shirt, picked Amanda up and pressed her to her breast. Amanda was grateful for a moment then horrified as she realized she was freely accepting breastmilk.

How had she let it get this bad? She wasn’t even resisting breastfeeding anymore! Her stomach was growling and as hard as she tried she couldn’t pull herself away from Mabel’s breast, instead greedily sucking as much milk out as she possibly could.

“Oh someone’s a hungry little baby.” Mabel said

No! Stop! Amanda thought frantically, even more painfully aware than she usually was that she had saliva and milk running down her chin. The thought popped into her head that she needed a bib and she immediately pushed it away. She wasn’t a baby, she wasn’t!

Mabel wiped Amanda’s face clean with a wash cloth and set her down. Amanda took off like a rocket, toddling as fast as she could for the front door. She needed to get out of this place before she began acting even more like a baby! Tina happened to be walking down the hall.

“Hi!” Tina said cheerfully

Amanda could only think about escape. She needed to get everything out of her way. Before she realized what she was doing, she reached out hands and shoved Tina. Tina stumbled back a step. Amanda took off again. A hand grabbed her wrist and held her back.

“Hey! Shoving’s not nice!” Tina said

“Let go of me you jerk!” Amanda said, twisting to try to get free. Tina’s eyes narrowed. She did what she’d seen Mabel do dozens of times and picked Amanda up and dropped her stomach down onto her lap. It surprised both girls how easy Tina could lift Amanda, but now that Amanda thought about it between her shrinking and Tina’s growing Tina was almost twice her size.

“Hey what are you- ah!”


Tina brought her hand down on Amanda’s diaper.

“I’m punishing you for being mean!” Tina said

Smack! Smack!

“Owww! Hey, stop that!” Amanda demanded, squirming to try to get away. Smack! “Owww!”

Now the spanking was really starting to hurt “Please stop?” Amanda asked in a much less demanding voice. Smack! “Please!”

Tears were coming to her eyes now as much as she tried to fight them. She couldn’t help it, the pain and humiliation were just too much for her. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, she felt her bowels grumble.

“No, not now!” Amanda thought through tears “I just got a change!”

Her bowels didn’t listen. Pffft! Amanda helplessly pooped her diaper. Tina didn’t have enough time to realize what had happened and stop her hand from coming down on Amanda’s rear.

Smack! Squish!

“Eeeewww!” Tina said, pushing Amanda off her lap. Amanda landed hard on the floor on her squishy diaper. She began to cry even harder.

“What is going on in here?” Mabel asked, walking up to them

Amanda pointed a finger at Tina “Mabel, she was spanking me!”

“Did she have a good reason to do so?” Mabel asked

Amanda gaped though tears. Tina was now allowed to spank her?

“She pushed me and called me bad names!” Tina said

“All right, all right.” Mabel said “Well, first things first, it smells like someone needs their diaper changed.”

Being reminded of her mushy diaper made Amanda redouble her crying.

“This isn’t fair! I’m not a baby!” She whined, kicking her legs against the ground in frustration. Mabel couldn’t help but snicker a little. Amanda thought that she was being so grown up when in reality she was just acting more like a baby.

“Of course you aren’t.” Mabel said “Now let’s get you out of your poopy diaper.”

Mabel was careful to mush Amanda’s diaper against her arm as much as possible as she picked her up, but Amanda didn’t even notice. She was completely dependent on her diapers and completely used to the sensation of sitting in her messes until Mabel changed her.

“She pooped when I was spanking her Mommy, can I spank her more for that?” Tina asked while Mabel took out the changing supplies. Mabel shook her head.

“We can’t punish her for pooping. That wouldn’t be fair because she can’t hold it.”

“Well, all right.” Tina said “I guess babies don’t know how to hold it.”

Amanda was bright red with shame while Mabel laid her back on the changing mat next to a fresh diaper and other changing supplies. She’d just been reduced to tears by a toddler’s spanking. She didn’t think it could get any worse. Mabel had other ideas. She turned to Tina.

“Do you want to learn how to change her diaper?” Mabel asked “I’m sure you’ll need to take care of her at some point.”

“No!” Amanda said

“Sure!” Tina said eagerly

“All right.” Mabel said “First thing you need to know about changing a baby’s diaper is they need to be wearing it all the time. Amanda could start going potty at any time during the change, so you need to be prepared to quickly shut the diaper.”

She began to demonstrate to Tina who watched in fascination as Amanda got her butt wiped clean, powdered and had a new diaper taped on her.

“And that’s it.” Mabel said, putting the last tape on “You’ve got to do that five or six times a day so she doesn’t get diaper rash, sometimes even more often.”

“Like after you feed her prunes!” Tina chimed in

“Yep. You’d better be prepared to change her really often after she eats prunes.”

“Hmph. I’d like to see you hold it after eating that many prunes.” Amanda said

“I’d like to see you make it to the potty once!” Tina giggled. That shut Amanda up real quick.

“Now you try putting a diaper on.” Mabel said “I’ve been thinking we probably need to start double diapering her all the time.”

“All the time!?!” Amanda asked in horror, remembering how hard it had been to walk at the park

“You’ve been such a heavy wetter lately.” Mabel said “The good news for you is the company’s planning on releasing a new line of newborn diapers with extra, extra thick padding, so you’ll probably start testing those this week or next. Of course you’ll need to shrink a little more to fit in them, but you’re so small already I doubt you’ll even notice.”

“Can I put baby powder on her too?” Tina asked

“If you want.” Mabel shrugged

Tina lifted Amanda’s legs and wiped the outside of her diaper with a baby wipe, careful not to miss a spot. She then slid the clean diaper under her, powdered her, and taped the second diaper shut. Amanda had to admit, at least to herself, Tina actually seemed pretty good at changing her diaper.

“Good job!” Mabel praised “You’ll make a great babysitter for her someday.”

“Babysitter?” Amanda asked “She’s five!”

“But someday she’ll be ten and looking to earn a little extra money.” Mabel said, ruffling Amanda’s hair

“What!?! You aren’t going to keep me like this for years are you?” She didn’t get a response “Are you!?!”

“Well, since the shrink ray is currently irreversible, you’re stuck like this until the company can invent a growth ray. And that’s not exactly on the top list of priorities right now. Besides, like I said, the company can choose when to unshrink you. If I were you, I’d get used to being in diapers for a long time.”

As promised, one week later Mabel walked into the nursery with the shrink ray in one hand and a package of diapers in the other. Amanda didn’t need to look at the picture to know that they were newborn diapers.

“Now hold still.” She said to Amanda, aiming the shrink ray at her. Amanda muttered under her breath but didn’t try to run. What was the point? She knew Mabel’s aim was good enough to hit a toddling girl in a diaper and it would only earn her a spanking.

“That’s a good baby.” Mabel said “I must say, all the spankings have done a very good job of getting rid of all the resistance you used to put up.”

Zap! Amanda’s diaper became baggy and dropped off her as she shrank down to the size of a newborn infant. Mabel picked her up with one hand and diapered her with the other.

“There you go.” She said, setting Amanda back on the ground. Amanda grumbled and pushed herself to her feet. She immediately fell back onto her padded butt.

“What?” She asked, trying again. She managed to get herself standing, but had to hold her arms wide for balance. She took one wobbly step and fell down again.

“This is too thick! I can’t walk right!” Amanda said

“It’s not designed for babies who can walk.” Mabel said “That’s a heavy duty diaper made for only one thing; preventing leaks.”

“But I… mmph!”

Mabel popped Amanda’s pacifier into her mouth, silencing her. Amanda sucked on it a few times experimentally. It did feel really good… she let herself suck.

Amanda had intended to only keep the pacifier in her mouth for a little while, but somehow she managed to go through the entire afternoon with it in her mouth. Sucking on it was as natural as breathing, she didn’t even think about it really until it was dinner and she was in her high chair. She took it out and opened her mouth.

“I anna babba gah!” She said and drooled all down her bib. In an actual chair next to her, Tina burst out laughing

“Abble. Ah-ble.” Amanda said, furiously trying to sound out words and drooling a little more. What was wrong with her? Why were her mouth muscles so weak? She suddenly realized the answer was lying on the table of her high chair.

Sucking so much on her pacifier had made her tongue tired! That combined with the little strength she had in her mouth muscles already made it almost impossible to pronounce words. She angrily hurled the pacifier onto the floor next to her high chair.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like your pacifier anymore?” Mabel asked

“Id mabe my bongue numb!” Amanda said, trying and failing to keep from drooling even more on her bib. It didn’t help that she was already salivating since she was hungry.

“Come on, just a minute ago you were so happy at how soothing it was.” Mabel said, picking it up and wiping the nipple off “It’s not like you need to talk properly. Try it, just say the words you need to.”

“I wanb my babble!”

“Bottle? I have an idea, how about any time you want your bottle you just say ba-ba since that’s a lot easier for your tiny muscles. Sound good?”

“Ba-ba!” Amanda said and was immediately rewarded by Mabel sticking a bottle in her mouth. She eagerly began sucking, milk running down her chin.

Amanda drained her bottle in less than a minute. When she was done she dropped it on the floor next to her high chair to make more work for Mabel and began shifting around to get more comfortable. Without really thinking she got into a position it was more comfortable to poop in.

Faaart! Amanda pushed hot, mushy mess into the seat of her diaper.

“I poopied!” Amanda said, automatically omitting all the unnecessary words she couldn’t say properly.

“Yes you did.” Mabel said, picking her up out of her high chair. She laid her back on the kitchen table and began to change her.

After dinner, Mabel let the Amanda watch a princess movie with Tina. Amanda strongly refused her pacifier, knowing that Mabel just wanted her babbling and drooling again, but Mabel was convinced she’d be able to get Amanda addicted to the thing soon enough, probably with a little help from the pacifier strap. She couldn’t wait for that, seeing Amanda forced to babble whatever she said and drool a little too.

Amanda was almost as engrossed in the movie as Tina was, which Mabel found hilarious. Of course she needed a diaper change by the end, but when Mabel picked her up, Amanda shot her a look

“You pudding me in anoder diapey?” Amanda asked irritably, her tongue apparently having recovered mostly from the pacifier

Mabel laughed. She hoped Amanda never stopped her endless cycle of regressing and then fighting the treatment. It made her so much more adorable, one moment announcing that she poo-pooed in her diapey, the next denying that she needed diapers, even while wearing a brown-stained diaper around her waist. She easily lifted a squirming Amanda onto the changing table and held her in place while she changed her diaper.

Amanda was still talking loudly, but Mabel easily tuned out her protests while she reached into her pocket and pulled out Amanda’s pacifier and strap and fastened it around her mouth, replacing the noise with a gentle sucking sound. When she was done, she held Amanda out in front of her to admire her work.

Amanda seemed to be trying to make an angry face, but it was impossible to take her seriously with the pacifier in her mouth and the fact that she only had a diaper on. Mabel smiled and put her in her crib.

“Goodnight baby.” Mabel said, patting her on the head “You’d best get some good rest. Tomorrow you’ve got another full day of diapers and bottles and pacifiers.”

“Mmph!” Amanda said around her pacifier, clutching the bars to the crib for support. Mabel clicked off the light. Amanda stood in her crib in the darkness sniffling in anger and embarrassment. It hadn’t been thirty seconds since Mabel had left before the sniffling was punctuated by a long Brraaap! Amanda couldn’t even feel it anymore, but she knew she was messing her diaper. She put a hand on the seat of her diaper. Warm and squishy. She’d need a change in the morning. She pressed the padding in her front. It was warm. So she must have wet too, though she didn’t know when.

“You’re the stinkiest baby sister ever!” Tina’s voice said. Amanda jumped. She hadn’t noticed her enter the room. Had Tina just seen her using her diaper? Probably, she hadn’t exactly been subtle about it.

“Going potty in your pants before going to sleep?” Tina asked, confirming her suspicion. She pinched her nose and fanned the air “Phew, no matter how many times you do that I don’t think I’ll get used to the smell.”

“Mmph…” Amanda muttered around her pacifier

“I was just saying goodnight. So goodnight stinky diaper baby sister.” Tina said “Don’t worry, I’ll change you in the morning when I get up.”

She snickered and walked out of the nursery. Amanda whimpered. She’d keep trying to be a big girl. No matter what, she was still a big girl, even if she needed her diapers and didn’t really mind using them, even if she secretly sometimes was all right with sucking her pacifier, even if she did have a bit of a problem with drooling sometimes.

By that point Amanda had completely forgotten that she needed her diaper changed. Confident that she was still an adult, she lay down in her saggy diaper and let herself drift to sleep.

Part 2 of my commission for :iconbask25456:

Part 1:
Diaper Tester(Part1 of Commission 1 for Bask25456)

Contains size change, diaper use, and forced babying
© 2014 - 2021 TheUnthinker
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it suits my specific tastes, however the science doesn't really support the whole, small bladder and intestines means uncontrollable Defecation and urination theory

TheUnthinker's avatar

Haha, true. But I try not to let science get in the way of a cute story ~ Glad you liked it!

VERY GOOD WORK, good story line.
please consider more stogies.
EJYEEZY199's avatar
so... could there be an epilogue?
LexpawDraws's avatar
I hate you Mable take care of your kittens =:<
diaperboy187's avatar
Good story though I have to admit I would love to see Tina a few years older and Mabel maybe getting put into diapers if you ever decide to do a sequel
Golden-High's avatar
I kinda think it be more interesting to see them make a growth ray and regrow Amanda only for her to realize she still needs diapers as a full size adult.
TheUnthinker's avatar
Yeah that would be an interesting idea, Mabel shrunk down and put into diapers with Amanda while Tina takes care of them both. Glad you like the story.
horohorogirl666's avatar
Maybe in the third part Mabel shirk her so much that Mabel become pregnant with amanda and Amanda become her real baby and forgo her past life.
TheUnthinker's avatar
Yeah, at some point I'm going to have to do unbirth. This is all that's been commissioned for the moment though. Glad you liked it.
MEGAREYES's avatar
Can't wait for part 3! Oh and I was thinking. Somewhere during part 3, you should have Amanda fill her diaper with a lot of poop where Mabel needs to give her a bubble bath in order to clean up Amanda.
TheUnthinker's avatar
Glad you like it, though since this is a commission unless someone pays me to write more this is the last part.
MEGAREYES's avatar
Awwwww. Darn it. It was just getting good.
Hadalis's avatar
Ah...the public humiliation in the park was worth the price of admission. A wonderful story, and good job, UT!
Ghostnufc's avatar
Great story

keep up the good work Unthinker
Ghostdog123765's avatar
This seems kind of mean spirited
TheUnthinker's avatar
Yeah, but the commissioner wanted the mother figure to enjoy humiliating the shrunken intern. It's not uncommon in size play for the bigger one to the the 'dom' in one way or another and the smaller one to be the 'sub.'
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