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“We’re lost.”

“I’m telling you, we need to stay on this road!”

“What road? Do you see any road in this weather? We could be anywhere!”

Nick clicked the windshield wipers again to make sure that they were going as fast as they could. It didn’t make a difference. The blizzard was whiteout conditions, we could barely see five feet around the car. It had been me and my friends’ stupid idea to chance the storm and try to get to the hotel on time, despite the news warnings to stay off the roads. It was safe to say all five of us were regretting that choice.

To make matters worse, we were driving through the mountains, or at least we thought we were. Either way, between the storm and our location, our cell phones had no signal so we had no way to call for help. Nick was slowly inching the car forwards in hopes that eventually we’d hit a tunnel or something. Abruptly we can to a dead stop. Nick pressed harder on the gas. There was a whirling sound.

“Keep going!” Ally said

“I can’t!” Nick said, tugging on the steering wheel “The tires are stuck!”

I’d been worried before, but now I was really starting to panic. If we were actually caught in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard, we were in serious danger. As in, this was a life or death situation. I tried to rack my brains for if it was better to leave the car running or turn it off and on every couple minutes to try to save power.

“Hey guys…” Emma suddenly said “Call me crazy but I think I see a house over there.”

“House?” I pressed my face to the window. It was faint, but I could make out the silhouette of a house.

“Is that for real?” Nick asked

“Seems to be.”

There was a silence before I asked

“Should we go for it?”

“Now’s our best chance before the blizzard buries the car.” Clark said

I took a deep breath “On three?”

Nick began to count “One, two, three!”

I wrenched the car door open and plowed forward into the snow. The wind was howling in my face and I could barely see anything. I was vaguely aware of my friends behind me as I thought about nothing but getting to the door.

I was the first to arrive. I was prepared to kick down the door if necessary, but I had just enough common sense to check if it was unlocked. I grabbed the knob and pulled. The door swung open. We all tumbled into the house and Nick yanked the door shut with a bang. We all blundered around in the dark until Ally found a light switch and clicked it on.

I blinked and brushed snow off my clothes. We were all badly underdressed for the weather, I was wearing a thin jacket that was more of a windbreaker and jeans. A couple more minutes and we would have been… I didn’t want to think about it.

The house was warm though. There was a kitchen and living room in the main area and seemed like it had some stairs going to a second floor. It looked pretty nice.

“Hello?” Clark yelled “Excuse us, we don’t mean to intrude but we got stuck in the blizzard! Can you help us? Is anyone there?”

It was dead silent.

“I guess no one’s home.” Ally said

“Maybe they got stuck somewhere for the night too.” Emma said

“I don’t think so.” I said “We’re in the mountains, so there’s no grocery stores or anything around here. More likely this is someone’s vacation house.”

“Jack’s right.” Clark said “Land’s pretty cheap around here so some guy probably bought a bunch and built a house on it. We’re probably a couple miles away from the next nearest building. It’s a miracle we found this place.”

“But if it’s so far away then how’s there electricity?” Nick asked “And gas. I doubt there would be any utilities if we were still that high in the mountains.”

“There’s probably a gas tank out back and a generator that runs on that.”

“Well that’s good news for us.” Ally said “We should be able to last a few hours and let the storm pass. Anyone have cell service here?”

I checked my phone and shook my head. Everyone else did too.

“It’ll probably get better once the storm’s over.” Emma said “In the meantime we may as well get comfortable.”

She walked into the kitchen and began opening cupboards.  

“Hey, what are you doing? We can’t just take stuff!” I said

“Our car’s stuck in the middle of a snowstorm.” Nick said “I’m pretty sure there’s some law that if it’s a life or death situation you can steal.”

“Besides, we’ll pay for anything we take.” Emma said

I reluctantly followed them into the kitchen and began looking through cupboards. It was actually really well stocked for a vacation house. There were cans of soup and crackers and all sorts of baking supplies and chips, but there were also perishable things like eggs and cheese. Didn’t that mean that the owners had to come up here often? I really didn’t want someone walking in on me cooking in their kitchen.

“Hey, check it out! I’ll be able to cook something pretty good with all this stuff.” Emma said, already taking sugar and baking soda out

“Ally!” I said

“Jack, please, this won’t cost more than $20.” Emma said, holding up a mixing bowl. I looked out the window nervously but it was still a whiteout so I began helping. Emma was actually a really good cook and before long there was freshly baked bread and stew on the table.

“Don’t you find it weird that the owners have vegetables and meat in their vacation house?” I asked “This stuff goes bad pretty quickly and you need to spend a lot of extra money on electricity for the refrigerator.”

“Hmm?” Clark asked, his cheeks stuffed with food

“It’s just… never mind.” I said, but I still didn’t eat very much. I was beginning to feel that there was something very off about the entire house, even though no one else noticed.

“So, do you guys want to explore the house now?” Nick asked as soon as we were done with dinner

“Explore the house!?!” Now I was starting to get really nervous. It was one thing to tell someone that you’d taken shelter in their house after getting stuck in a blizzard, it was another to say you’d made yourself at home.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby!” Emma laughed “Come on!”

I checked the window again to see if the blizzard was showing any signs of clearing yet. It wasn’t. That worried me too, how was the blizzard still so strong? Shouldn’t it have snowed itself out? It didn’t make any sense. Still, I didn’t have a choice as I slowly walked up the stairs after my friends.

“Hey Jack, you have to check this out!” Nick’s voice called. I walked into a room and froze. The room was… pink. That was all I could really think at first. The walls were hot pink, the carpet was hot pink, heck there were even three beds with the plushest pink sheets I’d ever seen.

As my eyes adjusted to the pink overload, I began to notice some of the finer details of the room. The wallpaper had tiny little hearts, fairies, tiaras and magic wands printed all over it. The beds had heart and flower sheets on them. There were other little things too like a full length mirror and a toy chest that I could only assume contained dolls or some other ridiculously girly toy. It was a five year old’s dream room. The only problem was, everything was way too big for a little girl. Everything was teenager sized. My size in other words.

“Hey, look what I found!” Clark said, coming out of the closet and holding up some of the frilliest pink dresses I had ever seen in my life. And they were my size too. Seeing the dresses gave me a bad feeling of foreboding, but not as much as what he had in his other hand.

Diapers. White, giant, frilly, plastic, disposable diapers. I couldn’t believe that anyone would have actually made the things that big. And they looked like they’d fit me.

“Wow, aren’t these amazing?” Nick asked me, holding up one of the dresses

“I’m not wearing that.” I said automatically. My friends looked at me funny.

“What, you thought I was planning on playing dress up or something?” Nick asked “I meant isn’t it amazing that someone built a room like this? I wonder what they used it for.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Well at least they weren’t that out of it.

“Something kinky I bet.” Clark said “Or maybe for some abstract art or something. Some of those modern artists can get really weird.”

“Either way, I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be in here…” I said but my friends were too busy chatting to hear me and before I could get their attention, Ally and Emma walked into the room.

“So, what are sleeping arrangements?” Ally asked

Emma looked at the three hot pink beds “Well, since there are three beds in here, and a double in the other room, I guess that means one thing.”

“Hee hee, I call the one in the middle!” Clark said. I frowned

“Wait, just like that?” I asked “You’re all right sleeping in a bed that looks like it was made for a two year old girl?”

“What’s wrong? Afraid you’ll catch cooties or something?” Nick asked and everyone laughed. I forced a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, well, you never know!” I said

I was tense the entire night. It didn’t make me feel any better that both Emma and Ally insisted on ‘helping’ me with my bedtime routine, which included pushing a toothbrush and toothpaste into my hands and getting my pink bed ready for me. They also decided they need to ‘check on’ me to make sure that I was doing the things they wanted. I couldn’t believe that they seemed more concerned about me getting to bed properly than about our car that was probably buried in the snow, but Nick and Clark got the same treatment as me so I was quiet.

I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time that night. It all felt so wrong, between being in someone’s weird house and my friends acting like it was all normal. As a result it was well into the morning by the time I woke up.

I’d slept the night in just my boxers with my clothes in a pile on the floor next to me. My first instinct was to reach down and grab them so I could get dressed. My hand touched carpet.

“Huh?” I asked, rolling over to look at the floor. There was nothing there. I looked at the other side to make sure I wasn’t misremembering. Nope, my clothes were definitely gone.

“I’ve got your clothes right here!” Ally’s voice said. I looked up and gaped. Standing at the front of my bed was Ally, holding up one of the thick diapers and pink dresses. On either side of her were Clark and Nick, both already wearing pink, frilly dresses.

“Do you like it?” Clark asked, twirling around “It’s really comfy!”

I shook my head “Yeah, um great.” I said for complete lack of a better word “But I don’t want to play. I’m going to just wait out the storm if you don’t mind. So, would you mind telling me where you put my clothes?”

“Of course you want to play!” Nick said “We’re going to have a lot of fun with Mommy today!”

I gulped. It was even worse than I’d thought.

“Ally, I’m serious, where are my clothes!?!” I demanded. Nick leaned over and whispered in my ear

“Jack, the blizzard is still going on so we’re doing a little roleplaying.” He said “Just go along with it.”

“We’re roleplaying that we’re two year old baby girls and that Ally is our ‘Mommy?’” I asked in disbelief

“Emma’s our Mommy too!” Clark added

“No.” I said firmly “I am not playing this game. Now where are my clothes?”

Ally looked at Nick and Clark and giggled “They’re right here!”

Suddenly the three of them descended on me in a flurry of hands and poofy dresses and diapers. My boxers were pulled off and the thick diaper was taped around my waist. Nick and Clark tag teamed me and pulled the dress over my head. As I tried to push them away, I felt something crinkling under Nick and Clark’s dresses. They were already wearing diapers!?! Willingly!?! This wasn’t possible!

“Aww, our newest sissy looks so cute!” Ally said as they stepped back to admire their work. I was bright red.

“All right, breakfast is in half an hour girls.” Ally said and Nick and Clark ran off. I slowly got out of bed, feeling every little crinkle coming from my new diaper. My bladder twinged and I realized I hadn’t peed yet that morning. Not knowing what else to do, I walked to the bathroom. The door was locked. I knocked.

“One second.” Emma’s voice said

I groaned. Now I had to use another bathroom. Except thinking back to looking at the house from the day before, I realized that despite the huge size of the house, there was only one bathroom. The pressure on my bladder seemed to increase. I couldn’t believe it, but somehow my bladder control seemed to have dropped overnight and I was in danger of actually needing my diaper.

“Please! I really need to pee!” I begged, pounding on the door

“Use your diaper.” Emma responded

“Emma, I’m not joking!”

“Neither am I.”

I crossed my legs and pressed on the front of my padding, but I could still feel some beginning to dribble out into my diaper. This was Emma? She was the nicest person I had ever met! She was suggesting I actually wet my diaper?

“Oh, are you having a little trouble making it to the bathroom Jack?” Ally asked. I turned around and saw Ally, Nick and Clark all staring at me.

“I think he’s about to use his diaper!” Nick commented

“What’s going on with you guys!?!” I practically shouted. I was already fed up with this stupid roleplay and couldn’t understand how they were taking it so seriously. How were they this deep in it? We’d done a bit of Dungeons and Dragons maybe once or twice, but this was a whole new level. My friends didn’t seem to care that I was getting angry.

“Aww, somebody’s a grumpy sissy.” Clark said “Maybe she needs a diaper change.”

“I don’t need a diaper change!” I yelled

“Oh, I think I know what Jack needs; tickle time!” Ally said and suddenly she, Clark and Nick all descended on me at once.

It was just like getting dressed. I couldn’t stop all three of them at once and was quickly overwhelmed.

“Ahaha!” I laughed, pinned down by Nick and Clark while Ally went after my feet.

I tried to resist so badly, but I’m extremely ticklish. With not one but both feet tickled, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Hisss! What had started out as a little squirting turned into a steady stream as I thoroughly soaked my diaper.

“What was that for?” I demanded when they finally stopped.

“You seemed like you needed a little cheering up!” Nick said

“Cheering up? Look what you made me do!”

I yanked up the hem of my dress to show my sagging diaper. It didn’t have the effect I’d hoped.

“Lighten up Jack, it’s just a little pee.” Clark said “See, I peed too!”

He casually lifted up the hem of his dress and I saw an obvious yellow spot on the front of his diaper. The day was already so surreal that it actually didn’t surprise me that much that my friend was happy to wet his diaper.

“Wait, wetting our diapers is normal now?” I asked “Just like we’re babies?”

“So is getting your diapers changed by Mommy.” Emma said, walking out of the bathroom. She reached under my skirt and squeezed my diaper. I felt it squish. I squeaked and jumped back.

“Stop that!” I said

“I’m just checking your diaper.” Emma laughed “And I’d say you definitely need a change.”

“I need my clothes back!” I said but Emma was pushing me down onto the floor. Next to me, Clark lay down and waited patiently while Ally brought two fresh diapers, baby powder and wipes. Emma broke the tapes on my diaper. I blushed but she didn’t seem bothered at all by my nudity.

“Aww, such a cute little baby.” Emma said, wiping me down. I wouldn’t have gone along with it, but Clark was lying right next to me getting his diaper changed by Ally like it was perfectly normal. Plus, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about wearing a wet diaper.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled about being put in another diaper either so as soon as Emma released me I went back to my room to search for my clothes. I was grateful that none of my friends followed me, I really didn’t want anything more to do with the stupid roleplay.

Starting at my bed, I began to search the room methodically, checking every corner I could think of where Ally might have stuffed my clothes. I didn’t see her with them after she dressed me, so I assumed she’d just put them somewhere in the room.

An hour of searching later, I wasn’t so sure. I’d looked in every hiding place I could think of, even the trash, and still nothing. Eventually I decided that if I couldn’t have my clothes, I’d have to settle for something a little less humiliating in the closet.

But in the closet I discovered that my options for clothing were pretty much diaper and dress or dress and diaper. There were dozens, maybe hundreds, of pink dresses stacked in drawers and hung on coat hangers with countless packages of diapers stacked all over the place. I did manage to find a couple stockings and baby bonnets in one of the drawers, but that was the only exception. Even the toy box I found in the corner with dress up clothes didn’t have any better options. There were stockings, t-shirts, dresses, all kinds of hats, clips and bows, pretty much everything except pants. I could wear a diaper, or I could not wear anything. My skirt was a little too short for me to pull off the latter.

I had to admit, it was all very elaborate for a vacation house. The dresses and diapers alone had to be in the thousands of dollars. Plus the beds and wallpaper, all probably custom made, it was pretty expensive. I really hoped that the owner would be understanding.

I wondered what Emma and Ally’s room was like since I hadn’t gotten a chance to see it the day before. I was kind of expecting some equally pink room or maybe some other theme but to my surprise it was completely a completely normal room with one queen sized bed and dresser and some other miscellaneous furniture. It was the same with the closet. Just a bunch of normal clothes.

Except, they were all girl clothes. And the closet was divided into two distinct sections with two different sizes. I took a closer look at some of the clothes. I was pretty sure that one sizes was Emma’s and the other was Ally’s. I picked up a bra. I’d been friends with Ally long enough to know her measurements and the bra was her size exactly.

I frowned. This closet was stocked perfectly for Emma and Ally. How was that possible? Was there a lesbian couple that lived in this room that happened to be exactly Emma and Ally’s sizes? It was possible, but pretty unlikely, especially considering all the other coincidences of the house.

“You want to wear one of Mommy’s bras?” Clark’s voice asked behind me and I jumped and immediately dropped the bra.

“I’m, uh, looking for my clothes!” I sputtered. Clark and Nick laughed and I turned bright red.

“Well I suppose if you want to play dress up with Mommy’s clothes we can…” Nick said

“Drop it.” I said, half afraid that they’d actually make good on the offer.

I mulled about the house for the rest of the morning until lunch time looking for my clothes and then a good part of the afternoon. I tore apart the entire house, but eventually I gave up. They weren’t in any drawers, under any rugs, hidden in any corners or anywhere else I looked. Ally wasn’t exactly giving me anything to go off of either. Every time I asked her she seemed more and more confused as to why I wanted to wear boxers and not diapers. I once asked her if I could just have my cell phone back and she looked at me like I was speaking another language.

I plopped down at the kitchen table halfway through the afternoon. Ally was at the table spooning salt from a can into the salt shaker. Having nothing better to do, I sighed and watched her for a few minutes. When she was done, she picked up the bottle of baby powder she’d used in my diaper change that morning and began shaking salt from the can into the bottle.

“Wait a minute, why are you refilling that bottle with salt?” I asked

“Salt? It’s baby powder.” Ally said. She handed the can to Emma in the kitchen who scooped some out with a measuring cup and dumped it in a mixing bowl.

“You’re baking with baby powder?” I asked in confusion

“No, the recipe calls for two cups of sugar.” Emma said, putting a second cup in. She flipped the page and stuck the measuring cup back into the jar.

“I thought you said two cups of sugar.” I said

“That’s what I just added, now I’m measuring out three cups of flour.” She said

I shook my head. Was I really the only one not going crazy here? Suddenly something occurred to me. I walked over to the jar and looked in. Admittedly I couldn’t really tell salt from sugar if it wasn’t labeled, but I was pretty sure that the stuff in the can wasn’t any of the things Ally and Emma had just said it was. It was fine, white powder all right, but there were little sparkles in it, like someone had mixed in glitter. Except I was pretty sure it wasn’t glitter.

“Ally, um, I’m starting to feel like I need a diaper change.” Nick said across the kitchen from me. I didn’t think much of it until I suddenly realized that there was another place where I’d seen white powder that morning. I whirled around but Ally was already shaking a good amount of ‘baby powder’ into Nick’s new diaper. It was twinkling in the air as it fell. Next to her was Nick’s old diaper, completely unused. Why would Nick need a new diaper unless it was to give him a dose of whatever the powder was?

“There you go, all fresh!” Ally said, taping his diaper shut. Nick smiled.

“Thanks!” He said, his voice a lot more enthusiastic than before. I knew what I had to do.

I quickly grabbed the jar on the counter.

“Hey!” Emma said “What are you doing with that Jack?”

“Just give me a second!” I said. I quickly ran to the bathroom and dumped every last bit of powder into the toilet and flushed. I nodded with satisfaction as I watched the cloudy, sparkly water disappear down the drain. I returned to the kitchen with the empty jar and set it on the counter. There was an identical jar next to it, filled to the top with white powder.

“What?” I asked in disbelief

“We were out of flour, so I got a new one.” Emma said

“From where?” I asked

“The cupboard.” Emma said, gesturing. I began opening all the cupboards. I saw spices, cans and all the other staples of a good kitchen, but there wasn’t another jar to be found. I seized the jar on the counter and repeated the process, flushing it all down the toilet. When I got back there was the empty jar where I had left it, and a full jar sitting next to it.

I shook my head in disbelief. Where had Emma gotten that? I had just checked to make sure there wasn’t any more in the cupboards! But I wasn’t going to give up, I grabbed that jar and did it again. No matter what, there had to be a limit to the powder.

Or at least, that’s what I thought. By the time dinner was ready, there were at least 50 empty jars piled around the kitchen and one full jar that Emma put back in the cupboard. I couldn’t believe it, there was no way that this was all possible.

“Dinner time!”

I sighed and sat down at the table when I realized something, Emma had just cooked this entire meal with the white powder! We were all about to eat whatever was causing the weird behavior!

“Wait!” I said but everyone was already eating ravenously. I had an urge to begin knocking food out of my friends’ hands but then I remembered that I had just spent three hours trying to get rid of the white powder. I could spill as much food as I wanted, inevitably there would be more, and that was assuming my friends wouldn’t gang up on me and force it on me like they’d done earlier. Plus, we couldn’t not eat. The chicken Emma had prepared did look good…

I sighed and took a bite, hopeful that whatever resistance I seemed to have to the powder would hold up until I could figure out a solution.

After dinner I was walking back to my room when suddenly I needed to pee. The urge came on so strong and so fast that I barely had time to push my legs together to keep from wetting right then.

“Oops!” Clark said behind me “It’s a good thing Mommy put me in a diaper today!”

I looked behind me. Clark was lifting up the hem of his dress, his diaper sagging. Next to him Nick was doing a potty dance, but as soon as he saw Clark’s reaction he relaxed.

“That’s right, I’m wearing a diaper so I don’t need to worry about making it to the toilet.” He said, sighing and letting loose in his diaper.

“No, Nick, you’ve got to- guh!” I gasped as I lost control. Hisss! Warmth spread across my crotch as my diaper grew heavy. I couldn’t stop it, by the time I was done I’d helplessly soaked myself and had a sagging diaper to match Nick and Clark’s.

“Oh, Emma it looks like our three baby sissies need some diaper changes before they go to bed!” Ally called. I couldn’t stop blushing as I was given a second diaper change that day.

After that I didn’t doubt the white powder. In just a day I’d gone from being fully potty trained to relying on diapers for bedwetting and accidents. Because the first thing it had done to me was put me back in diapers, I decided to call it ‘diaper powder.’ Since it seemed to be the key to my problems, I tried to at least understand it, even if getting rid of it was apparently impossible.  

Over a few days, I began to understand how the diaper powder worked. The first rule was that it served whatever function it was intended for just fine.  Mix it with water and put it in a glass? It was powdered milk. Mix it with water and put it in a baby bottle? It was baby formula. Bake cookies with it? It doubled as both flour and sugar. Sprinkle some in soup? It was salt. Shake it onto my butt while getting my diaper changed? It was baby powder.

There was absolutely no way of escaping it either. Everything I ate, every time I drank I knew I was taking in more diaper powder. Not to mention the four or five times a day Ally or Emma came to me telling me I needed a diaper change when I was completely clean plus the two or three times I actually needed a diaper change after I had an accident. I tried to minimize contact with it, but that was all but impossible considering that it was in everything I ate and drank except water.

I still couldn’t figure out why it was turning the girls into mommies and the boys into girly babies though. I guessed it had something to do with genetics, like the fact that I was the only one whose mind had not been altered to match my body. The other four were blissfully oblivious to the danger no matter how many times I tried to warn them. Emma and Ally always laughed at what a silly sissy baby I was and usually checked my diaper while I was trying to explain. Nick and Clark, or Nicole and Claire as they were beginning to go by, spent their days giggling and became more and more mindless with each passing day.

“We’ve got to leave!” I said to them about a week in “Nick, come on try to remember basketball! Please don’t do this!”

I kept trying to get them to come out of their trance, but the prospects of that happening were looking pretty grim. All our cellphones seemed to have disappeared like our clothes, so there was no way to try to contact the outside world. Talk of trying to get to the car had stopped by the third day and the very idea of leaving the house seemed to have left my friends’ minds by the fourth. They were perfectly content staying.

“Who’s Nick? I’m Nicole!” Nick giggled as he painted his fingernails a hot pink. They were happily descending deeper and deeper into a new life of diapers and pink frilly dresses and mindless giggles.

“Oh, is Jackie being a silly sissy again?” Ally laughed, walking into the room with a stack of diapers. My stomach lurched. Jackie!?! They weren’t honestly going to start calling me that were they!?!

“My name’s Jack.” I said loudly to try to get the message across. Ally rolled her eyes.

“Whatever you say Jackie. Do you need a new diaper?”

“No.” I said, though I wasn’t positive. Ally pushed her hand into my diaper and we both felt a squish.

“Silly sissy.” Ally laughed, patting me on the head “I guess I can’t expect sissies like you to know when they’ve gone pee-pee. That’s why you wear diapers after all. Now let’s get you changed!”

I blushed and let Ally lay me on the changing mat.

My incontinence had just gotten worse since the initial wetting until I was freely wetting myself. For the first few days, I’d still been able to tell if my diaper was wet, but after a week I began to have to rely on diaper checks to tell me if I needed a change. Not only that, but the diapers I was being changed into just kept getting thicker and more babyish. The first diaper had been at least five times thinner than the pillowy, heart-printed thing that Ally taped onto my butt.

“There you go Jackie, all clean!” She said, patting my new diaper after taping it shut.

“What color do you want your nails painted?” Clark, or Claire, asked, holding up two bottles “Light red or magenta?”

They both looked pink to me but I had other things on my mind. I stood up and began walking, or toddling given the size of my diaper, quickly towards the door. I didn’t care if I had to dig through twelve feet of snow with my bare hands, I was going to get to the car and get out of here.

Emma was standing in the kitchen mixing a generous amount of diaper powder into soup we were having for lunch. She saw what I was doing and took two steps and took me by the arm. It wasn’t violent, but it was still firm enough that she was holding me. I yanked to free my arm, and found Emma still holding me.

I didn’t understand, I did crew and lifted weights in my free time. Emma didn’t even do sports and yet she was a good deal stronger than me. The diaper powder, it had to be. I took a look my arm Emma was holding. It was definitely more slender and feminine than I was used to. I probably hadn’t noticed the change because it had taken place over a few days.

“Where are you going Jackie?” Emma asked. It was like everyone had conspired to start calling me Jackie at the same time.

“I want to play outside!” I said, hoping that she would buy the excuse. Emma shook her head.

“It’s a blizzard outside you silly sissy. Wait until it clears up.”

I knew she was right, but the blizzard had been going nonstop for the entire week. It was obvious that there was something off about it, along with the fact that we never seemed to run out of food or that we still had electricity and water. There were a lot of strange things about the house, but I wasn’t testing anything until I could figure it out a little better. Running into the blizzard in just my diaper and dress definitely wasn’t a good idea. Diapers were bad, frostbite was worse. I sighed and toddled back to get my nails painted.

At that point I made a plan that as soon as the blizzard stopped, I would make a break for the car and escape. In the meantime, I tried to keep up my strength by exercising so Ally and Emma couldn’t take me by the arm like some two year old but even that failed. Despite doing push-ups every day, I could do fewer and fewer of them each time. Just trying to do one or two was a challenge for me before long.

But despite not even being able to lift 20 pounds, I still had more energy than ever before. That was the one change I actually liked, I was able to go for hours laughing and running and playing without stop. Despite the fact that I knew it was because I was becoming a bouncing baby girl, I had to enjoy it a little.

As it turned out, my loss of muscle just the first of many changing my body went through. The diapers and dresses had been bad to get used to, but at least I’d known that as soon as I took them off I’d be back to my male self. But then my arms and legs got slender. Then I lost all body hair.

I’d never been proud of being hairy or anything, but I one day I noticed that the little beard I had been growing was gone. I quickly checked the rest of my body and found everything was smooth as a baby’s bottom, which I guessed was appropriate for me. I had no hair anywhere except on my head.

That wouldn’t have been such a problem, except as though to make up for the loss of hair on my body, the hair on my head began growing at an alarming pace. Emma had always told me she envied my hair because I was a perfect natural shade of blonde. Two days into the rapid hair growth I woke up and looked in the mirror and screamed. I had long flowing golden locks of hair down to my shoulders.

“I know, it’s so exciting we get to play dress up today!” Claire said eagerly running up next to me. I gawked. She was a brunette with silky hair as long as mine.

“Hang on a second.” Emma said “We’ve got to tie your hair up. We wouldn’t want it getting tangled when you were playing now would we?”

I could only stand there staring in shock while Emma put both our hair in pigtails. With my hair long I could barely recognize the face staring back at me in the mirror. I could have mistaken myself for an actual girl!

Just how feminine I looked should have been a clue to me but it didn’t even occur to me that it was a sign of things to come. I just shook my head and accepted that Nicole, who I saw with her long red hair in braids when I went downstairs ten minutes later, Claire, and I were now long haired girls.

I think it was probably mostly self-deception that allowed me to cling onto the thought that the diaper powder was just turning me into a feminine boy. I still had all my male parts, to put it nicely, it was just hard to tell when I was wearing a three inch thick diaper. That changed one day when Emma was dabbing diaper powder onto my face, which apparently was also blush.

I was moving my head around as much as possible to try to get the message across that I really, really did not want to do makeup, but Emma had the patience of a saint and just took any opportunity she could to continue her work. She’d been chattering nonstop about how cute and adorable I looked. I’d been doing my best to tune her out, except I couldn’t possibly miss one comment she made once she was almost done.

“Oh, by the way, did you remember to put your bra on today?”

“Bra!?!” Had I heard that correctly?

“Yes, Jackie, your bra. I know your breasts are a little small, but you should still keep them tight.”


My hands went to my chest. I wanted to believe that the lumps I felt were just my pecs, but I knew I had practically no muscle left. Plus they were a bit too… squishy to be muscle. My hand went right to my crotch, but I didn’t feel anything there. Hoping it was just the thickness of the diaper, I pulled back the front to check.

It actually took me almost three seconds to spot it, my dick was so tiny and fragile. How had I not noticed that change!?! Of course the answer was obvious, I’d been diapered 24/7 for the past week and a half and hadn’t exactly been staring while I was getting my diaper changed.

“It’s so small…” I said

“That’s because you’re a little sissy that goes pee-pee in her diapers.” Emma said, finishing up with my makeup. Without warning she pulled off my dress. I gasped. I only got a quick glance at my breasts in the mirror before Emma fastened a bra around my chest, but it was pretty undeniable that I was more girl than boy.

“Aww, you’re adorable!” Emma said, pausing to admire me in the mirror before putting me dress back on.

“Please Emma.” I tried, painfully aware of how high-pitched my voice was “Remember me? Jack? Please, I don’t want to be a diaper girl! Try to remember, try to fight it!”

Emma lifted my skirt and squeezed the front of my diaper.

“Yep, we’d better change your diaper Jackie!” She said

It was odd, the one thing I still took for granted at that point was that despite the fact that Claire, Nicole and I were all wetting our diapers without resistance, I still thought the incontinence wouldn’t worsen. We still used the toilet for pooping after all, and Emma and Ally sometimes asked us if we needed to poop as though they were trying to prevent us from making a mess in our diapers. I don’t know why I bothered hoping that the diaper powder wouldn’t take that away.

It was almost two weeks in. The blizzard was still going as strong as ever. Nicole and Claire were building a pillow fort in the living room. Pillow forts was one of the few activities that I really didn’t mind doing with them since I could just lie on the ground while they stacked pillows around me. I’d taken to ‘accidentally’ knocking some down every few minutes to prolong it since I knew as soon as Claire and Nicole finished they’d want to put makeup on me or play house or some other activity I really didn’t want to do. I kind of felt bad about doing it, but with their almost infantile minds, Nicole and Claire didn’t care.

Maybe ten minutes in though. Nicole suddenly froze, a pillow in her hands. I looked at her curiously. Usually she was a nonstop bundle of play and fun, for her to stand still for even a moment was strange. Then, slowly, she bent her knees and squatted.

She didn’t seem to recognize or understand what she was doing, just that she was more comfortable squatting. Nicole grunted. There was a soft fart and her diaper drooped. Except it wasn’t in the front this time. It was in the back.

“Uh, Nicole?” I asked

“Hmm?” Nicole asked

“Your diaper… did you just, um, use it?”

“Why do you think we’re wearing diapeys? Because they look absolutely adorable?” Nicole giggled

“No, I’m not talking about wetting!” I said “Did you just, uh… poop?”

“Poopy?” Nicole asked in confusion. She patted her diaper. Then her face broke out into a grin.

“Hey I did poopy!” She giggled “Oopsie!”

“What happened?” Claire asked

“I poopied myself!” Nicole giggled. Claire broke out into a fit of giggles with her. I groaned. This wasn’t the reaction I’d been hoping for.

“Don’t you see?” I asked “You just pooped your diaper! Like you’re a two year old baby!”

“Yep!” Nicole giggled

“Doesn’t that gross you out?” I said, trying desperately to get a normal response “You’re wearing a diaper with stinky, icky poop in it!”

“It feels warm and squishy!” Nicole giggled

“What are you giggling about?” Emma asked, walking up to us. I was pretty sure she’d seen the whole thing. Emma and Ally had begun to keep a really close eye on us in the past few days, like we couldn’t be trusted with anything. That would create a problem for an escape attempt.

“I poopied myself Mommy!” Nicole said proudly

“Good girl!” Emma praised, pulling back the waistband of her diaper “You made a nice big mess for Mommy didn’t you?”

“Yep!” Nicole said

I gave up.

Claire pooped or ‘went poo-poo’ as she called it about a day after Nicole’s first messing. They were still fully potty trained, but mentally the idea of going anywhere except their diapers didn’t even occur to them. Me, I was able to resist that part, but there was a physical regression that came along with it that even I wasn’t immune to.

The amount of warning time I got that I needed to poop began to drop like a rock. I’d just be sitting there when all of a sudden my bowels would start screaming that they needed to go. I had to make a mad dash for the potty, waddling in my thick diaper as fast as I could to the bathroom. At first it was just kind of annoying, but within a couple days my control was down to the point where by the time my bowels told me I had to go, I had about a minute before it was coming out, regardless of if I was on the potty or not.

I actually managed to avoid pooping my diaper for almost three days while Claire and Nicole stopped bothering with the toilet altogether. By just before dinnertime on the third day, Nicole stood up, took one halfhearted step towards the bathroom before giving up and letting loose in her diaper. She snickered while Ally checked her diaper and then laid her on the kitchen floor to change her.

“I poopied!” She announced loudly, much to everyone’s amusement except mine

“All right, dinner time!” Emma said and everyone ran to the table. I looked into at my bowl to see what unappetizing thing I was being served this time. Since around the time Nicole messed herself, Emma had begun preparing separate meals, one for her and Ally, and a noticeably more childish one for the ‘sissies.’ The food had been bad enough to eat when I knew I was filling my stomach with diaper powder every time, the fact that I was being forced to eat bland things like chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese just made things worse.

But today was a step down from even that. My dinner was a bowl of orange mush. Emma fastened a bib around my neck while I checked Claire and Nicole’s bowls. They had the same thing.

“Um, I’m supposed to eat that?” I asked “It looks like baby food.”

“It is baby food.” Emma said “You’re a baby sissy.”

“And what am I supposed to eat it with?” I asked, noticing that there wasn’t any silverware at my place

“You have hands don’t you?” Emma asked

I stared at the mush.

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said

“I could heat up a bottle for you if you’d prefer.”

I shook my head and sat at the table. Sitting down seemed to loosen my bowels and suddenly I felt the urge to go.

“I’ve got to go.” I said, quickly standing up from the table. Emma caught my arm and pulled me back.

“Hang on, where are you going?” She asked

“I need to poop.” I said and when I got a confused look I added “You know, I’m going to the bathroom.”

Emma laughed

“Silly Jackie, sissies don’t use the potty!” Emma chided, patting my well-padded behind “What do you think your wear diapers for?”

My heart stopped. They had laughed at me for going to the bathroom to poop, but they’d never prevented me from going before!

“N-no!” I said, tugging and trying to get away “I don’t want to poop my diaper!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

“Aww, you’re a funny silly sissy!” Ally laughed

Blaaart! My butt cheeks rumbled. I’d waited too long! A weight dropped into my diaper.

“Oh, she’s making a poo-poo!” Claire said

“No!” I said, fighting to regain control but I’d already lost. Pfft! I could only stand there, powerless to do anything as I farted and filled my diaper. Emma giggled and pushed her hand into the seat of my diaper and mushed my mess around to emphasize what I’d done.

“Now do you think you can make it to the bathroom?” She asked

“I would have…” I muttered, though I knew logic wouldn’t work with them

“You just made a big poopy in your diapey!” Nicole giggled

“Now don’t be too hard on your sister.” Ally said “You’re just as diapered as she is for a reason.”

Braap! Everyone looked to where the noise was coming from. Claire giggled.

“Oops…” She said, looking down at herself “I guess I needed to poo-poo too!”

There was another round of giggling. I waved my hand in Emma’s face to get her attention.

“Great, you got me to use my diaper. Now change me.”

“I’ll change you after dinner.” Emma giggled, pulling me back into my chair. I sat in my messy diaper with a squish.

“What? You mean you’re going to make me wait?” I asked

“Of course.” Emma said “Sissies don’t care if they’re poopy or not.”

“But I… forget it.” I said, knowing that I couldn’t fight that logic. I sat in my diaper and tried to ignore the mess sliming against my butt. Across the table from me, Claire and Nicole already had baby food all over their faces and bibs. With as much dignity as I could, I stuck my hands in my baby food and began eating.

From then on either Ally or Emma would grab me and hold on any time I tried to run to the potty, making sure that I pooped my diaper like a ‘good sissy girl.’ It didn’t matter much anyways. Within two days I only had ten seconds warning max before I’d start messing my diaper. I wouldn’t have even been able to make it to the potty even if it had been available.

And as though just to make the fact that I was now pooping my diapers even more humiliating, every time I pooped I’d let out these noisy farts. Peeing was discreet, I could wet myself while waddling to breakfast or sitting in a chair and no one knew until they gave me a diaper check. Pooping, my stomach would gurgle, my bowels would grumble and then Braap, Splaat Faaart! Everyone’s eyes would go straight to my diaper. They’d giggle and comment while I helplessly filled my diaper.

But of all the noises that I began to make, the giggles were the worst. It was like hiccupping, an involuntary reflex that just happened. They just began happening one day when we were playing dress up.

“Ooh, this would look lovely on you!” Nicole said, holding up a poofy yellow dress.

I crossed my arms and pouted on the bed. I would have been perfectly happy sitting out of any game Claire and Nicole played, but they always insisted on not only dragging me into it, but also making me the center of attention of whatever tea party or game of house that they were playing. I tried resisting them too, but it seemed like I was the weakest of the three of us and they usually physically forced me into wherever they were doing if I really put up a fight.

Currently I was sitting on the bed in just my bra and diaper while they held up outfits to me. My breasts had swelled like balloons and I was currently at a C and pushing it. My crotch had changed to match my breasts, so my penis was now a little limp bump and I’d gotten a fully formed vagina to match. I wasn’t happy with any of the changes of course, but at that point I was just trying to ride it out. I figured that there wasn’t anything I could do to stop the transformation.

“You can put the dress on me if you want.” I sighed flatly

“Yay! You’re going to be the prettiest sissy in the whole wide world!” *Giggle* Claire said

I looked at her. She’d certainly laughed before, but it was usually because someone was pooping their diaper or something. The sound she’d just made was… different somehow. More airy and silly.

*Giggle* “Why are you looking at me like that?” *Giggle* Claire asked

“What are you giggling about?” I asked

“What do you mean?” *Giggle* Claire asked

“There!” I said “You just giggled like a little girl!” *Giggle*

My eyes widened. Had that noise really just come from me? It was such a high pitched girly giggle!

*Giggle* “You did too!” Claire giggled

“Did not!” *Giggle*

There it was again, I sounded like a bubbly little girl! I clapped both hands over my mouth to try to hold the giggles back.

*Giggle* “Silly sissy!” Claire giggled

“Do my sissies need their diapers changed?” Ally asked, walking into the room

*Giggle* “Yes mommy!” Claire and Nicole answered simultaneously

I shook my head no. *Giggle* It just came out.

Ally checked my diaper “Jackie, you need a diaper change too you silly sissy.”

“But Emma just” *Giggle* “gave me a” *Giggle* “diaper change!” I protested between giggles.

“Then you must have made a pee-pee since your last change!” *Giggle* Nicole said

“But I-”

Braaap! Splort! I cringed as I felt myself helplessly poop my diaper. I always hated the messing, no matter how many times I did it. This time though, my mouth seemed to think otherwise.

*Giggle* *Giggle* I broke out giggling as I felt myself begin to fill my diaper. Claire and Nicole giggled along with me.

*Giggle* “Now you really need a change Jackie!” *Giggle*

*Giggle* “What? This” *Giggle* “isn’t funny!” *Giggle* *Giggle* I giggled. Of course that made them giggle harder, which then made me giggle harder.

“Hey Jackie!” Claire said, sticking her tongue out. Pffft! She made a farting noise with her mouth. *Giggle* I grinned, even though on the inside I was just thinking how stupid and immature it was.

“Look, I’m Jackie going poo-poo in my diapey!” Nicole said, squatting. Pffft! Pffft! She spit a little as she pursed her lips.

*Giggle* *Giggle* I giggled. Before I knew what I was doing, my tongue was out. Pffft! “Uh-oh, I made a big oopsie!” I said. My hands went right over my mouth. What had I just said? *Giggle* Of course with the giggles it looked like I was just snickering.

“All right sissies, that’s enough. Let’s get you in some clean diapers.” Ally said. I never thought I’d be saved from embarrassment by needing to get my messy diaper changed.

I quickly realized certain things just made me super giggly. Farts and pooping were a big one, as was peeing which meant I could no longer subtly wet myself since I’d burst into a fit of giggles every time that happened. Nicole and Claire both had to tell everyone when they were peeing too, so I giggled then too. The color pink was another trigger. So was getting dressed or putting makeup on. So was seeing, feeling, or mentioning diapers. And whenever Claire or Nicole began giggling, I had to giggle along, even if I had no idea what they were giggling about. I pretty much was forced to giggle nonstop.

Eventually I stopped trying to hold it in. That just made me gigglier. I had to just accept the giggles along with all the other transformations that were happening. Like my new tendency to occasionally blurt out the most childish things about my diaper or dress. Or my turning into a girl.

Two weeks in, my breasts were now massive double D jiggly bulges on my chest. Even when I wore the largest bra sizes in the closet, I more than filled them out and always had a good deal of cleavage showing. My crotch was fully feminine too, my penis had shriveled until it became a little bump that I knew had to be a clitoris.

I was forced to concede utter defeat on the physical front. There was no denying that I was now a diaper dependent girl. I rarely even felt it coming anymore when I pooped and my body could have been that of a model. Logically I guessed that if the transformation continued, it would be mental. I wasn’t terribly against the idea of waking up one day as a giggly girl like Nicole or Claire since they seemed happy. Come to think of it, how long had it been since they were Nick and Clark? I could barely imagine them as anything besides giggling sissies.

My one hope was that the blizzard would finally let up, but after two weeks without stopping, I was beginning to think it was going to keep us trapped forever. I knew the diaper powder would probably break my resistance eventually if I consumed much more of it. If that was the case, well, at least there seemed to be an endless supply of diapers in the house.

Finally, one day almost two and a half weeks after coming to the house I woke up with bright light in my face. Disoriented, I tried to brush it away but that didn’t do anything.

“Jackie! Claire! Wake up!” *Giggle* Nicole’s high pitched voice said. A pillow flew in my face.

“Huh?” I asked, lifting it up

*Giggle* “Wow!” Claire’s voice said

I untangled myself from my sheets and tried to figure out what was going on. Nicole and Claire were at the window, light was shining through onto my bed. Wait, light? Sunlight?

I leapt out of bed and toddled over as fast as I could in my thick diaper.

“Sunlight!” *Giggle* I giggled. At last the blizzard had gone! I was free!

“Do our sissies want to play in the snow today?” Ally asked, walking into our room

*Giggle* “Yes!” I said in perfect unison with Claire and Nicole

Emma and Ally helped me out of my sleeper and changed my diaper. I had long grown used to the morning routine. I hadn’t woken up dry in two weeks and while being dressed was annoying, there was no point in resisting because the girls could easily overpower me.

Today was a little different though. Instead of putting me in a poofy pink dress like I had been for the past few weeks, Emma brought out three snow jackets and pairs of snow pants. They were still hot pink and the snow pants were very roomy in the crotch so our diapers would fit, but it was still a relief to finally not have to wear the most babyish thing on the planet.

Emma handed us three baby bottles for breakfast while Ally worked at putting our hair in pigtails. That had been the latest change. Emmy and Ally had never trusted us enough to handle cups, but they had always given us semi-solid food with our baby bottles. But now we were only getting baby bottles to suckle on. I hated it, knowing that every time I ate I was filling my stomach with what was pretty much diaper powder and water but it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter.

Today I freely suckled though. Today we’d be able to leave and after two or three hours in the car I was confident that my friends would begin to come out of their stupor. Nicole and Claire giggled in excitement and for once I genuinely giggled with them.

I toddled out of the house as fast as I could as soon as Ally opened the door and breathed the crisp winter air. It was a wonderful feeling to finally be free of the awful house! Now all I had to do was subtly get further and further away until I could make a break for the car. I wondered briefly what driving would be like in such a thick diaper. I was kind of dependent on diapers now so it wasn’t like I could ditch it because then I’d probably make a mess in the seat. But I couldn’t think about that now. Slowly I began going further and further away, pretending like I was exploring.

I had to admit though, the snow was really beautiful, glinting and sparkling in the sunlight. Something still seemed wrong though. The snow, it felt weird. Too lightweight. Shouldn’t it have heavier? And deeper? As a matter of fact, why hadn’t the entire house been buried if the blizzard had been going on nonstop for over two weeks?

I picked up a handful of snow and pressed it to my cheek. It felt kind of grainy and rough, closer to what I would have expected from sand than snow. And the snow wasn’t really that cold actually. It was… it was…

I was standing knee deep in diaper powder.

“No!” *Giggle* I said, scrambling to try to get back into the house as fast as I could. I couldn’t afford to breathe in too much! I was already so far along in the transformation! If I wasn’t careful I’d…

My boot caught on a root. I tripped and fell face first into the snow, completely engulfed in diaper powder.

“Jackie, are you all right?” Mommy Emma asked. I popped out of the snow.

*Giggle* “Oopsie, I so silly!” *Giggle* I giggled “I needs ta remwembaw thad id hard ta walk in my big diapey!” *Giggle*

“All right then, just be a little more careful next time.” Mommy Ally said

Mommy Ally gave me my paci and I began sucking on it like the good baby girl I was. I toddled back over to Claire and Nicole. All the activity moved my bowels around.

Braap! It was hard to hear my fart-farts under my snowpants, but I felt something warm and squishy fill the seat of my diapey.

*Giggle* “Oops.” I giggled, patting my diapey butt

“Whad’s goin’ on Jackie?” Claire asked me

“I made a poopsie in my diapey!” I giggled. Claire and Nicole began to giggle with me.


“Oh, I twink I just wend poo-poo too!” *Giggle* Nicole suddenly said


“Me twee!” Claire giggled

*Giggle* I giggled “Poopying my diapey makes me feel silly!” *Giggle*

*Giggle* “Mommy will give us cwean diapeys lader!” Nicole said *Giggle* “Now wet’s pway!”

“Oh, I wanna buiwd a snowman!” *Giggle* Claire said

I spent the entire morning toddling around in the snow with my sisters. We build snowmen and threw snowballs and rolled around in the snow. I ate lots of snow too, that made me feel super silly and happy.

Playing with my sisters made me feel so excited that I had lots more accidents in my diapey! When Ally called us back in for a break, I had a really mushy tushy.

Emma and Ally pulled off our snow pants as we stepped inside. I giggled at the sight of Claire and Nicole’s drooping diapeys. We’d all made big oopsies in them!

“All right you silly sissies, which one of you is getting her diaper changed first?” Mommy Ally asked, lying out three changing mats.

I lay back on the third mat and stuck my thumb in my mouth while Mommy Emma and Mommy Ally changed Nicole and Claire’s messy diapeys. I loved sucking my thumb! It was really, really relaxing.

Mommy Ally came to change my diapey once she was done with Claire. When she slid the new diapey under my butt, I noticed it was super cushy. I giggled.

“Do you like your new mega thick diaper?” Mommy Ally asked me, sprinkling powder onto my butt and taping my diapey shut “It’s made for super silly sissies who are too silly to try potty training.”

*Giggle* “Poddy twainin’ is dumb!” *Giggle* I giggled

My legs were spread wide because of how thick my new diapey was. I tried to stand up but quickly lost my balance and fell back down. I had to crawl around on all fours with my massive diapey sticking out of my dwess. Claire and Nicole were having the same problem with their new diapeys.

*Giggle* “I cawn bawey walk in dis diapey!” I said “I gots ta cwawl on da floor wike a baby!”

“I wike id!” *Giggle* Claire giggled

*Giggle* “Me too!” Nicole said

“Yeah, wakin’ is stoopid!” *Giggle* I agreed

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something seemed off about it, but I couldn’t really think. What was it…?

Faart! Claire broke out giggling and looked at her diapey.

“Uh-oh, I think our sissies need to go!” Ally said “Good thing we put them in such thick diapers right?”

*Giggle* “I poo-poo in my diapey!” *Giggle* *Giggle* Claire announced.

Splort! Nicole began shaking with laughter as she pushed a stinky into her diapey. Mommy Emma turned to me.

“Well Jackie, do you need to go potty too?”

*Giggle* “I’ve got to” *Giggle* “make a big” *Giggle* “giant” *Giggle* “oopsie” *Giggle* *Giggle* “diapey…” *Giggle*

Braap! I was lying on the floor I was giggling so hard as I made a mushy, stinky mess in my diapey. Whatever I’d been thinking about, it probably wasn’t important. I had so many silly sissy thoughts every day, it wasn’t worth thinking too hard about any one of them. I giggled with Nicole and Claire as we helplessly made poopsies in our diapeys like the good sissies we were.


When five friends take refuge from a blizzard in a mysterious house, strange things begin to happen.

A little something I was working on in between commissions. I really love TG X diapers (actually I love pretty much anything X diapers but TG is definitely one of my favorites). So I thought I’d write a story about it because that’s kind of what I do…

I'm pretty happy with this one, though first person is something I need to work on. My dialogue and voice could also use some work, I feel like they're too monotone right now. BTW, I'm always looking for critiques on my writing, so feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

Contains diaper usage, TG, and mental regression

© 2014 - 2021 TheUnthinker
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2BorNot2Babied's avatar

What a superb story! I found this thanks to some accompanying artwork posted elsewhere:

Altered Reality
AZZY4557's avatar

Great! Make a second part or something, cuz' the finale creeped me out a lil' bit.

You need to make a sequel, that was great
MishaHerbst's avatar

ummmmmmm.......... THIS HAS CREEPED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!

He has descended into insanity.

Quidditchgirl's avatar
BwoompfBerry's avatar

Still my fav story of all time. I come back here every once in a while and manage to still be impressed. Amazing job.

Snowdog82's avatar

Cool I really like it can you do more like this one where they turn into big boobed babies who need thick diapers and maybe do some where they get super powers and hypermess like the mega babies

thor889006's avatar
I'm just a tad confused by the ending. How far had their minds regressed when they started rolling on the floor? A few months? Less? Or were they still 2 years and just felt like rolling?
Wow, just wow. I never thought I would find a diaperfic that could pass as an SCP but you've done it. It is wierd enough to be one and the idea of your friends turning into baby's as you helplessly watch and suffer the physical effects of the powder is prity horrifying as well.
So, you get a gold star from me!
TheUnthinker's avatar
I'll take that as a compliment :P
I only have one minor gripe with this fic. When they said they played DandD a few times did they mean sesions or campaigns (big nerd here)
I mean, it's very rare that something interests me for two very different reasons
That's what it was ment to be. The fic is good.
Wow, I never thought I would find a dipperfic that could pass for an SCP. I mean really, it's weird and inescapable. The Idea of being immune to it's mental effects and watching your friends become baby's while you helplessly watch is prity horrifying to.
So what I'm saying is that you get a gold star from me.
Wow made a comment twice Becuse phone is janky, oof
iggyrlk's avatar
The real problem is how did the story come about if nobody got out? Dead men tell no tales you know what I mean. Is this a NBC thing from another world looking for genes/traits to overcome the effects of the dust. Or just a house that found it's way out of another realm. I'm kinda glad it has no origin yet. Allows creativity.
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I love the story, never much liked the idea of infants with large breasts but, bah 
TheUnthinker's avatar
Glad you liked it :)
RiskyRacoon's avatar
Man that was long.... I'm almost sad that they couldn't escape..... Aw well....
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