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Word as focal = Typography lol!


The Achievement of a revolutionary, fresh and original piece of art is something many people want. Like combining various elements of your knowledge to a stunning Creation.
Also showing off my updated logo, lol!
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great stuff man
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Looks great imo. It would be teh secks if it was a giant wall-piece.
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looks pretty hot man,for sure
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Cool texture using, i love it
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I'm diggin the new logo! dude, it's been like 24 hours
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Looking hot man, love the details here.
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this piece looks really flat
or is it just me?

colours could be done a tad more vibrant but other than that its okay :)
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I think that from work "2012" and on you're finally found your way.
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pretty cool man.

btw send me that collab psd ;)
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I want to but the upload hosts are so shitty, megaslow. grr
You will get it asap.
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