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Wow, it's amazing how much traffic goes around here, no DD to confirm how this happened, but I'm thankful for all comments, favorites and such! :)

edit2: Featured on deviantART's very own tumblr and dA_digital Twitter! WOW, thank you so much!

For more news, follow me here:
All new website, all new work, updated sections!

Spread the word! Cheers!
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Didn't think a look like this would be applied to such a year
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Was featured there maybe thats where all the traffic came from?
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Good try, but this work was uploaded on the 27th, traffic came between that and the 28th of June, article is from the 5th of July ;)
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most of the cooments are the same! :D WE ALL WERE BORN IN THIS BEAUTIFUL YEAR! X3
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The year I spent as an embryo. I don't remember much. :(
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The best year of the 90s. ;D Beautiful use of colours, by the way.
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Wow, just wow!
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I was in 1991 But still the 90s is where I actually live till all the bullshit from our government took it all the fun away.
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this is amazing! and fresh!
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You make me proud to be born that year. Very nicely done! :D
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That swirly color effect is awesome, any chance of revealing how you created it? :)
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Using handdrawn elements, gradients and playing with it.
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Thanks for the response, you're probably getting bombarded. It's a really cool effect, and the fact that it's essentially done by hand is even cooler.
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Ah well, it's a bit overwhelming but it's still easy to keep track of actual questions and stuff! :) Thanks! ;)
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Amazing piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Amour de Typographie at
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you see? getting more traffic than any other dd hahahaha, who is the boss here amigo?
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I give up, hahaha. BOSS
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