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Well, I'm forced to rescinded my prior complaint. As I just found out Deviantart corrected it's mistake and reinstated my conversation piece regarding Rule 34.
Guess I don't have anything to be upset about now. :shrug:
DEVIANTART IS GOING TOO DAMN FAR!! It's one thing when they remove lewd art that questionably does skate the line between tasteful and profane, but when they start removing art pieces posted for education and mature discussion, that's when it becomes clear who's pocket they're in! I awoke this morning to find that my discussion piece, "Rule 34: Perversion of the Sexual Mind" had been removed for supposedly violating DA's bias and nebulously-enforced guidelines!

...But I think we can guess the REAL reason why it was taken down! :censored:
As of today, I've decided to create a new brand name to represent my OC series as well as the overall bulk of my original work, and that brand name shall be...T5 Comix!

Constructive criticism is greatly encouraged.
I always operate under the assumption that the worst may come to pass and I may not have the liberty to hold out on releasing my work until a designated time; hence the reason why I upload parts of my unfinished books and scripts in the event I (for whatever reason) are unable to complete them. That way at least part of the story is told and perhaps some intuitive creative mind can come after me and complete my work in the spirit that I began it. So with that in mind, I upload this journal detailing a general timeline/schedule that my collection of books/movies and series are to follow.

Core Series
1) The Toon 5some Adventures- collection of cartoon shorts and half-hour episodes depicting the madcap random misadventures of the Toon 5some.

2) Legacy of the Caped Revenger- comical action-adventure series showcasing my outrageous exploits as my superhero persona, The Caped Revenger.

3) The Mad Mysteries of Sherlock Homely- a loose comedic parody of the Sherlock Holmes novels and fandom featuring Pyro as a Sherlock Holmes-wannabe-detective solving bizarre and screwball crimes with the aid of his assistant, Dr. Jackson.

4) Treasure Pirates- The Toon 5some embark on an epic odyssey-style voyage across the nine seas and through the depths of outer space racing against a ruthless band of ghost pirates and a monstrous cutthroat crew of space aliens in search of the Treasure of All Worlds.

5) Pyro and Jamal's Magical Adventures- Pyro finally agrees to take Jamal under his wing as his apprentice and train him in the art of sorcery. There's not too much difference from "The Toon 5some Adventures" except for a heavier focus on magic and mysticism, certain non-magical characters make fewer appearances, and less of the stories take place in Goonsburg. Also since this is to be the last series in the saga it wraps up a lot of loose ends by resolving a lot of longstanding conflicts.

1) The Mystery of Magma Mountain- The Toon 5some inadvertently travel to another dimension where they discover Pyro's long-lost family, and Jamal comes face to face with his own evil incarnate, Malanchton (a.k.a Malice).

2) Love of the Stone- Malice is released from his prison by evil sorcerers and the Toon 5some must travel around the world to find and collect the mystic Gemstones of Light which when merged together will create the almighty Toon Stone, a phantasmal gem of supreme power, but Malice is also seeking the stones so that he may corrupt the Toon Stone and create the Hate Diamond. It's a race against time and a classic clash between good and evil. This story also introduces Jamal's love interest, Adilia.

3) Southside Family- Whiskers receives a troubling letter from his ex-girlfriend, Maria El Gato, telling him that his firstborn son has been killed by a vicious gang of alleycats called the Death Claws, and now his only remaining son is in danger of the same fate. In response, Whiskers returns to his old stomping grounds to save his rebellious teenage son, and along for the ride, is Ma-Caw who secretly follows him. Can Whiskers stop the Death Claws and protect his estranged son who hates him for walking out before he was born?

4) Prince of the Cobras- One of the Toon 5some's crazed misadventures lands them smack in the middle of the Indian Jungle where they meet Jake's estranged family; in particular his judgmental disapproving father, Suresh, king of all the cobras in India. Jake is thrown back into the family strife he ran away from while simultaneously rekindling old flames from his youth, but more trouble brews in the form of an evil jealous cobra named Visha and a blood-thirsty mongoose called Shetan.

5) Wild Brothers- A terrible blizzard causes Whiskers to become separated from his friends while traveling over the Tundra. As he tries to find his way back he meets and befriends a young wolf named Takoda, and then helps him to save his pack from a greedy oil tycoon who wants to destroy their home drilling for oil.

6) Friends of the Heart- Splight captures all of Jamal's friends to use their hearts as part of a demonic ritual, prompting Jamal to learn to master the power of the Gemstones of Light in order to fight back and rescue them.

7) A Boy Named Jamal- The prequel book/film revealing Jamal's origin story and how he came to meet his extraordinary friends. It is also the story of their very first adventure together.

These are just vague summaries of the most major stories and series throughout the saga and the general timeline of which they are to occur. Again, I submit this here mostly for archival and preparational purposes. More info is to come and is available to those who ask. Remember that you can also visit my new Facebook page, find me on Newgrounds, and support my work on Patreon; if you're willing and able. That's all for now, but stay tuned for new developments.…

!!!NOTE!!! This schedule is subject to change pending sporadic creative inspiration.


Sucinootrac Airogamsatnahp
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
"When Thought mates with Passion, Art is born."

I was born on the wrong side of the drawing board...been trying to get back on the right side ever since.

I write and create an original comic/cartoon series called "The Toon 5some". It is a screwball eccentric series about five misfit characters in a cartoonish fantasy world called Oneiroia where surreality and wonder runs rampant. The series is done in a style reminiscent of the classic Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons of the Golden Age of Animation, and blends wacky slapstick humor with non-stop action/adventure fun and more surreal colorfully unique characters than you can shake a stick at.

Current Residence: The State of Insanity
Favourite genre of music: Cartoon
Favourite style of art: Anything animated
Shell of choice: Any you can hear the ocean through
Skin of choice: The skin I was born with
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to say in less than a year
Personal Quote: Believe, believe and you shall see, that what you believe is how it shall be


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So many creative ideas stuck in my head and never enough time or FUNDING to get them all out.

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