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big juicy lips by NSFWworks
Mature content
big juicy lips :iconnsfwworks:NSFWworks 6 36
My Absence
I wanna say sorry for my absence the last 2 days. I've been very sick and busy with non DA projects. I really wanna get to making more stuff cause I don't want you guys to wait too long, but I'm in a very large amount of RP's at the moment so I don't wanna start anything new for a while.
Also I might be absent for the next few days with occasional appearances. I need to focus on getting better for right now. 
:iconkisekaemaniac:KisekaeManiac 2 14
Sarah /request/ by LexiDivix Sarah /request/ :iconlexidivix:LexiDivix 3 2 Blake Pinup by zephros542
Mature content
Blake Pinup :iconzephros542:zephros542 12 3
Candy SweetDoll II by world-of-damia
Mature content
Candy SweetDoll II :iconworld-of-damia:world-of-damia 17 10
Hellooo!! Fisrt edition of the Crossover Contest was a success, so maybe is time for a second one!!!
First of all, you have to choose one of the next girls!!
     Damia (me)
    Candy SweetDoll (also me, hehe)
   Sinister sisters (yes, two for the price of one)
   Claire Fireland 
-after choosing between the last girls, choose one of your oc or your favourite anime character.
-write in the comments "I'm in" and describe a scene that you want to watch between your oc/anine character and the girl chosen. If you prefer you can send me a note describing the scene, but you have to write "I'm in" in the comments.
-you have to be my watcher for participating!!!!
-no vore, gore, racism, minors involv
:iconworld-of-damia:world-of-damia 1 10
Devil Within by WaterFox-Studios Devil Within :iconwaterfox-studios:WaterFox-Studios 43 13 .:Request:. Swag Gal Squad [Part 1] by GirlMoonDevil .:Request:. Swag Gal Squad [Part 1] :icongirlmoondevil:GirlMoonDevil 15 8 [DMC5] V and Griffon by PrinceOfRedroses [DMC5] V and Griffon :iconprinceofredroses:PrinceOfRedroses 78 1 Messing around in Gmod, again lol by IllyaUmaru Messing around in Gmod, again lol :iconillyaumaru:IllyaUmaru 14 19 this close by SHSLselfloathing this close :iconshslselfloathing:SHSLselfloathing 30 12 Chigo Namiko by SHSLselfloathing Chigo Namiko :iconshslselfloathing:SHSLselfloathing 57 10 Attention! Fraudster! Greg Tupac! Please READ! by Prywinko Attention! Fraudster! Greg Tupac! Please READ! :iconprywinko:Prywinko 168 187 The Best Pokemon-Yamper Gijinka by SHSLselfloathing The Best Pokemon-Yamper Gijinka :iconshslselfloathing:SHSLselfloathing 33 31 :~ Sparkly Comeback! {Idol-Pikachu Gijinka} ~: by SakuraRoseLily :~ Sparkly Comeback! {Idol-Pikachu Gijinka} ~: :iconsakuraroselily:SakuraRoseLily 51 13 You make me mad by Furipa93 You make me mad :iconfuripa93:Furipa93 31 11
awesome sauce stuff



Journal History



well looks like I pissed off Monica rial and her cage husband.

embedded_item1563159428114 by theunholyborn
*audible noise of annoyance*

another days work.
Kiddya has two jobs, bounty Hunter/bodyguard and giggalo.

Or male courtesan.

He's good at both jobs.

Full version on my Twitter but I can't link it so adults! note me for a link to my Twitter.

this hopelessness.


your callousness




I see through disguise and all your lies..

Part of me wants to draw those nsfw of the random generated girls..but another part wants to draw the defiant doing this meme.

embedded_item1563117544998 by theunholyborn
The sketch and this are on my Twitter.

embedded_item1563105073957 by theunholyborn
Fuckin hell mate.
Attention! Fraudster! Greg Tupac! Please READ!

Friends, I want to warn you about fraudster, who orders the Gore Commission, and can request a refund on PayPal. His name Greg Tupac :iconcsar160:

This man did refund some artists who painted for him the commission. When artists began to write to him about the refund and the solution of this problem, then Greg has published a post that he (Greg) committed suicide. Of course the money was not returned to the artists.
Csar160 0 by Prywinko
Prior to this, the customer was seen in a lie, that he had an accident and he asked for a delay of payment. This is the story he told several people at different times. What an unlucky man! So often it gets into an accident!Greg wrote to me in January or February that he had a car accident and can not pay. Unfortunately correspondence has not been preserved.Then he deleted the account  Greg1-10 without paying a commission, which I started to draw.Then he wrote to the artist :iconsweetprank: about the accident a few months later with another account.
CSAR160 sweetprank by Prywinko
CSAR160 is the second known me an account on Deviantart. Prior to that, he used the nickname Greg1-10.
He even called himself the a female name - Scarlett.
CSAR160 prywinko note by Prywinko
Already in another message, he writes that he has already ordered me a commission under the name Greg1-10.
CSAR160 prywinko note2 by Prywinko
Later he writes that his  PayPal account was hacked and the attacker to request a refund of some artists. It is very strange!
And after some time message appears about suicide.
Csar160 3 by Prywinko
He lied to several artists and rigged suicide. And now..He is risen!..He writes to me on Facebook about the new commission!
CSAR160 fb by Prywinko

Please be careful! Warn your friends! Affected artists and the money was not returned to them!

P.S. Sorry for my english.
kijo.(let it die fanart.)
Let it die is owned by gunho and grasshopper games, I just made up a little oc out of one of my fighters.

I took advice from a friend dumdodoor to try and not use black lines...eghn I'll stick to my original style.. I'll probably do another one that's my own interpretation of kijo and her as more than just a fighter.
Not happy about this one but it's been 3 days if a slump..Soo better than nothing.

Please speak out against someone if you feel as if you're being manipulated, attacked, ganged up on, emotionally/verbally or even physically abused, etc. By your family, friends, peers, or whoever 

Never let anyone have any form of control over your mental/physical/emotional wellbeing bc that's not okay. It doesnt matter if its online, in person, or just anything! Dont live in fear of someone and never feel as of you're not strong enough to speak up because holy shit no one needs to go through that ever
Is it that deep?
Hint at the next picture.

"Shadow and darkness are two different requires light to be cast....the other is born inside"

"He's been babaling on about this.. volkram? Who is this guy anyway? either way if you got the defiant randomly screaming out your name as he tears some bald guy in half..I'd run"

"He's a walking tease... everything even war and life or death duels are nothing but childish games for him..."
disagreement.(art trade)
Merka and Resham are owned by YurixTheWanderer.

So I got frustrated with Ibis as it and poser suddenly crashed several bloody times, I kinda took a more comedic anime esqe picture idea I got from the series Naruto, with anger marks, annoyance storms and I gave them sort of a similar expression except Resham is more smug and merka is more so scolding toriel from Undertale mom look.

Hope you like it.
It's 6:00 am I am honestly not sure why I'm awake, i want to make this brief but that would be a mistake, rhymes not intended.

"It's a scary,dark,sad, Cruel world, everything can end in an instant, mortality is unavoidable and death is a certainty"

I have depression, I don't like being alive, I don't want to try to live, I it's numb, gloomy and hollow, fueled and filled with momentary pleasures and temporary smiles that come with my perverted nature, I honestly don't know how or why it happened or how to get help or seek assistance.. because I don't think there is any.

Usually the gothic and emo melan loving kiddos like me are loving of the dark and grim... but even that feels wrong.. I can't go to friends, family, loved ones.. they don't believe me, friends online or even people I thought could call it whiny or fake or say not our problem...... it's just... disheartening..but the worst thing is it's not even my depression that is the source of it.

It's others.

What happened to etika.
What happened to Chester.
What happened to Robin Williams.

What happens to everyone else.

The people who had it all, love, support, friends, family, fans,followers, people that cared for them, people who constantly thanked them, people they helped and people who remembered them... even after they left us.

If people that had all that still went out the way they did, still committed suicide, still couldn't take it.... what are we supposed to do?

I don't have any of that.....

What am I supposed to do?

Who do I go to?

If they couldn't handle it.. what chance do I have?

I'm tired...


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i'm alot of things.....


a lutheran/luciferist

a otaku


a jiu jitsu fighting in training


a really perverted guy

a author

a creepypasta lover

a sucker for love stories

a guy in his late teens who plays roblox and goes tricker treating

a scorpio

and a guy who simply doesn't care about those who will give him negative feedback or talk BS or try to start something with him or his friends just be sure you're ready to get dealt with when the demon bares his teeth



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