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Matte painting 6

I used a base pic of Dubai, wich already looks like a "for real" futuristic matte painting......

Horrible place but still very inspiring
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Oct 19, 2008, 5:54:48 PM
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Nice piece...but why is it horrible?
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Those buildings known as Emirates Towers Dubai, and located on the Sheikh Zayed Road.
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those buildings called Emirates Towers Dubai.
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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you for admitting what a horrible place Dubai is.
I've lived here for 5 years and never understand how people take a vacation here and gush about how amazing it is.

I sometimes think I'm in a parallel universe - Where I see borderline slavery in a dusty, dirty, sh*t-hole. Whist everyone else sees glitz and glamour.
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Very cool, insane amount of detail!
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This has been featured in my new group here [link]
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The giant moon is a cool touch.
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OH MY, this kicks-ass !! I love the details and the whole composition is fabulous !!
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This has been featured [link]
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Wow, that is amazing!
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This is great, but why are so many matte paintings futuristic like this?
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Simple,because futuristic stuff is exciting awesome to do!

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lol. I think an underwater landscape or a waterfall is much nicer, but i guess that's where it comes down to personal opinions XD
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that is amazeing
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"Horrible place but still very inspiring" ??? You mean Dubai is a horrible place? Je pense pas, c'est une ville des melanges, j'y vivais 5 ans et c'etait super, alors...
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What I meant by "horrible place" is that, like Los Angeles, Dubai is completely artificial.
It defies nature and its surroundings, no one can live in the middle of the desert without manipulating the natural ressources,terrain topology etc....
These places aren't really meant to be. But I heard it was an amazing cutural mixup and I'd love to go there.
I'm sorry if I offended you in any way
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It doesn't defy nature. Nomads travel the desert and live off of it and have doen for thousands of years. That's why there were people there to build a city in the first place. Granted, you couldn't build such a large city without proper infrstructure and ressources, but what place DOESNT use those - there's practically nowhere on earth that is 100% self sufficient.
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Nowhere on earth is self sufficient, I totally agree. And the nomads did travel the desert for centuries by using its ressources.
But the nomads did not build giant fountains, artificial ski ramps or kilometer high air-conditionned buildings.
Its just feels a little absurd having a semi tropical paradise in on of the hottest deserts on earth.
But as I said, I'd love to ge there, its about to become one of the most modern and economically influencial country.
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By the way, I love the picture! : )
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