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Chasing Sunshine Chapter 4
Whispers laid in bed, alone in her room. All of the doctors had cleared out to give her time to rest, but she simply couldn't. Her mind couldn't get off Ultra. She felt awful, knowing that she caused Ultra such pain. She no longer felt as much pain from her own bruises, only the aching pain that she had caused him pain.
She sat up, wincing from the pain, and looked at the button to call the nurse. She reached over tentitively, her hoof hovering over it. She bit her lip, pressed it, and waited.
A nurse entered the room shortly after. "What can I do for you, Miss Whispers?" she asked with a smile.
She jumped a little. "Uhm...I...uhm...I was...uh...I was...was wondering...if...if..." She stammered and stuttered uncontrollably. She watched as the nurse stood in the doorway, waiting patiently. She swallowed, making a gulping noise. She just wanted to see Ultra, talk to him now that she was calmed down. "Some...water...maybe..."
"Certainly. Be back in a moment." the nurse said, exiting room.
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Chasing Sunshine Chapter 3
Whispers slowly began to regain consciousness. She had been fading in and out for a good while now, as foreign sounds ran through her mind. However, this time, she finally seemed to be coming around, and light poured into her retina as shapes and objects began to form.
And, eventually, Whispers realized she was in a comfortable hospital bed.
Just as she awoke, a doctor wearing a name tag which read "Nurse Redheart" came to her side. "Aaaah, Miss Whispers. Glad to see you're awake."
" I?" Whispers asked, still in a bit of a stupor and in quite a state of terror.
"You're in Ponyville General, dear. Seems you were roughed up quite a bit, Celestia knows why, but at least we got you here in time." Nurse Redheart replied.
Memories flooded Whispers's head of the brutal attack the night before. She tried to move, but stopped when she felt a sharp pain run through her entire body. "Oh, I would suggest not doing that. You're still in pretty bad shape. If it wasn't for your friend, I'm
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Chasing Sunshine Chapter 2
"Why, helloooooooo missy." The large pony sneered at Whispers as she trembled under the gryphon's grasp. "Claws. Take her bits." The gryphon named Claws stepped forward and yanked on bag around her neck. Whispers struggled against the gryphon's powerful tug, grabbing trying to grab the bag from him.
"N-No!" she yelled at the gryphon, who was laughing at her efforts. Frantically, she scanned the alley for weapons she could use against her attackers, and her eyes locked onto the mug of hot cocoa laying in the snow, the cocoa safely preserved inside the cup.
On instinct, she grasped the mug with her magic and, in one swift motion, flung the hot cocoa from the mug in into the faces of the pony and the other gryphon.
The two cried out, causing Claws to spin around. Acting quickly and on impulse, she shattered the empty mug against his skull, knocking him to the ground.
Whispers immediately turned to run, but was tripped by the other gryphon. She hit hard, her nose impacting with the hard gr
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Chasing Sunshine Chapter 1
"So, wait, y'all are sayin' yah've NEVER been to the Winter Solstice?"
"Nope. Never really saw the point."
Ultra, Applejack, Joystick, and Applebloom were on their way to the Winter Soltice Festival in the town square. In all his years that he had spent living in Ponyville, he had only ever watched the other residents participate in the games and events, and it was very nice to be able to go with friends.
The company was all bundled up for the cold, as it was more chilly than usual, seeing as the sun was already setting. Ultra was never a fan of winter. He much preferred the summer. But, Joystick seemed to enjoy it, so he had to at least pretend to. Applejack and Ultra kept chatting while Joy and Apple Bloom chased each other around playfully.
"Well," Applejack said, "Y'all're in fer a good time! Lots of games and events, and even a visit from Princess Luna herself!"
"Sounds like a great time!" Ultra replied as they entered the town square, where there were indeed many events set up. A
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Surprise Cuddle Tiems by THEUltraCombo Surprise Cuddle Tiems :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 7 3
Ultra Combo - Brother, Gamer, Pony Chapter 9
The gate to Sweet Apple Acres swung open and Ultra and Applejack bolted through and into the farm. Ultra immediately began scanning the farm, searching for his sister. Nothing appeared to be any different than how they left it a few hours ago. "Well," Ultra said in between breaths, "at least they didn't destroy anything."
"Very true, but that don't mean they haven't been gettin' inta anythin'."
"Also true." Ultra went back to searching around the farm.
Applejack began checking around the multiple barns on the farm. Eventually, she checked around the side of the barn closest to the farmhouse and spotted the two little fillies playing with some chickens. "Hey, Ultra! Ah found 'em! No need ta fret!" Ultra heard her and quickly rejoined her.
Joystick and Applebloom turned and looked at her when she called to Ultra, bright smiles on their faces. "Hey, Applejack!" said Joystick in a cheery tone.
"Hey, you two!" Applejack replied, approaching the two, "So, what've y'all been up to since we le
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Ultra Combo - Brother, Gamer, Pony Chapter 8
Ultra had never actually had anypony other than his sister and occansionally Derpy come into his house ever, so inviting AJ in was a bit of a change for him. As they entered, he quickly remembered WHY he didn't invite people in here: It was ground zero. It looked as if a small bomb went off in the house, with tools, planks, cables and wire strewn about. The only part of the house that was even slightly presentable was the living room. In the plain, white living room was two couches, a coffee table, and a LCD television which had many different devices hooked up to it.
Ultra trotted over to the couch as AJ scanned the house, looking at all the clutter. "Well, it's a might messy, but y'all look like yer makin' pretty good progress!"
Ultra nodded, looking at the mess himself. "Wanna take a seat?"
Applejack smiled an walked over to the couch, slowly sitting down. She was still rather tired from her race against Ultra, and she DID realize that she needed some time to rest her aching muscles
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Mona Chrome Version 1.1 by THEUltraCombo Mona Chrome Version 1.1 :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 0 0 Chaos Ultra by THEUltraCombo Chaos Ultra :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 1 1
Ultra Combo - Brother, Gamer, Pony Chapter 7
Ultra was speeding towards Sweet Apple Acres, where both Applejack and Joystick were waiting for him. As it turns out, lugging a heavy crate containing many building supplies several blocks with only the help of one other pony took much longer than he thought, and he had fallen way behind the deadline of when he said he would meet AJ and Joy at the farm.
Using his wings to gain extra speed, he bolted over the hill and through the gate. He stopped and looked around, scanning the farm for the cowpony and sister.
"Hey!" he called out, panting furiously, "AJ!....Joy!.....Are....Are you here?!"
"Ultra!" responded a little voice behind him. He turned around and saw both Joy laying down on the grass waving, AJ beside her with her hat tipped over her big, green eyes slighty. Ultra returned the wave and began to walk over to the them.
"I...made it!" he gasped before finally getting his breathing rate back to normal. "Sorry to keep you two waiting." He look
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Joystick (Flower Filly) by THEUltraCombo Joystick (Flower Filly) :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 0 0 Ultra Combo (Kinkie's Best Colt) by THEUltraCombo Ultra Combo (Kinkie's Best Colt) :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 0 0
Ultra Combo - Brother, Gamer, Pony Chapter 6
That's the only word you could use to describe Ultra's family over the days following his mother's disappearance. Ultra had never felt like this before. The sheer weight of the situation was enough to completely break him down. For the following week, he didn't sleep, he didn't eat, he didn't even speak to anypony. All he did was work and help the search team any way he could.
At day seven, Ultra was getting ready to leave to help the team, when his father, Steel, stopped him in the doorway. He had kept his distance from Ultra, thinking that he needed his space to calm down, but it was becoming apparent that wasn't going to do. "Ultra...we need to talk about this."
"No. No we don't." Ultra tried to move around him, but his father was rather large, and stopping Ultra wasn't trouble for him. Ultra groaned and backed up into his room.
"Ultra, the team has been called off. Its been a week." Ultra's face twisted with a hybrid of anger and surprise.
"Official regulatio
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Ultra Combo - Brother, Gamer, Pony Chapter 5
"" Joystick moaned.
"What?" remarked Ultra, raising an eyebrow, "How are you STILL hungry? You had plenty to eat already!"
The two siblings were making their way to Sweet Apple Acres, just as Ultra promised last night, and Joy had been eating like a maniac for the past few hours, trying to satisfy a powerful hunger.
"It was a VERY long train ride. And I didn't have THAT much to eat today."
"Oh, really?" Ultra said with a smirk, "Well, lets go down the list. You ate the eggs and toast I made you this morning, THEN
we went down to Sugarcube Corner where you ate FIVE muffins-by the way, you're lucky Pinkie gave us those on the house. THEN..."
"Okay, okay. Maybe I've been eating a little more than usual. But, I'm still really hungry! I can't help that!" Joystick got all pouty, and Ultra laughed. She always thought she looked cute when she did that.
Finally, the two arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. The orchard was even more beautiful than Ultra remembered, stretching ou
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Pensy and Noell are BFFs by THEUltraCombo Pensy and Noell are BFFs :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 2 3 Diamond Edge by THEUltraCombo Diamond Edge :icontheultracombo:THEUltraCombo 0 1


Comic: The Birth Page 22 by MLP-Black-Knight
Mature content
Comic: The Birth Page 22 :iconmlp-black-knight:MLP-Black-Knight 6 2
fire ant changeling queen adopt for 19 points. by allysasackett fire ant changeling queen adopt for 19 points. :iconallysasackett:allysasackett 6 33 Sleepy Fluttershy by LittleLace Sleepy Fluttershy :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 98 3 Chairs by projectTiGER Chairs :iconprojecttiger:projectTiGER 3,254 326 QUEEN OF QUEENS OF QUEENS OF QUEENS OF EQUESTRIA by PixelatedV QUEEN OF QUEENS OF QUEENS OF QUEENS OF EQUESTRIA :iconpixelatedv:PixelatedV 72 38 ::Atta Girl:: by LittleLace ::Atta Girl:: :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 12 11 Explore ponyville by Drud14 Explore ponyville :icondrud14:Drud14 4,704 3,608 ::Mad Sire:: by LittleLace ::Mad Sire:: :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 214 43 Do You Know How Much I Love You? by LittleLace Do You Know How Much I Love You? :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 15 4 Wing Cuddles is Best Cuddles by LittleLace Wing Cuddles is Best Cuddles :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 18 9 Sbff by fyre-flye Sbff :iconfyre-flye:fyre-flye 7,034 800 Fluttershy's Milkshake by TomDanTheRock Fluttershy's Milkshake :icontomdantherock:TomDanTheRock 3,800 590 UltraCombo Reference by LittleLace UltraCombo Reference :iconlittlelace:LittleLace 8 5 Vanellope Von Schweetz -- You're My Hero by Lisa-Lou-Who Vanellope Von Schweetz -- You're My Hero :iconlisa-lou-who:Lisa-Lou-Who 1,898 171



So, I was just painstakingly cleaning my pigstye of a room when a found something wedged between my copies of Reservior Dogs and Rocky: An empty envelope.

Not any envelope. And envelope with a Toy Story stamp on it. And the return address led to a Mr Low-Ryder. I remembered instantly what was in this envelope when I got it: My old Brony Network button. That button still sits on my dresser today, and I would be wearing it if I wasn't scared that I would forget to take it off and run it through the wash. Again. :|

It made me think about how it used to be...hanging out on the stream...playing Pokemon and streaming it while you guys helped me makes me feel kinda nostalgic, even though it hasn't even been half a year since we last talked.

I wish classes and other personal things hadn't kept me from hanging out with you guys...finding this envelope reminded me that I will always have a special connection with anyone else who got these buttons. Guys, if you ever wanna do something, Skype me, note me, or if you can, text me and I'll pay the distance fee just so I can hear from you guys again.

Love you guys. :)

No homo.
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