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Gemsona #7: Red Calcite and Onyx by TheUltimateMagikarp Gemsona #7: Red Calcite and Onyx by TheUltimateMagikarp
Finally the first two not to associate with any side!lets jump on in!

Red Calcite Facts:
Gem Placement: Back of neck
Age:10,390 years
Height:5'11 (Or 1.8034 meters)
Weapon:Since she is in the same,if not slightly lower class, as Agates, she is given a whip.
Goes By:Cal, RC(Emerald)
Pronouns:She, Her
Personality:Red Calcite here tries her best to act like her Leading Officer Red Agate, as well as all other Agates, so when first appearing on Earth and in front of other gems, she still tends to be bossy.She does have her moments of timidness and likability, but she quickly stops that part of her when its brought up.

Onyx Facts:
Gem Placement:Lower Back
Age:12,540 years
Height:6'1( Or 1.8542 meters)
Weapon:Has the ability to create external limbs(typically hands)when in his coat, can float, and can generate bubble bombs that explode into gaps in time before instantly closing.This gives him very little time to shove opponents in, but because he is quick when floating, its easy to get there in time.
Goes By:Ony, Sir O
Pronouns:He, him
Personality:Onyx Acts as somewhat of the "Garnet"Of the group.He is very calm and collected,but can show emotions when genuinely feeling them. He doesn't like to walk much because he's floated so long that he has difficulty walking. This upsets him when he does actually walk, which rarely happens only when he's out of his coat.He originally was part of White Doamonds highest court until the mission placed them on earth. His group acted sort of like a Mob group, which he lead,causing him to grow a tough demeanor that can keep some people away at first, especially since he likes to start off his intro duction with "Sir O, whats your name?"
TheUltimateMagikarp Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is why you space when typing an O...CAUSE IT MAKES FACES!!!
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