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Gemsona #5: Watermelon Tourmaline and Jade by TheUltimateMagikarp Gemsona #5: Watermelon Tourmaline and Jade by TheUltimateMagikarp
Two widdle cuties...

Watermelon Facts:
Gem Placement: On Stomach
Age: 8,695 years old
Height: About 5'2 (or 1.5748 meters)
Weapon: Fancy cane with gems on it for extra punch
Goes By:Toury, Watermelon
Pronouns:He, him
Personality:Very snobby yet is actually kind and caring. He can seem a bit over dramatic at times but he can be very funny, quiet and polite.

Jade Facts:
Gem Placement: Lower back
Age:8, 140 years old
Height: Around 5'2 (Or 1.5748 meters)
Weapon: None at the moment. She hasn't tried summoning yet.
Goes By:Jade
Pronouns: She, her
Personality: Jade is very quiet and reserved, taught to act like a pearl but be regarded as ever so slightly higher, especially to W.T.She rarely speaks out and is the only one to not go on missions.

Watermelon had ruled over many pearls in his life. He looked at them as if they were no more than peasants and grew to get the same snobbiess as his pearls had. Then came Jade. Jade was fresh to him, didn't look like any pearl he'd seen,it intrigued him. Jade stayed quiet and became Watermelon's main personel. Eventually they were sent to Earth to check on the growing Cluster and stumbled upon Emerald and the others. After 3-4 fights Jade finally spoke "Stop!!" she screamed, covering her mouth after. Watermelon realized, for the first time, he wasn't the only one allowed to speak, others had rights and words to say too. They stopped and tried to calm Jade down because this had caused a slight panic attack to occur. After that both Jade and Watermelon began to talk, coming to the decision to never look back and stay there for however long they could. To this day they still talk, growing as gems and as runaways.
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October 18, 2017
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