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Gemsona #4 The Rainbow Brothers by TheUltimateMagikarp Gemsona #4 The Rainbow Brothers by TheUltimateMagikarp

Meet Ruby, Aquamarine, and Citrine. The three components of Pietersite that on occasion fight with another!

Ruby Facts:
Gem Placement: Right Palm.
Age: 4,809 years
Height: About 1'8 (or 0.54864 meters)
Weapon: Gauntlet that when not in use looks like a bracelet. This bracelet still has use as a communicator.
Goes By: Ruby, The Best Cube(Emerald, who he has the biggest crush on between him and his brothers), Ru-Ru(Citrine, which annoys him)
Pronouns: He, him
Personality: Like most Rubies, Ru-Ru can get angry and form major heat what annoyed, but unlike most he is secretly intelligent. He doesn't like showing that part though, especially in front of Emerald and his brothers. He also gets flustered by love, especially when its brought up over Emerald.Its one of the reasons Pietersite unfuses for no real reason, Emerald talks about love and other things that fluster him.

Aquamarine Facts:
Gem Placement:Left Hand
Age:4,910 years
Height: About 1'8 (or 0.54864 meters)
Weapon: Gauntlet that has the same power as his bowtie wand.
Goes By: Aqua, Mar-Mar, Smol Bean(himself)
Pronouns:He, Him
Personality: Aqua is very nice and somewhat naïve. He has the least amount of a crush on Emerald and actually looks to Peridot and Hematite, as well as Emerald as a big brother and sister. He likes to pull tricks when nothing else is going on or if he feels like moral is low.

Citrine Facts:
Gem Placement: Chest
Age:4,940 years
Height: About 2'7 (or 0.82296 meters)
Weapon: Chestplate that he likes to have on even with no danger around.
Goes By: City Citrine, Cit-Cit(pronounced like Sit-Sit)
Pronouns:He, him
Personality: He's very fashionable and is the eldest of the bunch. He's intelligent, calculated, and can be energetic. He likes to be in battles even with only a chestplate as his main weapon, but he studies new techniques whenever he can to improve and master.
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October 15, 2017
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