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Gemsona #1: Emerald by TheUltimateMagikarp Gemsona #1: Emerald by TheUltimateMagikarp
*Looks at it*

The feet are my biggest regret.
For my first time drawing my SU character in the actual SU style, its not all that bad.

This is Emerald, a fusion of A defect Peridot and a Hematite (I'll be drawing them two later)

Emerald Facts:
Gem placement: On shoulders
Age: 7,359 years old.
Height: Around 5'5 (Or 1.651 meters)
Weapon: Magic sticks that can form weapons on either end. This allows them to stick them together and create double sided weapons. They prefer a double Hammer.
Goes By: Emerald, Emster
Pronouns: Since Emerald is genderless, Emerald likes to use he, she and they.
Personality: Emerald is very quiet, shy and can get authorative at times, this is thanks to Hematite, but they are also really smart and funny, though they do tend to over explain things or go into really complex topics like its nothing.
Peridot and Hematite were two very different gems. Hematite was the same class as rubies but because she belonged to White Diamond, she had no action in the War. Instead, she ran the Rubies of White Diamond's Section. A few hundred years into the war Hematite and her ruby Guards were attacked by rebel Crystal Gems. She had Five rubies with her, and all were poofed in front of her. Hematite ran away from the rebels and ended up falling into an abandoned gem harvesting site. She was dazed and hopelessly lost with no way up back to her Diamond, that was, until she stumbled into Peridot. Peridot was much shorter than he was supposed to be. He was overcooked and only had popped out a short while after the site had crumbled. He jumped at the sight of Hematite, not ever seeing any gems personally. They both instantly connected with another and for the next 500 years they spent their time down there. One day they decided and successfully made it back up to the surface and latched onto a palanquin, which happened to be Blue Diamond's. They both watched as a simple ruby and sapphire fused together and were taken aback, so much so that Peridot lost his grip and fell. Hematite fell after him and caught him in her arms, both of them bracing for impact. This embrace caused them to glow brightly and fuse. tThey floated to safety, being fused for the first time and smiled. It felt great. It felt new. It felt right, but what were they actually? They didn't know and this thing most defenitly didn't. Then it hit them: Emerald.
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October 9, 2017
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