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Romantically Apocalyptic Mug Icon.

By TheTubich
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Yeah, so it was time for me to change my icon.
But since I dont have any time to animated anything complex (seriously my persona is a pain to come up in terms of a animated icon)
So here is the totally normal and not at all sus mug from :iconalexiuss: 's master webcomic RA: Romantically Apocalyptic!:
I am still on a RA kick, since I got the trade comic books in time for X-mass and I am still going trough them!

I dont know if I will stick with this until the end of the year, but for now, it will do :)
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Looks like you are sticking with this until the end of the year. I have jumped around different avatars this year, but in the end, I went back to my ahegao avatar. I missed a couple years from you guys, so I should continue from where I left off.

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Ahageo Butts is the 9 out 10 of Butts :dummy:

And yeah you missed a bunch... we missed you QwQ

And yeah, this year has been a real heavy one, especially in my personal life. And I just dont have a creative and will power to make a new one! So I guess until the end of the year, I am the Mug from RA comic :dummy:

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I get used to your specific avatar that you have as you have it. All I know is that you do PIXEL AVATARS. Which btw, your custom avatars you make yourself are NOT BAD either.

What jobs do you have now, and what personal issues have you been going through this year?

Ugh, whatever you are going to say, TELL ME ABOUT IT. I am not feeling that hunky dory. I feel like I need to make another official rant on my journal. BUT I MAY NOT EVEN HAVE TIME FOR IT. ABOUT THIS DOCTORATE I DESPISE! But I do not have time to write the journal much...BECAUSE OF THIS DOCTORATE I DESPISE!

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My main personal issue is that there is a lot of work, very little free time, and due to the pandemic, feeling pretty lonely due to isolation QwQ

Sorry about the doctorate :/

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Looks great!

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You are great!!! :la:
Thank you :huggle:
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I love how the heart explodes :D
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Thats based on the logo of the comic :la:
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Wonderful icon :D (Big Grin) 
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