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Kamala Harris 2020 by TheTrueDarkness Kamala Harris 2020 :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 2 0 Backstop by TheTrueDarkness Backstop :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 0 NeonCat by TheTrueDarkness NeonCat :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 2
My heart yearns for the touch
Bring me to life with your lips
As we serenade these memorial planes
Let this soul come back from the abyss
I fight to be unchained from this stagnation
Pour water down from the pools of wisdom
I will see the diamond gates open up
And bear witness to the golden kingdom
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 3 0
Nature In A Canvas
Gusts of wind sweep by the riverbanks,
causing ripples in the crystalline water.
Plants sprout from the ground
as fluorescent rays shine over the valley.
Colors, bright and bold, flash across the sky, a glimmer in the light.
A tree of green casts shade upon flowers of crimson pearl.
Animals of all kinds huddle over to the great redwood
and gather round as they patiently wait for their host to emerge.
Time keeps them occupied, further delaying the arrival.
Moments later a delicate figure appears at a certain distance
and slowly approaches the entourage at a walking pace.
Suddenly it stops midway, bending over to pick up a small red apple.
It then proceeds to wade through a sea of rainbow-colored flora
while resuming it’s leisurely stroll.
There are smiles on the faces of the animals, ones of joy and happiness,
at the sight of their old friend.
They look up to see a pleasant face beaming with much anticipation.
With everything in place,
Nature is content and floods the partially ba
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 0 0
Embrace The Cold
Birthed from the sky, a tempest of glacial rupture
Cascades of hoarfrost shall be his sepulcher
Trapped in the ravaging torrents of arctic flood
With blackened rime, forever locked in the blood
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 2 0
I’m sorry if I don’t have a proper gift for you
So I hope this poem will suffice
I know you are too young to read these words
Which may seem complicated for your eyes
This may come off to you as informal
And have no doubt that it is
But please do not think for one second
That all ignorance in the world is bliss
You might think that I am out of my mind
To present this as an endowment
But do let me tell you in no uncertain terms
I am writing this with a mind that is present
Playing with people like you is fun and all
A pain in the ass it may sometimes be
But regardless of how I truly feel
Recollections of you always stay in memory
I wrote this all in haste
To catch up with your birthday
To you I offer my condolences
If you think it’s bizarre that I am gay
When you grow up
Then you will understand
I decided to inform you
Of the truth beforehand
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 0 0
Allies: what are they to you?
You might be thinking that they are supports
That is true to a point
But not always in the way you think
Sometimes they are there in the midst of schemes
Not for you but for something else
Other times they are there because they need to be
It's kind of confusing when you think about it
With regards to that, what about friendships?
These are more like bonds between people
Signifying that a relationship being stronger than steel or something of the sort
Whether you are best friends with someone you've known for a while
Or if it's a lover from afar, perhaps even a relative nearby
It is the vitality of your connection that keeps you together
A spirit of faith in person that remains
Belying a symbol of trust held in between
It is what helps in assorted chapters of your life
This is the denotation of camaraderie
A gathered clash of vigor and dynamism
That enable ourselves to become complete
Not simply a limitation of one's capabilities
Unless of course you're st
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 0
I walk this road
A wolf at my side
A hawk at my shoulder
A snake winding just ahead of me
We arrive at a crossroads
There are 3 ways to go
They talk to me in whispers
Telling me to go in different directions
The wolf says left
Because there are spirits there
Who will tell me my destiny
A path in which I will have no choice but to follow
The hawk says right
So I may go home to forget about this whole thing
And that I may return and live an ordinary life
I stare at the snake
Waiting for it to speak
But it just goes on ahead
Suddenly it stops and looks back at me
It asks me what is my heart’s desire
I reply that I do not know
It asks me again what am I thinking
I am quiet because I am not sure
Then with it’s head held high
It commands me to make my life as I wish it
A third way opens in the middle
As it orders me to find a path that is my own
Then they all disappear
I stand alone in the desert
Now I ask myself a question
What will I do?
I am not sure anymore
But I know I must
:iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 0
Fire and Blood by TheTrueDarkness Fire and Blood :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 0 Negima: Hallow Holiday by TheTrueDarkness Negima: Hallow Holiday :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 4 0 Withering Colors by TheTrueDarkness Withering Colors :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 1 2 Kingdom Hearts: Trio of Darkness by TheTrueDarkness Kingdom Hearts: Trio of Darkness :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 4 2 Dirty Pink and Wrinkled Blue by TheTrueDarkness Dirty Pink and Wrinkled Blue :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 6 0 Lightly Bronzified by TheTrueDarkness Lightly Bronzified :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 4 2 Bloodbound Lovers by TheTrueDarkness Bloodbound Lovers :iconthetruedarkness:TheTrueDarkness 19 4
For those of you who don't know, I'm a really big fan of League of Legends.

My personal favorites include Aurelion Sol, Lissandra, Swain, Leblanc, Varus, Morgana, Veigar, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Camille, Jhin, Evelynn, Kled, Azir, Xerath, Ahri, Viktor, and Karma.

My first login screen was in mid 2015 was Omega Squadron Teemo while the first champion I ever purchased with IP was the Ice Witch herself.

I really do love this game alot, and while it might be overkill sometimes, I actually play in servers across a few regions:

* HagoromoGitsune - Oceania Server

* Freljord Server
* Demacia Server
* Bilgewater Server
* Ionia Server
* ShadowIsles Server
* shurima Server
* GuardianSea Server
* dragonsnest Server

* Ultimecia - philippine Server

And just because I felt like writing them down, the following identities below are a list of champions from newest to oldest. The deviants listened below just happen to share their names:

sylas the Unshackled

neeko the Curious Chameleon

Pyke the Bloodharbor Ripper

kaisa the Daughter of the Void

OrrN the Fire Below The Mountain

Kayn the Shadow Reaper

Xayah the Rebel

rakan the Charmer

camille the Steel Shadow

ivern the Green Father

kled the Cantankerous Cavalier

Taliyah the Stoneweaver

AurelionSol the Star Forger

Jhin the Virtuoso

Illaoi the Kraken Priestess

kindred the Eternal Hunters

TahmKench the River King

ekko the Boy Who Shattered Time

bard the Wandering Caretaker

RekSai the Void Burrower

Kalista the Spear of Vengeance

azir the Emperor of the Sands

gnar the Missing Link

Braum the Heart of the Freljord

Velkoz the Eye of the Void

Yasuo the Unforgiven

jinx the Loose Cannon

lucian the Purifier

Aatrox the Darkin Blade (and World-Ender/God-Killer)

Lissandra the Ice Witch (and true Queen of the Freljord)

zac the Secret Weapon

quinn the Wings of Demacia

thresh the Chain Warden

vi the Piltover Enforcer

nami the Tidecaller

zed the Master of Shadows

elise the Spider Queen

KhaZix the Void Reaver

syndra the Dark Sovereign

Rengar the Pridestalker

diana the Scorn of the Moon

Jayce the Defender of Tomorrow

draven the Glorious Executioner

darius the Hand of Noxus

varus the Arrow of Retribution

Hecarim the Shadow of War

lulu the Fae Sorceress

Fiora the Grand Duelist

nautilus the Titan of the Depths

ziggs the Hexplosives Expert

Sejuani the Fury of the North

viktor the Machine Herald

Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox

Volibear the Thunder's Roar

fizz the Tidal Trickster

Shyvana the Half-Dragon

graves the Outlaw

xerath the Magus Ascended

riven the Exile

talon the Blade's Shadow

skarner the Crystal Vanguard

wukong the Monkey King

Leona the Radiant Dawn

Yorick the Shepherd of Lost Souls

Orianna the Lady of Clockwork

vayne the Night Hunter

rumble the Mechanized Menace

brand the Burning Vengeance

leesin the Blind Monk

nocturne the Eternal Nightmare

jarvan the Exemplar of Demacia

maokai the Twisted Treant

karma the Enlightened One

Renekton the Butcher of the Sands

caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover

cassiopeia the Serpent's Embrace

trundle the Troll King

Irelia the Blade Dancer

Leblanc the Deceiver

lux the Lady of Luminosity

swain the Noxian Grand General

sona the Maven of the Strings

MissFortune the Bounty Hunter

urgot the Dreadnought

galio the Colossus

vladimir the Crimson Reaper

XinZhao the Seneschal of Demacia

Kogmaw the Mouth of the Void

olaf the Berserker

Malzahar the Prophet of the Void

aKali the Rogue Assassin

GAREN the Might of Demacia

Kennen the Heart of the Tempest

shen the Eye of Twilight

Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer

Mordekaiser the

pantheon the Artisan of War

Gragas the Rabble Rouser

poppy the Keeper of the Hammer

Udyr the Spirit Walker

nidalee the Bestial Huntress

shaco the Demon Jester

Heimerdinger the Revered Inventor

nasus the Curator of the Sands

Corki the Daring Bombardier

katarina the Sinister Blade

mundo the Madman of Zaun

Blitzcrank the Great Steam Golem

janna the Storm's Fury

Malphite the Shard of the Monolith

Taric the Shield of Valoran

Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge

Kassadin the Void Walker

veigar the Tiny Master of Evil

Rammus the Armordillo

anivia the Cryophoenix

Chogath the Terror of the Void

Amumu the Sad Mummy

Karthus the Deathsinger

Tryndamere the Barbarian King

twitch the Plague Rat

Evelynn the Agony's Embrace

zilean the Chronokeeper

singed the Mad Chemist

Warwick the Uncaged Wrath

twistedfate the Cardmaster

Tristana the Yordle Gunner

teemo the Swift Scout

sion the Undead Juggernaught

morgana the Fallen

fiddlesticks the Harbinger of Doom

jax the Grandmaster-at-Arms

Alistar the Minotaur

soraka the Starchild

sivir the Battle Mistress

ryze the Rune Mage

nunu the Yeti Rider

masteryi the Wuju Bladesman

kayle the Righteous

ashe the Frost Archer

annie the Dark Child


Program Lissandra by Pajaroespin Program Lissandra :iconpajaroespin:Pajaroespin 7 1 ragnarok:into the abyss fanart by carlajane ragnarok:into the abyss fanart :iconcarlajane:carlajane 40 41 Ragnarok: Into the Abyss by aldrichcrescent Ragnarok: Into the Abyss :iconaldrichcrescent:aldrichcrescent 4 0 Cory Booker and the US Capitol by 3randon9othizm Cory Booker and the US Capitol :icon3randon9othizm:3randon9othizm 2 0 Kamala Harris by TheArdentLord Kamala Harris :icontheardentlord:TheArdentLord 1 0 Elizabeth Warren - True Blue by Ali-Radicali Elizabeth Warren - True Blue :iconali-radicali:Ali-Radicali 9 38 Kirsten Gillibrand 'Progress' by wildbuddha Kirsten Gillibrand 'Progress' :iconwildbuddha:wildbuddha 3 6 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Vigilance' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Vigilance' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 43 5 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Poison' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Poison' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 22 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Suspicion' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Suspicion' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 40 3 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Trust' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Trust' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 30 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Chivalry' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Chivalry' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 25 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Wisdom' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Wisdom' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 26 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Love' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Love' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 28 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Roses' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Roses' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 35 0 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Dawn' by ReelLifeJaneway2 The Wicked Grace Project: 'Dawn' :iconreellifejaneway2:ReelLifeJaneway2 28 0
My favorite artist of all time:

Empress of Pop

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asongisborn (featuring keiko)
dreamon (featuring urata naoya)
always (Zutto...)



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My other accounts were created for the purpose of maintaining many other groups I managed in the past, and only recently have I begun to make use of them again.

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It has been about two months since I last touched up on this subject, and I can definitely say its been worth the wait now that there are a total of 16 major candidiates who've pretty much announced that they are running in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. As with the previous post, I'll be listing them below by linking a corresponding video and providing a single paragraph of my thoughts on each campaign. This time around, I've arranged them by last name (just to be fair) so that its easier to follow and read. Here we go!


01) CORY BOOKER from New Jersey

Cory Booker had one of the loudest, if not attention-grabbing, entrances into the race primarily due to its simplicty and ingenuity. The decision to launch his campaign on the first day of Black History Month is sure to tap into a powerful demographic of the party, and only time will tell whether he can muster enough strength from across the board to make it all the way to the finish line. In hindsight, Booker may not have the polls in his favor but the campaign is pretty high in energy sodefinitely quite a bit to look forward to.

02) PETE BUTTIGIEG from Indiana

One of the quieter, yet strategic, candidiates looking to play the long game for the 2020 race is Pete Buttigieg. His name might not have a lot of recognition, but he knows how to communicate issues in an effective way that all generations can not only understand but also comprehend and appreciate. In the long shot possibility that he does win, he would end up shattering several records such as the youngest president, first Millenial preseident, first Maltese-American president, first openly gay president, first president who is an Afghan War veteran, and first mayor to become president without having previously served as a Governor or a U.S. Senator.

03) JULIAN CASTRO from Texas

The former U.S. Secretary Housing and Urban Development under Barack Obama knows pretty well how to channel his old boss's charisma when it comes to speechmaking, but doesn't have much else to back it up. Julian Castro's approach to issues is as outdated the economic incrementalism being touted by the Democratic party's moderate wing.

04) JOHN DELANEY from Maryland

I honestly don't know why we have to talk about him but since he technically announced over 2 years ago, it seems only fair to give him a slot. His policies are about as exciting as Martin O'Malley's cute little 2016 candidacy, if you even remember who the latter was at all. Delaney's main advantage is that he knows how to get allies from more than one place, and thats about it.

05) TULSI GABBARD from Hawaii

Though I initially had my doubts (which were partially assuaged when she made that LGBT apology video) about her, Tulsi Gabbard has proven to be quite dilligent and dedicated in her focus on the issues. She is no stranger to controversy, and has been known to defy party protocol when it comes to her views on the abstract (yet still realistic) concepts that we know to be war and peace. As the only female congresswoman who is in the running, she's got quite the capitol hill to climb if she wants to win against some of her more senior Senate rivals.


When people say you have to "practice what you preach" at any time, the first thing Kirsten Gillibrand does with her official campaign launch is rephrase it as a question of encouragement and hope. Though initially one of the most conservative members in the House, her quick jump to the Senate enabled her to take huge rish that earned dividends for both her state and the party at large with progressive victories in issues concerning universal health care, redfining patriotism, empowering women, and fighting back sexual assault in the military. Though considered by the media as a low tier candidate in terms of polling data, she is not someone who will back down so easily.

07) KAMALA HARRIS from California

Kamala Harris is not the frontrunner, but her campaign packs alot more firepower than it actually lets on. Her focus on key issues (criminal justice, financial reform, marriage equality, health care, and urban development) enables her a level of support like almost no other candidate, not to mention that her home state is set to provide a lot of back up in the coming year. While she may not be the most experienced (in terms of years spent in public service) person in this race, she can certainly claim to have the widest breadth in terms of social outreach and demographic represenation. Harris's career spans a few decades of law enforcement that handily segueways into federal legislation, but always with a focus both on faith, family, freedom, and the flag:
  • U.S. Senator from California (2017 to present)
  • Attorney General of California (2011 to 2017)
  • District Attorney of San Fransico (2004 to 2011)
  • Chief of the Community and Neighborhood Division under the City Attorney of San Fransico (2000 to 2004)
  • Managing Attorney of the Career Criminal Unit under the District Attorney of San Francisco (1998 to 2000)
  • Deputy District Attorney of Alameda (1990 to 1998)

08) JOHN HICKENLOOPER from Colorado

Hickenlooper has a good fanbase, and given his track record in Colorado its safe to say that it is pretty well earned. However, the positions he's taken don't necessarily allow him to rise above the fray expect when attempting to share the progressive mantle with just about everybody else in this list is doing (or trying) the same thing. If Sanders weren't in the running then he might be getting more attention, but that just isn't the case.

09) JAY INSLEE from Washington

Inslee's biggest claim to fame in this field is that he's the climate change guy. While running as a single issue candidate does have its downsides, I don't think this takes anything away from him since he's been at the forefront of this issue throughout his career. While his ultimate fate in the race remains uncertain, other candidates will be hard pressed to match their records on environmental protection with that of his.

10) AMY KLOBUCHAR from Minnesota

Klobuchar's biggest strength is her sincerity on pretty much every issue you throw at her while her biggest weakness is that her method of answering questions involves an egregious ton of policy wonk. She would be the closest incarnation to 2008 Hillary Clinton in this 2020 race, given how she feels that being openly moderate on the issues is nothing to be ashamed of. Her presence on the field might not be as powerful as some of the other high profile names, but Klobuchar is at least proud of being pretty tough while also being incredibly boring.

11) WAYNE MESSAM from Florida

The newest contender in this the 2020 race is a lot like Pete Buttigieg, a small town mayor who worked hard to get where he is and hopes to use his executive platform as a launchpad into the White House. What differentiates Wayne Messam from the rest is his tenacity to enact a vision for America that takes a hard look at social and fiscal issues with respect to race and class. Time will tell whether his candidacy will take off like that of Buttigieg.

12) BETO O'ROURKE from Texas

Just to keep it simple, this guy is super popular because everyone says he's the "white Obama" who can draw huge crowds the former president did back in the day. O'Rourke's rhetoric is largely composed of progressive platitiudes that inspire action but his legislative record takes a drastic right-wing turn as evidenced by his super close relationship with the oil and gas industry. Still, his interpersonal relationships with the moderates of the party are nothing to laugh at given how much star power he has both with the mainstream media and with voters who haven't seen what the likes of Warren or Harris can do. O'Rourke's main strength lies in his ability to reach into that previously untapped wellspring of undecided voters that can erupt into a powerful force at the voting booth.

13) BERNIE SANDERS from Vermont

Everbody's favorite democratic socialist is back for a second chance to win the position on top brass. Bernie Sanders is certainly the most experienced candidate (not to mention oldest) in this year's crop, and as such has both the policy chops to virtually cut down almost every arguement that opponents could make while at the same time consistently uphold left-wing values through the decades without breaking a sweat. His career began in executive power before eventually pivoting into legislative overdrive, and has seen him rise above the crop to become a true champion of the people:

* U.S. Senator from Vermont (2007 to present)
* U.S. Represenative of Vermont's Lone District (1991 to 2007)
* Mayor of Burlington (1981 to 1989)

14) ELIZABETH WARREN from Massaschusetts

The most determined fighter in this entire election, Elizabeth Warren is no stranger to seemingly impossible David VS Goliath battles and yet somehow she always keeps pushing on. From waging Bankruptcy Wars against the biggest financial institutions to going after credit companies that cheat middle class homes of their money, she has not relented in her quest of true economic justice for everyone. Warren is the ultimate definition of a tried and true fair market capitalist who believes in the capability of a robust economy that is powered by competition and innovation.

15) MARIANNE WILLIAMSON from California

This poetic and well versed New Age novelist has decided to take her spritual approach to life and literature by running for president in an effort to take United States in a similar direction. Williamson's greatest asset is her ability to give social speeches a solid backing through a combination of historical analyses and economic references. I'd say she is the one candidate in this race who gets first place on running by preaching (better than Gillibrand or Sanders) and platitudes (as effectively as Harris or O'Rourke) for the general audience.

16) ANDREW YANG from New York

A similar problem to Delaney in that Yang announced way too early, but more than makes up for it with his smart plays on the political stage. Unlike most of the other candidiates, he's not afraid to verbally browse his business credentials as a means of winning votes. His idea for a Universal Basic Income is about the most solid thing you can expect from almost any candidate, but there's definitely more than meets the eye for this man, especially considering the positive coverage he's been getting as of late.


On a side note, I didn't include Joe Biden because while it seems like he's pretty much gonna run, there isn't anything official yet from staff members or official accounts. Same thing goes for the likes of Eric Swalwell, Stacey Abrams, Wayne Messam, John Bennet, among others. I chose these videos in particular because until we have a final list of everyone who is actually running and has made a formal announcement at a rally, my focus will be more on their digital presence. I can also confirm any suspicions you might have about my biases on certain candidates (just to be clear so that you know why I wrote all fo this) but nonetheless figured it would still be good to put them all together so that everyone can formulate their own opinion.

If you're interested in seeing the first post (focusing on Sanders, Warren, Harris, O'rourke, and Gillibrand) I made about the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, you can check it out here:
  My early thoughts on the 2020 U.S. Pres. electionsOkay, so just a bit of a refresher for those who don't know, I really like politics and news concerning election updates. Its okay if you don't, since researching about these kind of topics is really more a hobby of mine. From late 2013 (which was the year I first voted) until today, I never really thought about talking about it more seriously. Why would I though? Since candidates are traditionally people you only ever see on TV or the internet, it becomes 
Even though I'm not American myself, I've always found the United States to be a super interesting fun place for democracies to experiment with contents that let people decide their own leaders. Its that same desire to experiment that inspired the Philippines (if only in part) to evolve from its own paradigms. Democracy is a bit messy when done wrong. However, there are alot of good things to be had when done right.
Basically, I think that the following Democratic Party candidates will have the most likely chance

Until next time!


EDIT: I removed Andrew Gillum from the list after he announced that he wasn't running for president, but made it clear that he was going to focus on registering over 1 million new Flordians to vote at the polls in the hopes of beating Donald Trump in 2020.  I swapped him with Wayne Messam after the latter made his announcement official a few days ago.


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