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What was found by trial in the vastness of time
Was patience, as an enduring force,
Will break the spine of reason
Locking my joints and I'm silent but thinking
Epitaph written
The mourner moves from the stone
A long gaze writes more on the heart of the murderer
Locked inside, under the weight of the flood
My phantom hands ripping the perceived door above
Dreaming of releasing the minds that keep me here
The tear-stained eyes, often closed,
Witness to the termination of the vessel,
Starving for a vision, but no pain of thirst
For remembrance of a body
Seemingly lifted beyond
I dare say transcended
And a look down from above can reveal
A lonely dimension, a single vision
She is beautiful, indescribable
A mist of darkness shrouds her
Sleeping, unable to become aware
I am nothing, and that is everything
I see the tendril that connects us
An eye inseparable, isolated
The love, as we try to define,
Its meaning escapes us
The love, we find,
Is rare evidence of
Activity of the comatose
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Untitled 2
Never far, catatonic, drifting towards a center, circling
In the meantime, I can punish myself for the complacency I held
Bury the needle inside, I'm stitching the mortal wound
Embedding the sacred tumor, enshrining the statue of my desolation
Fear that sedates me, understanding that cripples me
A word, woven in an ethereal throat, coats the conscious
Lengthens the arms of time
Cradles me, takes me far from the divine
Dark ruiner, show your face
I'm not alone in your hate
I was neglected when my voice pealed for help
Silenced, I felt the warmth escape my blood
Perspective slides around and through, my sight encompasses all
I look far into the darkness
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intention, initiation
pouring rays of blackest glimmering
i am no longer afraid to interrupt the streams of conscious
i will fall back to the new
i see connection ahead the descent of color killing the horizon
every being now one rows of pillars that fall and crack
the sky is no more
one day near  to mutilate the contageous disease
we are not guides cannot tell the right sequencedo notrunrun thefalling  'sins frm a
skyythat wasnotth ere
will reeech understnaanidingjustc antttellwho issright and whois FALSE entirepopulation
has nnothing to
believe in
dreaming is futile now but dreams are like blood blood runs liek water thatfalls ffrom
the sky machines pollute and control
violentce vIOLENCE canbe supressd but blood cannot
blood now runs through our circuitry andwe feellike no othing because we are nothing
imagniation is black earth is gray ash is air water is blood
beings now circulate FEINDS fight and lose fight and win
entities are molded everything is as the same
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Look Up - Edit by thetrepidation Look Up - Edit :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 0 0 Path Down by thetrepidation Path Down :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 4 Marin by thetrepidation Marin :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 3 Sunset at Nafplion 2 by thetrepidation Sunset at Nafplion 2 :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 0 Sunset at Nafplion 1 by thetrepidation Sunset at Nafplion 1 :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 0 0 Moth by thetrepidation Moth :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 1 Flower View by thetrepidation Flower View :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 0
Persister -Flare-
If you think you're safe, you're vulnerable
Held close to Death's breast--not taken, but selected
And there is a burning so far inside
A lonely flame that they call heart
Shielded and still
Your body pulled into obsidian sky
Exiled from home
The tapestry of stars extinguished to leave you with
A black road
And still the flame inside persists but sheds no light
You wish the fire would die
To end the exile
And fall back to your world a better man
When Death takes your hand
Look back upon the dark road
And remember when your flame,
Desperate and repressed,
Rose up to save you
To turn your body into bone
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Flowing, dammed
I have seen the brown sky give birth to a fallen star.
The atmosphere speaks an old tongue of drear and deep echo.
One being.
Isolated, alone.
Stands heavily in front of a gray pine.
The sky is drifting, his only companion fading.
The others drape, without life or feeling.
The ground under my feet and between my eyes is wet, not hindering or welcoming. Everything inside says "Wait".
Seeing such a sky, it is hard to tell whether the day has turned to night, or it has always been reluctant for sunrise.
I must not follow the sky.
Torturous existence, though it has created so much pain, I must have it back.
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Goliath by thetrepidation Goliath :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 5 An Opus of Strides by thetrepidation An Opus of Strides :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 0
In the liquid night I hear the waves of peril
Their low drone is a whisper from the one I buried under time
I see her clearly, with my closed eyes I watch the angel
A fold of darkness is her carrier
Life is so silent
All but her whisper hanging in the air
She steals my breath away
Her eyes and her sightless stare
With wings spread like the petals of a dead flower
She's with me but still I'm alone
She's the knife against the rope thats so tight from the anchor
This burden is pulling me down
It must be a lapse in my vision
Black angel just letting me drown
I have every reason to die in this black ocean
I can't wish away what I etched into you
I broke your wings and burned your eyes
A terrible wound when I see her white hand
To seize my heart and sink her teeth into my flesh
Forgiveness is venom injected
This cruel vampire has been bitten
I see her clearly, the world around her fades away
She whispers just enough to keep me alive
In a gentle voice
She puts a bullet between my eyes
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Working Mommies?? 8 by thetrepidation Working Mommies?? 8 :iconthetrepidation:thetrepidation 1 0


A Perfect Circle CD Cover by lordjax A Perfect Circle CD Cover :iconlordjax:lordjax 348 96 Porcelain by MissRowean Porcelain :iconmissrowean:MissRowean 36 28 Scotland 2008 - 24 by XYukihikoX Scotland 2008 - 24 :iconxyukihikox:XYukihikoX 1 1 Eating Out by BlackRoomPhoto Eating Out :iconblackroomphoto:BlackRoomPhoto 5 2 burning like a bridge. by cobaine burning like a bridge. :iconcobaine:cobaine 5 15 das antigas... by risotohumano das antigas... :iconrisotohumano:risotohumano 3 1 Green by TheMetronomad Green :iconthemetronomad:TheMetronomad 4 3 Throne by BlackRoomPhoto Throne :iconblackroomphoto:BlackRoomPhoto 19 3 Nature's Monochrome by xofox Nature's Monochrome :iconxofox:xofox 11 1 the space between by SamanthaStarr the space between :iconsamanthastarr:SamanthaStarr 4 0 My Kingdom by niavaah My Kingdom :iconniavaah:niavaah 290 45 indio by felinocurioso37 indio :iconfelinocurioso37:felinocurioso37 442 143 Eye See You by MyPersonalGackt Eye See You :iconmypersonalgackt:MyPersonalGackt 1 4 Sky view by non-entity Sky view :iconnon-entity:non-entity 72 107 My Soul Bleeding Sand by Tansydeath My Soul Bleeding Sand :icontansydeath:Tansydeath 1 1



United States
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I made it back to Bloomington, back to the old grind.  My last year here.  Crazy.  I've got to think about jobs and interviews and all that nervous crap that goes along with it.  It should be an interesting year!
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  • Reading: Patrick Rothfuss - The Name of the Wind


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