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air Raft - circa 1986! by Sabakakrazny air Raft - circa 1986! :iconsabakakrazny:Sabakakrazny 42 11 Dusty Spaceport by biomass Dusty Spaceport :iconbiomass:biomass 25 20 Random Ispiration #6  (1-2-2-2) by NICELabs Random Ispiration #6 (1-2-2-2) :iconnicelabs:NICELabs 45 38 Dierah Ortho by ILJackson Dierah Ortho :iconiljackson:ILJackson 26 7 Destination: Unknown by ILJackson Destination: Unknown :iconiljackson:ILJackson 103 19 Tribute to Traveller by Colourbrand Tribute to Traveller :iconcolourbrand:Colourbrand 204 80 Inconspicious by EchoBullet Inconspicious :iconechobullet:EchoBullet 1 4 Insect by EchoBullet Insect :iconechobullet:EchoBullet 1 0 Shaman Psychedelic by EchoBullet Shaman Psychedelic :iconechobullet:EchoBullet 1 0 Primordial and clever by EchoBullet Primordial and clever :iconechobullet:EchoBullet 1 0 Death Droid by EchoBullet Death Droid :iconechobullet:EchoBullet 7 11 Vacc Suits by NICELabs Vacc Suits :iconnicelabs:NICELabs 132 17 Traveller Ruins by ChrisQuilliams Traveller Ruins :iconchrisquilliams:ChrisQuilliams 84 7 Hive Hack by raben-aas Hive Hack :iconraben-aas:raben-aas 19 10 Rhylanor by TheOneTrueVamp Rhylanor :icontheonetruevamp:TheOneTrueVamp 7 6 Mora by TheOneTrueVamp Mora :icontheonetruevamp:TheOneTrueVamp 8 2


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ctakahashi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2021
Thanks for the add!  Been running the new 5e and I do like some aspects of it.  Chargen is a little long, though
DoctorVeruct Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2021
I would like to  commission illustrations of quality and detail of both machinery and of people from written descriptions I would send to illustrators who can work from an exact script.

Could you please list online  physical mailing addresses of where to contact.
Wolfphantom11 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2021  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
If you don't mind me asking, does anyone know anything about the Traveller miniature wargame Striker?
Teskai Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2022
A bit late, but maybe I can help. Whats up? :)
OryanWells Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2020
Glad to be part of the Group and running Traveller again. Pity the Lockdown has stopped Table-top Play, but I'm hoping to sstart running online with the Crew asap. Using Discor, Google Slides & Roll20, plus the Chr-Sheets in Abode PDF Reader.

Hoping to get to know the members and share some tales.

BTW: Does Tom Mouat happen to be part of this group?

I ask becuase I know he's on Deviant Art somehwere and he did some great deck plans for an advanced (300T - J4) 'Heavy Scout Courier' prototype, for me, from a Facebook Traveller group a few months back.

Cheers for now. - O.W.
ctakahashi Featured By Owner May 17, 2020
Hi!  Just started running again after over 30 years.  I've owned just about every version of Traveller, but really only played Classic.  Hoping for inspiration here!  Thanks for the add!
Yonaka-Yamako Featured By Owner May 5, 2020
Happy memories.
MADMANMIKE Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm curious what the 60's Batman has to do with Traveller?
Colourbrand Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So am i....
butchpfd Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2019  Professional Photographer
I've been playing and reffing Traveller since theoriginal 3 LBBs. Love the art here
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