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Akhos by TheTrashMaster69 Akhos :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 1 0 And that address to no f**** you by TheTrashMaster69 And that address to no f**** you :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 1 0 Tangled Up (redraw) by TheTrashMaster69 Tangled Up (redraw) :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 1 0 Aigis by TheTrashMaster69 Aigis :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 Persona 3 screenshot redraw by TheTrashMaster69 Persona 3 screenshot redraw :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 1 0 Ranmaru Kurosaki by TheTrashMaster69 Ranmaru Kurosaki :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 2 0 Look Ahead by TheTrashMaster69 Look Ahead :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 Happy valentines day!! by TheTrashMaster69 Happy valentines day!! :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 2 0 Apocalypse Agony [Devilman Crybaby spoilers] by TheTrashMaster69 Apocalypse Agony [Devilman Crybaby spoilers] :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 marker test  by TheTrashMaster69 marker test :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 Chariot by TheTrashMaster69 Chariot :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 2 0 Im A Serious Artist I Swear by TheTrashMaster69 Im A Serious Artist I Swear :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 Appetite by TheTrashMaster69 Appetite :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 4 0 HONK by TheTrashMaster69 HONK :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 0 0 Live With Yourself by TheTrashMaster69 Live With Yourself :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 3 0 Snowy Day (bg practice) by TheTrashMaster69 Snowy Day (bg practice) :iconthetrashmaster69:TheTrashMaster69 1 0


Quest For His Beloved - Shun Kaidou x Male Reader
Soul mate AU - Where you actually have a compass instead of a clock, and it leads you to where your soul mate should be.
Dark Reunion has yet to make a move, the world is safe for the time being thanks to the Jet Black Wings. Humanity need not know who he is, their safety and happiness is all the thanks he could ever receive. Sure, it may be lonely working as a hero, fighting off evil wherever he could, but he knew he wasn't exactly alone. No, there was someone out there destined to be with him, the Jet Black Wings, and fight alongside him against the forces of evil.  
A chuckle escaped him, as he glanced down at his wrist. The small compass sat there with the arrow pointing Southwest and occasionally moving back and forth, indicating that his soul mate was walking around. Kaidou has known about his soul mate since he was a child, but never really paid much attention to it. His wrapping often hid t
:iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 44 2
Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Long-fic. 
You should have known.
Honestly, anyone else would have seen it coming from a mile away. You really wanted to bang your head into a wall simply at how blind you'd been. God, how could you have been so stupid?!
You tapped your finger impatiently, doing your best to try and breathe normally and force down the panic and sadness welling up in your throat. Despite your attempts at relaxing, tension thrummed through every nerve and you were as stiff as a board.
Your unwavering gaze was trained on the cafeteria's entrance. You weren't fazed in the slightest by the noisy chatter of your peers around you. You didn't spare a glance as you noticed some people in the corner of your eye staring shamelessly at you, raising their hands to their mouths and whispering in confusion to their friends. You stubbornly ignored the fact that a couple girls nearby were tittering and giggling with their designer handbags, triumphant smi
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 283 58
aliens [oikawa tooru]
It was a Saturday. Your favorite day, or as you call it, do nothing day. You set a basic rule for your mom, to not disturb you on a Saturday and let you have your rest. It was lovely, laying on the couch, watching tv while you eat piles of junk food until you fall asleep and wake up to a horrible chore filled Sunday.
But a single ring on your door, ruined your whole mood for this do nothing day. Your mom wasn't home so of course you had to be the one to answer it. A delivery man came and gave you a box of package, probably something your mom ordered, you didn't check to see what it was and just sign the goddamn thing so you can continue your marathon of Harry Potter.
Though you hate to admit it, you were very curious about what's inside the package. Did mom ordered more plates? Who knows. So you break out of your usual lazy schedule and rip open the package. Instead of usual household things that your mom would order, you found a pair of pants, very tacky pants.
You suspected it was fo
:iconlegallystupid:legallystupid 145 22
i love lith by nagisassy i love lith :iconnagisassy:nagisassy 1 1
Tsukishima x Reader: Selfish
    "The times to love, smile, laugh and cry...those days will never come again."


"Here." Tsukishima thrust the can of warm coffee into your hands before tucking both hands into the pockets of his winter jacket then sat beside you on the park bench, his breath turning into a puff of warm cloud before disappearing. Winter had come and it was evident on the tall blonde's face that he did not enjoy the season as much as the little children that ran past you, each armed by a snowball. Their wide smiles and laughter wafting through the cold winter air. There was a blanket of snow all though-out the park which caused his glasses to turn a bit foggy.
    But it wasn't the weather bothering him at all...

    "Thank you." You smiled, trying to smile as earnestly as possible while trying to hide away the tinge of sadnes
:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 297 67
Definition Of Warmth - Todoroki Shouto x Reader VI
Name: [ f/n ] [ l/n ]
Class: 1-A
Ecokinesis (Nature Manipulation: when one is connected with nature and can be functioned through emotions and UV rays from the sun)
Revive: a small quirk inherited by her mother, but also uses natural body heat to generate power
Limit: Can control about 80-100 yards of land surrounding her. If more than 100 yards, she gets either lightheaded or coughs blood from internal cuts. (Sometimes both)
Limit: Can heal 1 broken bone at a time but at a rate of 15-20 minutes. However, she can heal any cuts, bruises or burns easily.
Weakness: Fire & Water
It was cold and dark, you couldn't see anything. The darkness was still and you couldn't make out a single thing anywhere. You looked down at your hands and noticed the soft glow coming from them.
"Shoot, am I dead?"
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 81 15
Jackson Ref by TheZodiacLord Jackson Ref :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 471 36
listen | tsukishima kei
not a part of the apartment series.
have fun basking in tsukki's love.
also i got this cute idea from this please read it !!
Whilst adjusting the strap of your bag steadily on your shoulder, you let out a tired sigh as you walk towards the gates of Karasuno High, relieved that this hellish week of school was finally over. 
"I'll probably just binge watch for the rest of the weekend..." You hum to yourself. 
Just when you were about to leave the premises, an instant vibration in your pocket caused you to pause. As you swiftly take your phone out and take a glance at the notification, your heart almost explodes and your face flushes into a bright vermillion shade. 
from: stupid crush 
to: short idiot 
Hey shortie, volleyball prac is cancelled today. I'll walk you home. 
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 166 29
. oh shit | Tsukishima Kei
 [8:42 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~
[8:43 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

[Name], first, don’t call me Tsukki
Second, what do you want?
Isn’t it past your bed time?
[8:43 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

You’re so rude
I just wanted to congratulate my boyfriend for stopping that ushiwaka guy
I hate you T^T
[8:44 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

Stop overreacting, you idiot
And we both know you don’t hate me
I remember you saying you love me just before we started playing the match against Shiratorizawa
[8:45 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

Ehehe (- //////-)
You heard that…?
[8:45 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

I’m certain the whole team did
You’re such a lovesick fool, [Name]
[8:45 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

… so it’s wrong of me to tell my boyfriend that I love him??
Is that what you’re try
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 266 52
Sim Date

~Tsukishima Kei X Reader~
AU where you're playing a sim date, and one of the characters breaks the fourth wall.
Online friends were really the best.
They always know what's the newest thing online and always manage to inform you at the right time.
You were sitting on a weekend in your room, bored out of your mind, when a certain online friend told you about this brand new Haikyuu!! sim date that was released. Apparently the sim date was so detailed, the producers separated it into different parts and editions, separated by school.
"You like Tsukishima, right?? Well, he's datable in the Karasuno Edition~!" Your online friend had told you. "I thought about letting you find out on your own, but that would be no fun. :c"
You smiled a bit, thankful for this friend. Without them, you would have never found out considering how up to date you were (or rather, weren't) with fan projects.
"Thanks a whole bunch. This means a lot, [screen name/
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 130 27

~Tsukishima Kei X Fem!Reader~
Tsukishima Kei wasn't the type of person to poke his nose into other people's business. He preferred not to get involved with anyone who he didn't have to interact with in the first place.
But your fidgeting form caught his eye in the bustling hall. He noticed you held a letter close to your chest, almost like your life depended on it.
A love letter.
He didn't know your name. You weren't in his class, and he never had seen you before that moment. But something compelled him to keep an eye on you- almost as if he was curious as to who that letter was for.
Whoever they were, they surely had great impact on you considering how restless you were whilst walking in the hall.
Raising an eyebrow, he followed your fumbling self, making sure not to lose you. The voice in the back of his mind was telling him to keep track of you or he might never see you ever again.
He watched you get to an open hall, and he witnessed the joyous s
:iconnewsie-fics:newsie-fics 124 19
frosty by miintbun frosty :iconmiintbun:miintbun 59 9
slick. oikawa tooru
The librarian has already given you and Oikawa three warnings. He likes to blame you for the bantering, but everyone knows he always starts it. At the most unreasonable times, as well.
“We’re in a quiet environment, (Name)-chan. Please don’t distract me from my studies.” He whispers.
“That’s my line!” You hiss, bringing your elbow onto the table as a barrier from him.
Oikawa doesn’t reply. It’s quiet, for once, and you awkwardly avoid the irritated gazes directed at your table.
Suddenly, he shrieks.
“(N-Name), what’s that on your hand?”
You release your pen in panic. “What?”
You should’ve known. Oh, you should’ve known. Before you can react, Oikawa smoothly rests his palm on yours and interlocks fingers.
“It’s me!” He exclaims, flashing a peace sign.       
You ignore him for two days.
:iconmiintbun:miintbun 184 33
comfort. | tsukishima kei
comfort - tsukishima kei x reader
[ insp. ]
to: dai dai dai-tsukki  ( ̄~ ̄)
from: potato 
tsukishima..? TT
to: potato (・□・;)

from: dai dai dai-tsukki  ( ̄~ ̄)

    What is it?
to: dai dai dai-tsukki  ( ̄~ ̄)
from: potato (・□・;)

    i feel like shit.
to: dai dai dai-tsukki  ( ̄~ ̄)
from: potato (・□・;)

to: potato(
:iconlunarosej:lunarosej 102 52
I'll Make You Happy [Nishinoya x Reader]
You felt like smiling, so much you had to bit your lip to hold it.
There you were, watching your school's volleyball practice, specifically your bestfriend Nishinoya Yuu and his crazy attempts to make you laugh.
Daiki-chan didn't seem too impressed with Yuu-chan's movements and threatened to throw you out if he didn't focus on the game, which made the boy stiffen and get back to work almost immediately.
You knew Daiki-chan wouldn't actually throw you out, but you didn't mind him saying it either, it was for Yuu-chan's good. He was always trying to make you laugh in situations like that, especially lately.
You sighed. The thing was... you had a long date boyfriend.
Long date meant you'd met him in primary school and you had been friends and grew as a couple since then. Although you had never kissed or anything, for your parents you were almost married. It was something that happened naturally since your parents knew each other and you, as children, didn't thought much of it.
You couldn'
:iconsayitwithwords:sayitwithwords 63 19
Le coq Francais by CBedford Le coq Francais :iconcbedford:CBedford 354 29



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United States
Hi hi! Im a learning digital artist so uh I hope you like my stuff!!
Im much more active on instagram



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Hello everybody~ Trash Master here with a few things to say!

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post much! School and stuff has been keeping me from having time, but I did have some time to try and refine my ever changing art-style! Spring break is coming up soon so expect some new art!

Second, I was thinking about streaming on Picarto! Despite having zero experience with streaming, it looks fun and I wanted to try it out. Ultimate Trash is my account. Let me know what you think in the comments, please!

Third, I was also thinking about setting up commissions soon! I'd like to know if any of you guys were interested, and set up prices!

And last, but not least, I have an art tumblr now! Might not post much but feel free to follow.

Also: Bonus lazy art!
Cvbmb by TheTrashMaster69
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Can I please just say how much of an inspiration your art is to me, and how much I admire your style, and appreciate everything you draw? I can say with utmost confidence that you've inspired me on several occasions, and have influenced my own style in many ways.

I love how fluid and smooth all your poses are, and how everything fits together so naturally. 
All of the limbs are perfect. Nothing feels forced, or unnatural. And I think that's one of the best qualities of your art.
Not to say that everything else isn't as good, but that this is one of the things I recognize in every single picture. It's an over-all feeling to your art, and I honestly cannot put into words how much I love it as a whole.

When it comes to specific things, the very first thing that always comes to mind is that I love the way you draw hair. It flows really, REALLY well and, even if this is just a personal preference, is something I absolutely adore when it comes to art.
The second thing is always the way you draw faces. The style is so memorable, and unique. Your expressions are amazing, I might even go so far as to say flawless. It leaves an impact, and that impact is a very, very good one to me. I can't get enough of it.

I could go into so much more detail, but I actually want to be able to post this and not forget about it before I'm done.
TL;DR - Your art is amazing, I love it, you inspire me, and I would talk for hours about how much I love it if I wasn't left speechless by it.
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