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Here's my AWESOMERIFFIC art! :happybounce:

I'd REALLY, REALLY, REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY appreciate it if you'd fave and comment on it... :squee:
I love reading comments from my fellow deviants. =)
They really make my day! :D
Love you all! (in a platonic way) :heart:



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No, no, I kid.
So, I see only 24 hours after the Sun and Moon trailer dropped, we're getting really clean and professional art, animations, and sculptures, etc. on here?!
You guys work REAL fast when it comes to fanart, huh? :XD:

Anyway, I've been meaning to draw some art of the new starters at some point. I'm at an impasse with Brionne. I'll explain in the next paragraph why. When I saw the thumbnail, I was like "OH MY GOSH, THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE!!!!!" like an 11-year-old girl. Then, I clicked the vid and holy crap, that was the best 3 minutes and 50 seconds ever. Not one thing announced on it pissed me off. Not one thing disappointed me. Dartrix made me warm up to the Demon Owl a bit. I still won't pick him as my starter, but my friend trading me one of his will be nice. :> I also like the possible final evolution for him as well. Rowlet's eyes are still very creepy to me, though... Now, onto Torracat. Litten is my pick for Sun (or rather, Solomon's) and I... FRIGGING... LOVE TORRACAT. He's a big, pudgy kitty like... a Maine Coon... *looks at Sonja* ...I think I know the Pokemon she's supposed to be now... >:3 "B-but the ugly Wrestler ca--" SHUT UP, WRESTIGRE IS ADORABLE AS WELL   
And, now we move on Brionne. They took me so off-guard with this. I was expecting a Clowny Quilladin-ish looking Pokemon and we got Lil' Miss Pretty Pop Star! Okay, that sounded insulting. I didn't mean it like that. But... we might still get something like that. ;) She's so cute and I spammed faving art of her, I mean, HER FACE, THE FRILLY SKIRT, THE WHITE PAWS AND T-- H-hey, wait a minute... THEY STOLE THAT FROM ME! ALONG WITH THE DANCING THING! (jkjkjkjkjkjkjk)

Okay, so I was looking at the comments on the new trailer and I thought about something someone said. They said something along the lines of "Dartrix and Brionne are on the 'Sun' side and Torracat is on the 'Moon' side." That means that not only the final evolutions are probably split between the versions, but the SECOND ones as well! There was a theory going around that the leaked/possibly fake final evolutions are bound to Moon and the new, unrevealed ones are to Sun. But, I was questioning why a MERMAID would be in MOON.

Mermaids are out in the DAYTIME. Or, if we go on the "Siren" idea, Sirens need the sailors to be awake to crash the ship, right? Barely anyone would be awake to do it at night. XD Also, if the possible name is "Entermaid", why would a SIREN have the name ERMAID on there? Entermaid = Mermaid, not Siren. Also, I think I got the joke. Popplio and Brionne are known for ENTERTAINING. Entertain - Maid = Enter + Mermaid = Entermermaid - Mer = Entermaid. So, Entermaid more than likely likes to entertain people and Pokemon alike with their performances, the same as the prior forms. And, use said performances to kick ass.

I'm starting to grow on Entermaid a bit. Thanks to Brionne. But, it looks like I might get my regretful wish of her being in Sun. :(
I mean, I'm getting both games, but she'll be in secondary game Sun. Unless I'm wrong.

I might do a vote on who I should draw next. I have a few new Pokemon I want to make characters out of, and a few I might be evolving... ;) Okay, it's obvious, because I've only uploaded like... 5 characters?
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I'm a 21-and-an-half-year-old adult who loves animation and I hope to make my own channel one day, but I suck ass, so it's probably never going to happen, and I love Youtube/Internet shows! I CAN DRINK NOW BITCH

I created the shows Di'angelo, When The Fur Flies, and Bloodlove. I have other shows in the planning, but I suck at focusing now.

I roleplay as a Black Parti Poodle named Pierrot (which is also my preferred name, but because of my bigoted, ignorant family, I can only be called such online.) I am a furry and proud.

I have too many damn stamps down there, I'mma clean those up
Didn't I make a custom tab to add MORE? XD I'm such a hoarder...

My commissions are open, because I'm a hungry puppy.
My art trades as also open. Feel free to ask me about them!
Requests are closed FOR-EV-ER. If you note or ask me for requests, I'll send my hungry pack of dogs after you, capisci? I have have two large Dobermans with matching red and blue collars, so I hope you got my drift. Oh shit, I'm Sykes

5/14/2015: Icon is made by :iconj-kookie:! Thank you!! :happybounce: (05/12/2018: I had this avatar for THREE YEARS. I still love it.)

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