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B'day Gift - Sky's Charm (NOT BY ME)

By TheTodStar
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Oh, how I've been waiting to submit this (with permission, of course)...

A few months back, I asked Mel (today's birthday girl) if I could get one of her WIP pics coloured. Though I never told her which one I would have coloured, nor did I tell her who I'd get to colour it... none other than one of my favourite colourists for Archie's Sonic & Mega Man comics, Matt Herms!

Happy Birthday, Mel. Hope you like this, honey! :heart::hug::heart:

Sky's Charm (W.I.P.) by Sky-The-Echidna <- Original pic by my girlfriend, :iconsky-the-echidna:
Colorist Commission Now OPEN Year Round by herms85 <- Wanna commission :iconherms85: yourself? Click here to find out how!
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Thanks again for the coloring commission! Happy birthday, Sky-The-Echidna!
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That's so kind of you, thanks!
Also, thank you very much for doing this! Hug Heart 
TheTodStar's avatar
Thank YOU for being available! :D
Mixedfan8643's avatar
You actually got Matt Herms to colour that in for you to give to Mel?! :wow:

Is there any wonder she loves you so much Todd? :aww:
TheTodStar's avatar
I'm honestly still shocked that he was available! :w00t:

I really am lucky to be with her... :aww:
Mixedfan8643's avatar
I bet you are! :XD:

I know. You deserve her pal. :aww:
TheTodStar's avatar
Thanks, mate. I really do love her... :heart:
Mixedfan8643's avatar
I can tell and I'm very happy for you two. You're a perfect match. :aww:
TheTodStar's avatar
That I am well aware. Mel & I have SO much in common!
Mixedfan8643's avatar
That's why you're such a perfect match. :aww:

By the way, your PC is uploaded now. ;)
Mel-Sky's avatar
Oh, WOW! Sky looks gorgeous and so amazing! Heart Love

Thank you so much for doing this for me, sweetie! Heart HugHeart 
TheTodStar's avatar
I have waiting to see your reaction for so long... and it's exactly how I imagined it! :D :heart:

My pleasure honey, but I can't take ALL of the credit. :heart::hug::heart:
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Well, it was so kind and incredibly sweet of you! Heart Hug

I know, but to actually get Matt Herms to colour it is amazing! Heart Huggle! Heart 
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Wait it's Mel's Birthday!?!

Why didn't it tell me?!
TheTodStar's avatar
Relax, it's not even 2am her time yet. :D
TheTodStar's avatar
I knew he'd do a great job. :nod:
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