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Random from Art by Mel

TodSky- Steampunk Style by Mel-Sky TodSky- Steampunk Style :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 29 24 Collab- Two Gods by Mel-Sky Collab- Two Gods :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 40 11 Birthday Gift- Strike86 by Mel-Sky Birthday Gift- Strike86 :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 29 6 TodSky- Tattoo Lovers by Mel-Sky TodSky- Tattoo Lovers :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 27 10 TodSky- A Flower For 'My Flower' by Mel-Sky TodSky- A Flower For 'My Flower' :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 31 10 Gift For Erin 02 by Mel-Sky Gift For Erin 02 :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 16 13 Gift For Erin 01 by Mel-Sky Gift For Erin 01 :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 16 9 Gift- TodStar To The Rescue! by Mel-Sky Gift- TodStar To The Rescue! :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 48 27 Three Happy Echidnas by Mel-Sky Three Happy Echidnas :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 49 19 TodSky- Why Did You Do That?!... by Mel-Sky TodSky- Why Did You Do That?!... :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 25 13 TodSky, Sonic Boom style- Sweet Kissing... by Mel-Sky TodSky, Sonic Boom style- Sweet Kissing... :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 33 15 Re-draw- Sky The Femme Fatalle by Mel-Sky Re-draw- Sky The Femme Fatalle :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 60 28 Re-draw- Sky In Hot Pink by Mel-Sky Re-draw- Sky In Hot Pink :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 41 11 TodSky- Happy Times Together...  by Mel-Sky TodSky- Happy Times Together... :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 64 35 TodSky-The Hardest Goodbye...  by Mel-Sky TodSky-The Hardest Goodbye... :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 42 35 Todd's Birthday Gift 2016 by Mel-Sky Todd's Birthday Gift 2016 :iconmel-sky:Mel-Sky 40 18
This section is purely for pics and comics made by my girlfriend Mel-Sky.

You can also see PLENTY more pics that she's done in her gallery. And I reckon you'll love what you find (I'm not just saying that cause I'm her boyfriend, mind you)!


Batman VS Iron Man: Who will win? 

12 deviants said DC's billionaire (Batman)
9 deviants said Neither, cause they'll unite for some reason
2 deviants said Marvel's billionaire (Iron Man)

Chaos on Mobius - Main Story

Icon for TodFlosion by Mr-Mecha
The main series of COM can also be found on FanFiction.Net (but no music or notes)

Episode Guide
Click here for the SideSagas

Saga 1 - In the Beginning of Chaos
Chaos On Mobius competition entry- Series  1 Cover by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep1Ch1 Enter Team Sonic! (Script Version)
Ep2Ch2 Sally's First Mission
Ep3Ch3 The Gizoid's Rebirth
Ep4Ch4 TodStar's Vision - Battle on Angel Island Pt1
Ep5Ch5 Eggman's Chaotix - Battle on Angel Island Pt2
Ep6Ch6 'Crazy' Chaos Knuckles! - Battle on Angel Island Final Part
Ep7Ch7 Super Sonic Search
Ep8Ch8 Secrets and Lies
Ep9Ch9 Family Matters
Ep10Ch10 Flying to Knothole and Back... - Robot Rampage Pt1
Ep11Ch11 Shut Up Royal Faker! - Robot Rampage Pt2
Ep12Ch12 Corruption Killed the Friendship - Robot Rampage Pt3
Ep13Ch13 'Damsels' in 'Distress' - Robot Rampage Pt4
Ep14Ch14 Legends Blurred and Torn - Robot Rampage Final Part
Ep15Ch15 A Mobian Christmas Pt1
Ep16Ch16 Enter the Knights of Mercia! - A Mobian Christmas Pt2
Ep17Ch17 The Egg Grinch - A Mobian Christmas Final Part
Ep18Ch18 Battle of the Bands
Ep19Ch19 Ultimate Power has Arrived - Enerjak's Reign Pt1
Ep20Ch20 Brother vs. Brother - Enerjak's Reign Pt2
Ep21Ch21 ...and a Super Sonic is Born - Enerjak's Reign Final Part
Status: Complete!

Saga 2 - The EX Sol Saga
COM 2nd Saga Cover II by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep22Ch1 Coping with Change Pt1
Ep23Ch2 Extreme Egg-Nonsense! - Coping with Change Pt2
Ep24Ch3 Iblis' Molten Debut! - Coping with Change Final Part
Ep25Ch4 Nega Sol
Ep26Ch5 The EX World Grand Prix Begins!
Ep27Ch6 Babylonians All-Over
Ep28Ch7 The Three Echidnamigos Say Chao
Ep29Ch8 Stuck Between Chao and Windy Flames
Ep30Ch9 Board Brawl
Ep31Ch10 Pachacamac's Decsent
Ep32Ch11 Fire Meets Water
Ep33Ch12 Back to the Present Pt1
Ep34Ch13 Sister vs. Sister - Back to the Present Pt2
Ep35Ch14 Sol Heist
Ep36Ch15 Birds and Bunnie
Ep37Ch16 Station Square Street Fight!
Ep38Ch17 Station Square Street Race Pt1
Ep39Ch18 Station Square Street Race Pt2
Ep40Ch19 Iblis Spills the Sparks
Ep41Ch20 Flaming Snowstorm
Ep42Ch21 The Haunted Semi-Finals Pt1
Ep43Ch22 The Haunted Semi-Finals Pt2
Ep44Ch23 Confessions of a Teenage Time-Traveller
Ep45Ch24 Battle for Her Burning Sol
Ep46Ch25 EX World Grand Prix's Final Round! Pt1
Ep47Ch26 EX World Grand Prix's Final Round! Pt2
Ep48Ch27 The Nega Empire Strikes Back! Pt1
Ep49Ch28 The Colours Feel So Right - The Nega Empire Strikes Back Pt2
Ep50Ch29 The Nocturnus Babylonians
Status: Complete!

Saga 3 - The Black Armed Nocturnus
Commish: Todflosion by NextGrandcross Cover Art by :iconnextgrandcross:
Ep51Ch1 Welcome to Planet Wisp
Ep52Ch2 The Sword's Seal
Ep53Ch3 I Cici a Cat!
Ep54Ch4 The Reunion Downunda
Ep55Ch5 Wisp-Fiesta
Ep56Ch6 Egg Zpace Khaos
Ep57Ch7 The Lies Inside
Ep58Ch8 The Trading Ruins
Ep59Ch9 Chaotic Stardom
Ep60Ch10 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt1
Ep61Ch11 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt2
Ep62Ch12 Big Trouble on Little Planet Pt3
Ep63Ch13 Two Sonics, No Waiting
Ep64Ch14 Time and Space Troubles
Ep65Ch15 Sonic the Black Arm
Ep66Ch16 Reveal the Knight of the Wind!
Ep67Ch17 A Mobian Reunion Pt1
Ep68Ch18 A Robotnik Reborn - A Mobian Reunion Pt2
Ep69Ch19 The Shade of Julie-Su - A Mobian Reunion Pt3
Ep70Ch20 Hedge-Squirrel Fight!
Ep71Ch21 Kongo Chaotix
Ep72Ch22 Treasures of the Nocturnus
Ep73Ch23 The Black Armed Nocturnus Pt1
Ep74Ch24 The Black Armed Nocturnus Pt2
Ep75Ch25 Mental Metal Madness!
Ep76Ch26 A Shade of Lies, with the Truth of Khan
Ep77Ch27 Some Snowy Secrets
Ep78Ch28 White-Cold Battle!
Ep79Ch29 The Lost City of Atlantinopolis
Ep80Ch30 The Lily of a Rose
Ep81Ch31 Koopa Klash!
Ep82Ch32 Re-enter the Black Arms
Ep83Ch33 Alien Family
Ep84Ch34 Black Blurred Ballet
Ep85Ch35 The Shadow of Jewels
Ep86Ch36 Chaos and Emeralds
Ep87Ch37 Black Vengance
Ep88Ch38 Father vs. Son
Ep89Ch39 The Star Carnival
Status: Complete!

Saga 4 - The Solaris Merger
Sonic '06 rewrite
Com-Todflosion by NinjaHaku21 Cover Art by :iconninjahaku21:
Ep90Ch1 The Ruined World of the Future
Ep91Ch2 How to Douse the Flames of Disaster
Ep92Ch3 A Princess in Peril
Ep93Ch4 Temporal Warriors
Ep94Ch5 The Shadow of Mephiles
Ep95Ch6 Welcome to the Future
Ep96Ch7 The Fate of Shadow and Sally
Ep97Ch8 Egg-Locomotion
Ep98Ch9 Student vs. Teacher
Ep99Ch10 The Sealing of Mephiles and Iblis
Ep100Ch11 Circumstances Have Changed
Ep101Ch12 The Temporal Hedgehogs
Ep102Ch13 Saving the Princess
Ep103Ch14 The Birth of Solaris
Ep104Ch15 Saving All of Time
Ep105Ch16 Time for a Break
Status: Complete!

BONUS Comic! Script by me, and art by Sky-The-Echidna
C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 01 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 02 by Sky-The-Echidna
C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 03 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M- The Solaris Merger Comic- Page 04 by Sky-The-Echidna

Saga 5 - The Flashforward Saga
C.O.M. 5th Saga- FlashForward Saga by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Ep106Ch1 Race to the Future
Ep107Ch2 A Guardian's Path
Ep108Ch3 What Matters is Family
Ep109Ch4 Forming Team Generations Pt1
Ep110Ch5 Forming Team Generations Pt2
Ep111Ch6 Forming Team Generations Pt3
Ep112Ch7 The Great Calamity
Ep113Ch8 Mercian Vengance
Ep114Ch9 A Rose's Witchcraft
Ep115Ch10 The Return of Enerjak Pt1
Ep116Ch11 The Return of Enerjak Pt2
Ep117Ch12 The Return of Enerjak Pt3
Ep118 - Epilogue Back in Time
Status: Complete!

Saga 6 - The Mucho Grande Egg-cellent Saga
Sonic - Chaos on Mobius 6th Saga cover by Sonicguru Cover Art by :iconsonicguru::iconsailorsilverstar:
Ep119Ch1 An Invite from the Eggman
Ep120Ch2 The Source of Sally's Fate
Ep121Ch3 Nicole Into Dreams
Ep122Ch4 An Egg-Ceptionally Well Kept Secret
Ep123Ch5 Wrestling with the Luchador
Ep124Ch6 Enter the Death Egg
Ep125Ch7 The Shame of the Blue Blur
Ep126Ch8 Emerald Hunt Pt1
Ep127Ch9 Emerald Hunt Pt2
Ep128Ch10 Emerald Hunt Pt3
Ep129Ch11 Emerald Hunt Pt4
Ep130Ch12 Emerald Hunt Pt5
Ep131Ch13 Emerald Hunt Pt6
Ep132Ch14 Emerald Hunt Pt7
Ep133Ch15 Overlanders are Overrated Pt1
Ep134Ch16 Overlanders are Overrated Pt2
Ep135Ch17 Overlanders are Overrated Pt3
Status: Complete!

Saga 7 - Operation Humanity
C.O.M. Saga 7 - Operation: Humanity by Sky-The-Echidna Cover Art by :iconsky-the-echidna:
Act 1: Abandonment
Ep136Ch1 Creators and Creations
Ep137Ch2 Mega Madness - Part One-Icus
Ep138Ch3 Mega Madness - Part Two-Icus
Ep139Ch4 Lost in Darkness, Suffering Chaos
Ep140Ch5 The Angelic Turnabout Pt1
Ep141Ch6 The Angelic Turnabout Pt2
Ep142Ch7 The Angelic Turnabout Pt3
Ep143Ch8 The Angelic Turnabout Pt4
Ep144Ch9 Fear, Anger & Sadness...

Series Status: CANCELLED
But this guide is staying put, just in case anyone's curious


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Todd C Bate
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TodSky - Mii and Mel by TheTodStar Looking Back on June 2017 by TheTodStar
Proud gamer stamp by iUndeadPixels Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 Star Wars by madeofneon
Here's the lowdown on me:
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I'm an Australian gamer (mostly Nintendo and Sonic) who is currently writing an ongoing crossover fanfic series known as Universal Chaos.
Mario Kart 8 - Mario by LittleYoshi8 Princess Daisy Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Princess Rosalina Stamp by Twinky-05 Waluigi Number One Stamp by William-David-Afton
I'm also a high-school drop-out who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (also known as Autism Spectral Disorder). For those who don't know, Asperger's is a form of autism, just not as bad as you usually see. I just hope it doesn't run in the family, in case I ever decide to have kids...
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Current Residence: Australia... The Downunda of the distant past.
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Personal Quote: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."


Probably pointless since most of you are following her in the first place, but my fiancé is now taking commissions.

I would be too, but I wouldn’t know how to do that for text submissions... never mind the fact that I’m still blocked...
I hate asking, but... :awkward: 
Since I'm looking for jobs after so long, I'm kinda struggling a little (
financially) at the moment... Sweating a little... 

If any of my fans/watchers/friends are willing to spare any points for a commission from yours truly, it'd be greatly appreciated by myself & my wonderful fiancé. :)

The points commissions list is in my gallery, and I'll show the PayPal commissions prices as soon as I can. ;)


Thank you to Bbaltierra for doing this too:

Artist in need of helpI want to acknowledge the artist Sky-The-Echidna. This wonderfully talented artist has been making wonderful drawings and OC's such as these lovely beauties.

Right now the artist is in a bit of a situation right now and is in need of support. If you know help that would be nice.Heart 

Today marks 5 years since Sky-The-Echidna & I became a couple. So it made sense to me to use the ring I got with Sonic Generations to propose to Mel...

...and we’ve both been smiling since she said yes!

Filename by TheTodStar
TodSky - Valentine Concert by Sonicguru  Pic by :iconsonicguru::iconsailorsilverstar:
Dedicated to Sky-The-Echidna 

She's all that I need
Hanging around
She's all that I want
She makes my world feel good to me

Pic inspired by the following song:…
UPDATE: More tidbits have been added. Scroll down to see them.

Now that Chaos on Mobius is officially cancelled (and Universal Chaos' 1st Arc is online), I can now reveal some ideas that I've scrapped but have no intention to adapt. For more info on the cancellation, see here:

In order that Mel (Sky-The-Echidna) & I uploaded, here we go...
1. Sonic VS Mega Man
COM Scrapped: Sonic VS Mega Man by TheTodStar C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 01 by Sky-The-Echidna
During Act 2 of Operation Humanity, Sonic & Rock were going to become close friends during the hedgehog's time of grief. For those who don't remember, Sonic saw Commander Tower kill his mother, only he didn't know that the Tower that killed him was M'egga Man (formerly known as Copy Robot) in disguise. Before the end of the 3rd -and final- Act however, the real Tower was discovered to be a prisoner without anyone knowing... for the Tower that ordered GUN's betrayal against Mobians was Dr Julian Snivley (which explains what happened to him after he failed to help Eggman capture Angel Island and the Master Emerald)! Sonic still didn't know this when he found the real Tower, so he is dead-set on making him pay for killing his mother... but Rock -being aware of the truth- has no choice but to stand in Sonic's way... which leads to a battle reminiscent of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. After an emotional-and-ferocious fight, Mega Man stops Sonic, but the Blue Blur races out of GUN HQ while saying this to the Freedom Fighters via radio: "Mega Man's not on our side anymore."
BTW, the pic that Mel drew was intended to be a pair of variant covers for Act 3 of Operation Humanity (kinda like variants of certain issues for Archie's Worlds Collide).

2. Ra Sky
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 02 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 05 by Sky-The-Echidna
I wasn't sure when exactly this would take place, but after they started dating, TodStar & Sky got captured by Mogul and his Mephilesologists, and they had a shard of the Ancient Onyx prepared for a ritual involving Sky. Little Planet aligned with Mogul's tower in Empire City, and while the Mephilesologists are chanting and surrounding Sky with the seven Chaos Emeralds, Mogul thrusts the Ancient Onyx shard into Sky's stomach, expelling her Core from her body as a beam of red light shines down on her, which is when black sludge starts appearing over her body. When Sky's eyes are opened, her sky-blue eyes are replaced by a creepy pink pair of eyes that match the shape of the light shining down on Sky... as Little Planet shatters to reveal its true form: Ra Moon (from Mega Man), who now has complete control of Sky's body!
The design of Ra Sky was Ancient Egyptian combined with a futuristic feel... combined with the robot Ra Thor from Mega Man.

3. Couple in Mourning
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 03 by Sky-The-Echidna
At the start of Operation Humanity's 2nd Act, Sally runs away from Castle Acorn when she learned that the burden of the throne had fallen to her... but she only got as far as the Great Forest, when she found a hooded Sonic, crying in the rain. Despite their own problems, the two of them help each other through each other's pain; Sonic upset about witnessing his mother's death, and Sally mourning her brother's death, as well as becoming Queen of Acorns.

4. Birth of Seducia

Mature Content

C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 04 by Sky-The-Echidna

During Operation Humanity's 2nd Act, Scourge & Fiona got captured by Mephilesologists (Mogul wants Scourge to come back into the cult). In order to capture Sky, Mogul chooses Fiona to be a sacrifice to summon the daughter of Mephiles and (so they claim) Sora the Echidna Goddess. With a sample of Sora's hair shoved into Fiona's mouth and the shard of the Ancient Onyx floating above her as the cult is chanting, Fiona starts feeling incredible pain from her back... eventually an echidna-snake hybrid emerges from Fiona's back, taking the fox's Core with her! And as Seducia fully emerges full of life, Fiona looks completely lifeless (hence the faint colour in her eyes in the pic).

5. TodStar + Sky = Galaxy
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 06 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 07 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 08 by Sky-The-Echidna Galaxy the Fusion by Zeusthefox <- Original concept by Zeusthefox 
TodStar manages to throw Sky's Core back into her body, which eventually forces Ra Moon to retreat back to his original form up in space, but Sky is left on the brink of death, and she passes out. TodStar felt like he had to do something, so he tried kissing her... fortunately, the Chaos Emeralds surrounding them not only brought Sky back to life, but it brought her and TodStar closer than ever... literally, because they had merged together to become a being almost as powerful as Super Sonic... Galaxy!
NOTE: One of my rules for fan characters in COM was that no ONE being can match the power of Super Sonic... but when two become one...

6. The Destiny of TodSky
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 09 by Sky-The-Echidna
Operation Humanity was going to have TodStar and Sky getting to know each other a lot more... but they wouldn't have hooked up until about halfway through the 8th Saga.
Special thanks to Mixedfan8643 for his original take on the mural at the bottom of this pic.

7. Friends and Enemies amongst Gods
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 11 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 14 by Sky-The-Echidna C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 13 by Sky-The-Echidna
As was hinted at the start of Operation Humanity, Sora was close with Palutena (from Kid Icarus)... but the Goddess of Light always believed that Sora died... so you can imagine how she felt when she reunited with Sky!
The other pics involve my original take of when the Mephilesologists captured Sky. Instead of Ra Moon, Sky got possessed by Mephiles.

8. Bots Helping Bots
C.O.M. Scrapped Ideas 12 by Sky-The-Echidna
Something that happened late in Act 1 of Operation Humanity was that Shadow Android tried to convince Sky that Eggman was evil. During Act 2, he eventually succeeded, but got damaged when he and Sky escaped from the Death Egg (in an attempt similar to The Force Awakens). They were both found by Roll (Mega Man's sister), who healed her and repaired him... Roll even gave him a paint-job and the nickname Shadroid (which is a nickname I've had for Shadow Android for about 10 years). Sky would obviously stick with TodStar, but I don't remember what I was gonna do with Shadroid...

That's all I can think of right now. If anyone has any questions about COM, I'll be happy to answer them.


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