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Tintin est parti loin (Tintin has gone far) by Bispro
The Orphan by KristinaGehrmann
Little Tintin 2 by BabyPoof08
Head In The Clouds Detective by catgirl1983
My family by gnuttormen
Image by SimonEsp
YOUR style
Tintin - Pensant by zalazny
Tintin in montagna by Hiei-Ishida
Fan Art: Tintin by dowaru
Tintin...where's my hat? by missxmello
part 1 sketch by blueapplestone925
Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun by gagambo
Cakes by garungo
Tintin goes Hugo Boss by Ad1er
Tintin by Njyyrikki
GREAT SNAKES! by Lomi-hime
On the boat again cap'tain ! V2 by Kal-Art
On the boat again cap'tain ! by Kal-Art
Tintin Doll w Jeans and Jacket by ojamajomary
desk doll Tintin by S-e-l-a
Tintin by Abi-and-Aiba
The message from the boss by engineerJR
Fake album covers
Tintin fan art - Cover by LeightonJohns
Tintin: A Most Mysterious Parcel by Bispro
Les Dupondt in Le mystere du Concierge Sourd by Bispro
Tintin in the Land of the Soviets Redone by TandP
Tribute corner
Dreaming of Tintin by PrehistoricGiraffe
Herge's TinTin by DontbeModest
AoT - Fangirls by TigerBlack62
Plekszy-Gladz poster by Tinnunculus
Tintin meets...
The Big Three by ArtClem
Bumblebee,Tintin and Milou by AngelPony99
Tintin Who? by fredthiery
Tintin contre Spirou: une course folle by Bispro
Fan fiction
Chang Meets Agent Renaud (Origins - Tintin) by BardofMaple
Parallel worlds by garungo
Fan characters
As long as I live by Leopawtra
Chibi, humor and parody
Kid Tintin and Puppy Snowy by XxTheSmittenKittenxX
tintin doodles by quuurl

Group rules & Folder Information


:bulletpurple: No submission to 'Featured' allowed.
Be sure to submit it into the right gallery folder! If you think there's a new folder needed - just tell me!
:bulletpurple: The submissions have to be recognizable Tintin or Hergé-related art!
:bulletpurple: Please submit only one or two deviations per day.
:bulletpurple: Do not submit deviations which are against the rules of DeviantArt!
:bulletpurple: Tintin OC art may be accepted but Tintin characters must appear in the artwork.
:bulletpurple: Crossovers are allowed, but not preferred (see Folder information below).
:bulletpurple: Yaoi/Shonen-Ai art and Erotic/Hentai art are NOT allowed here.
:bulletpurple: Fan fiction ("fanfic") is allowed so long as it complies to the above rules.


:bulletpurple: Featured - A selection of the very best from the various galleries.
:bulletpurple: Tintin Canon Art - As the title implies, you can submit here all kinds of fanart inspired by the books or movie provided it is in line with the spirit of the original work.
:bulletpurple: Fanfic Illustrations - Illustrations for your fanfictions may be submitted here. Inclusion of newly-created characters in permitted though not specifically encouraged.
:bulletpurple: Fan fiction - Your fanfics go here — imaginary stories invoving Hergé's characters. Inclusion of newly-created characters in permitted though not specifically encouraged.
:bulletpurple: Fake covers - Covers you made for your fanfiction and fan-made album covers go here.
:bulletpurple: Cosplay - This is photos of you and your friends dressing up as Tintin characters, but also for real-life objects created to imitate artefacts from the series.
:bulletpurple: Humor and Parody - As the title implies... This also includes child-like versions of the characters or crossovers with other series.
:bulletpurple: Tribute corner - This is for works that especially pay homage to Hergé or his works. Montages/collages made from existing photos or artwork belong here and NOWHERE ELSE.
:bulletpurple: Uncategorized - This folder is for everything which doesn't fit in the other folders.

If you're not sure about a certain category, please browse the above folders to see what's already there. Enjoy!


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This is a club referring to Hergé's Tintin If you're a fan of the books (and/or the cartoons and movie that were derived from them), feel free to join! But remember to read the group rules first to make sure we share the same vision of that wonderful work...


Hi everyone! As some may have noticed already, new galleries were added a few months ago, and quite a few images moved from one to another in an effort towards more coherence and easy searching:

"Crafts" for all scale modelling, paperwork and assorted creations in plastic, paper, fabric or whatever your imagination leads you to use; "Tintin Meets..." for all the imaginary encounters between Hergé's heroes and other characters from comic books, cartoons, etc.; "Humour and parody" should be clear enough for everyone I believe;
"Metamorphoses" is for all images in which Tintin and other Hergé characters are drawn as ponies, dragons, super-heroes, and also the gender-bender drawings (i.e. male characters drawn as female and reverse).
Also please note the distinction between "Fan Fiction" (full stories, either in text or in comic-strip form) and "Fan Characters" for imaginary heroes invented by fans (please remember however that all submissions that do not feature these characters alongside REAL Hergé heroes will not be accepted). Besides, all drawings depicting or implying kissing or sexual intercourse between characters of whatever sex will not be accepted.

I'm currently working on a way to rename and simplify the titles of some of the galleries as I've noticed many submitters have a hard time figuring where to submit what. Among these changes, I will rename "Tintin canon art", which no-one really understands in the same way. To keep things simple, what is to be considered "canon" is artwork drawn in the manner of Hergé or the traditional Belgian school of comic book artists (OR in the manner of the animated movie); any artwork that is done in YOUR style, or in another artist's style cannot be considered "canon." Anyway, a new title will soon be chosen to reflect that.

PLEASE, still no submissions to "Featured"! Despite the fact it is clearly written right at the top of the group rules below, it seems a lot of people do not care! "Featured" represents my personal choice of certain deviations which I believe deserve special emphasis and attention because of their quality, originality or creativity. Sort of an"editor's choice", if you will. Despite my repeated attempts to block submission to that gallery in the group settings it's apparently still possible for people to submit there, so please make an effort to avoid "Featured" and pick among the many other galleries instead. Thanks!

I hope you guys and gals all have a wonderful time browsing these galleries!!!
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