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Ref Sheet: Cabarros the Caustic

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For :iconangelzoneoct:

You have my permission to kill this character, BUT make sure to cremate or atomize the body. Bad things happen otherwise
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"I can tell you one thing about cheating Fate: DON'T. Don't be like me." --Cabarros the Caustic

Dragonborn, with advanced internal eldritch corruption, partial undead physiology. 

Short sighted but unhindered by any darkness, occasionally has glimpses into other realms. 
Excellent olfactory range, particularly for unpleasant smells. 
Poor tactile senses, and is largely unaffected by acidic, cold and necrotic energy exposure. Recoils instantly from contact with flames or holy energy. 
Average hearing. 
Taste is non-functional, and capable of ingesting toxins and carrion with minimal ill effects. Pickled rat and raw meat forms main diet--cooked and fried food in particular cause noxious reactions.

7'4'' when upright in battered plate armour (heavily padded), about 140 lbs in weight sans armour. Gravelly voice. Frequent wheezing and coughing. Breath like many things died together. Corrosive spittle. Stiff gait. Not particularly expressive.


"Official records in Farandin's Keep confirm that the remains of 'Cabarros the Champion' are interred within Sanctum consecrated ground beneath a stone monument of matching description and age.

Any individuals claiming to be such a persona are to be assumed imposters and charged with blasphemy against the Order of St. Ravier.

We give the dead and gone their due. That is all." --Correspondence XV-II, High Inquisitor Malark Perimund


"I've never been one to take the easy way out. Let me show you how you can too."

Cabarros has taken a grim duty upon himself to prevent others from tampering with Fate, citing himself as an example gone horribly wrong. He spends a majority of time listening to the misguided, and proposing reasonable means of accepting consequences and moving forward. 

Sometimes he is successful, and the continuity of Fate is preserved. At other times he takes sterner action to demonstrate his willingness to risk it all once more--if that's what it takes. He means well, mostly. You might not agree. He doesn't particularly care for popularity.

Dr. Ametsuchi's little world-spanning experiment does not sit well with him at all.

To this end, Cabarros is possessed of a weary, stoic disposition, and self-depreciating dark humour, eg. "I've never lost an argument against anyone with a working sense of smell." He is adept at finding a ray of light, however sickly, in any dilemma--save when it comes to himself. He is also remarkably willing to look over past misdeeds provided that the possibility of change is there, and has been known to share burdens with certain sorts that the Order of St. Ravier would consider 'monsters'.

Cabarros believes that the universe would be all for the better if everyone were willing to bear with the results of their actions, instead of looking to twist the past or search for cheap fixes, messing with the powers that be in the process. He has brushed against some of those powers. He might tell you of them if you looked to be particularly hardy of mind and strong of stomach.

He has very little regard for himself, and largely considers his role to be of penance until Fate sees fit to release him. It is important to note that he considers his punishment Just and in proportion to his dereliction of duty.


Diplomacy: He tries. He truly does, in the hope that he doesn't have to resort to any of the following:

Cabarros himself may warn you: Once combat begins, there is no 'honour'. Only victory and the validation of cause.

The Good Ol' Hack n' Slash: Cabarros is adapt in a variety of two-handed melee-only murder implements, not limited to the ones shown above, and some more unusual than others. He has no fancy names for them, and does not expect you to admire his handiwork. He can summon and change his weapon with the effort of thought, but preferably not while it's already in mid swing (his coordination isn't what it used to be). As with thoughts, the more frenzied or enraged he is, the more jagged and alarming the weapon manifests.

Dragonsbreathbleggghh: Cabarros can spew forth the contents of his stomach in an incredibly corrosive spray. Fortunately he needs to have eaten recently to do this. Unfortunately you might not be in a position to appreciate that. Used only on the most deserving targets.

A Little Help from Far Beyond: Cabarros regularly maintains the tattoos/seals on his body with blood, his own or otherwise. It allows him to utilize and dissipate the growing eldritch corruption within him via four main avenues that he considers to fall within acceptable means of dealing with hostilities. Each of the four main tattoos dim upon being used, until renewed again, which requires the hassle of removing armour. As long as ONE remains unused (he is very careful of this), it won't have a chance to break loose and gouge itself on the nearest flesh and sanity. 

1) Dying of the Light: Cabarros eliminates all light and extinguishes all light sources within a large stationary parameter, leaving utter darkness and the impression of things lurking within. He uses this cover mainly to play guerrilla tactics against overwhelming numbers or forces.

2) Glimpse the Unthinkable: Cabarros momentarily peels back the scaly exterior to show the enemy what lurks within, that fuels his locomotion and drive beyond even the certainty of previous deaths. There are no words to safely describe it. Panic is common.

3) Tongues Transcendent: Cabarros invokes the knowledge of all languages that were, are, and will be (This does not include code and ciphers). Used on himself, it enables for critical communication and diplomatic efforts. Used on others, it can be a highly discomfiting rush of knowledge.

4) Doors to Dimentia: Cabarros sends himself or another target hurtling through 37 dimensions in a harrowing but otherwise harmless journey. Effectively, the target and its worldly associations simply cease to be for a few seconds, though perceptional time and space through the dimensions may vary greatly.


Freakishly strong (he can snap a man in half and make an impromptu 'discus' hurling record). Experienced (Worldly and Combat matters). Patient. Gets by with minimal food and sleep. Unaffected by metabolism and climate temperatures. Near immunity to acid, cold and necrotic energies. Consumption of raw meat or pickled dead things rapidly regenerates his body back to state zero (as seen above).

Always attempts to talk first. Stiff. Wounds do not heal naturally. Internal corruption has weakened physical structure, and relies heavily on armour for protection. Blunt weapons will counter both at once. Has no helmet due to the constant acidic spittle. Flames, exorcisms and such are doubly effective. 


Cabarros still keeps his two childhood friends (now a Preacher and a Hospitaller) close to the organ that passes for a heart, and they reciprocate his messages whenever discretion is possible. There is the implicit understanding that should they ever meet in person again, they will have to finish what was started.

Ludvick: The Senior Astrologer is a significant piece of the puzzle that is Angel Zone, and his journal and collected works of those before him remain relevant even as the clock ticks closer to the Doctor's foolish experiment.

Likes: Strong principles. Quality debate. Solitude in untamed nature. Hounds and horses (they do not reciprocate). Karmic justice.
Dislikes: Himself. Tampering with Fate and equivalent cosmic forces. Willful ignorance or malice. Misinformation and fads.
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A simply adorable rendition by the wonderful :icongabbyvee:…
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QUICK QUESTION!! This guy is rad af (and I'm gonna cry trying to draw him) BUT about his blade: does it shape shift as whatever it is he needs? I don't properly comprehend the description for it
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Oh dayum, you work fast! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for inquiring. First of all, you'll probably want to simplify wherever you can (he doesn't have the helmet anymore)
His weapon does indeed change shape as he needs. He creates it with his own mind, so he makes/dismisses a weapon based on what he thinks the situation calls for--something heavy and spikey, something long and with reach, something that is good for overhead swings etc. Only melee weapons though.

Hope that helps, do ask away if anything else crops up. Would you prefer me to contact you on DA/notes or Discord?
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Thank you for answering! Yes, I did make an exercise sketch before being dragged onto a Christmas trip and I'm hoping I get used to drawing him
I stopped using discord so thank you for asking! Yes, you can contact me through notes
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Oh, that sounds lovely. Hope to see it!
Happy Upcoming New Year to you.
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Alpha-PainHobbyist Digital Artist
What an interesting... Creature...
(Is cool tho)
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Alpha-PainHobbyist Digital Artist
You welcome
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LeoncaHobbyist General Artist
One of your most interesting characters. =) I wonder how he gets along with family or other members of his kind.
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Thanks, it took quite a bit of figuring out to get him down.

He doesn't have a family so to speak of in a conventional sense, and he would not be welcome back there now. His own kind would likely attempt to destroy him with extreme prejudice on the lines of "What kind of dragon fears the flame? A poor one."
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LeoncaHobbyist General Artist
Awkward. No family reunions then. :XD:
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He's stubborn enough to keep going on with or without support.
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WillnoxasStudent Writer
My god this is awesome...great detail on both art and the bio.
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Thank you kindly! 
Glad to see another fellow fine writer on board. 
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
He's pretty cool : )
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There'll be more once I get the full description in. Stay tuned.
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VIRAMEMHobbyist General Artist
Concise and full of flavor! Nice work Tinker :nod:  
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EGADS, a first post stalker!

Thanks! :D
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