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Trinity Tourney R5 Sins of the Father by TheTinkerThinker Trinity Tourney R5 Sins of the Father :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 3 13 Angel Zone R3: Hearts and Spades by TheTinkerThinker Angel Zone R3: Hearts and Spades :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 0 12 AZ R2-Epilogue: Gilded in Scarlet by TheTinkerThinker AZ R2-Epilogue: Gilded in Scarlet :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 1 0 Angel Zone R2: Good Knight, Bad Night by TheTinkerThinker Angel Zone R2: Good Knight, Bad Night :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 3 2 Trinity OCT R4 Dungeons And Dragons by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R4 Dungeons And Dragons :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 1 0 Trinity: Leaping Lizards, Drowsing Dragons by TheTinkerThinker Trinity: Leaping Lizards, Drowsing Dragons :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 1 Trinity OCT R3-2 A Future Forged by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R3-2 A Future Forged :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 0 Trinity OCT R3-1 A Past Plumbed by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R3-1 A Past Plumbed :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 7
Angel Zone R1 Part 2: Contractual Understanding
"Well, shit," whispered Emma. "I thought tall, dark and ugly would be short in the brains-to-mouth department, but looks like you're screwed there too."
"Thanks. Real helpful."
Calimus peered across the puddle to where his opponent sat placidly. For now.
"Can't we settle this with a game of cards or something instead?"
The green eyes had not blinked for a while.
"That would prove nothing beyond who was the better, or luckier player. Not who was more deserving of their goals."
"I don't rely on luck."
A nod. "That would be a good policy to adhere to."
He was aware of the crowd pressing in, and the various answers they sought in the wake of the attack—the familiar yet foreign scents of demons and desperation, heightened by claustrophobia. The hellish heat of the coal engines mixed with the ever present brimstone to draw forth ancient and terrible memories.
I won't be a servant anymore. Never again.
He balled his fists around his muddied jacket.
Emma whisp
:iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 0 0
Angel Zone R1 Part 1: Through the Fire and Flames
Once Upon a Time
For a long while, the duo knelt in silent vigil, eyes fixated on the golden effigy of the Paragon Primus Ravier but not meeting its gaze. It wore no armour and wielded only the broken haft of a halberd, as per the truth of the final chapter, with meticulous depiction directed to each laceration, each perforation, and the exposure of bone and dripping sinew.
The Paragon stood on a jagged bed of broken blades and corpses of friend and foe alike, and if—Cabarros reflected—the enemy had not declared a full retreat to utilize crossbows, he might have remained standing in that fateful hall for all eternity. If the effigy captured even a tenth of the likeness, he had enough determination in those eyes to take on the vanguard and the reinforcements.
"When you behold the weight of judgement in full without wavering, you will be ready for God."
The High Inquisitor Perimund himself had carved out the plaque that adorned the base, and it was a tra
:iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 0 2
Trinity R2-Epilogue by TheTinkerThinker Trinity R2-Epilogue :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 4 Trinity OCT R2-3 No Business Like Show Business by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R2-3 No Business Like Show Business :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 8 Trinity OCT R2-2 Artistic Differences by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R2-2 Artistic Differences :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 3 2 Trinity OCT R2-1 Momento Mori by TheTinkerThinker Trinity OCT R2-1 Momento Mori :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 2 5 Ref Sheet: Cabarros the Caustic by TheTinkerThinker Ref Sheet: Cabarros the Caustic :iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 13 17
Trinity Post R1 Sidequest: Blue's Clues
If ever lost, return immediately to the last familiar destination or clanmate, and start anew.
Kobold Kommunications – Standard Operating Procedure X-VI-I
Sivlis awoke with a start, amidst the smothering warmth of blankets too thick and a pillow—a neck misaligning device or suffocation aide, more likepropping her up. The air was sharply crisp and carried tinges of human perspiration, chemical odours and spilled beverages.
The healing house. You are in the healing house. It is a safe place. With effort, she willed back the wailing sirens of her senses and took slow breaths, counting with each inhalation until her body readjusted its acceptable baseline for danger.
It was the same mantra, repeated every hour as it had been since the harrowing events of the fight. Sivlis had staunchly refused all but t
:iconthetinkerthinker:TheTinkerThinker 4 2
Oh man, I remember when I used to do loads of these on a frequent basis.

Tagged by :iconninjaninaiii:


1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4) You have to choose 10 people to tag, and post their icons on your journal.
5) Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6) No tag backs.

10 things about me. (A.k.a. What topics to avoid if you don't want to be held for the next X hours)

1) With few exceptions, I love canine things (dogs, wolves, werewolves, coyotes, dingoes) but can also be persuaded to like other floofy critters… I wouldn't own a cat though--completely different rules.
2) I love writing stories and drawing (silly) comics (photography, abstract art and design tends to go over my head), though that doesn't say much since I'm already on DA. I was drawn here by OCTs (…) and they remain one of the highlights of my stay.
3) After spending about 4 years on DA, I've come to appreciate originality, humour, the macabre, the provoking and even radicalism in art, FAR MORE than stoic beauty. Yes, as a werewolf fan, I do appreciate snarling angry werewolves, but show me something like this: or and I'm sold.
4) I'd be lying if I said I was only 'something of a gamer'. My preferred is Turn-Based strategy, RPG, and RTS with pause buttons (cheat, I know :P). I just wish games these days didn't require fast internet connections (Diablo 3 and such). Some of my favourites were Final Fantasy 9 (very nostalgic, and none of that highschool protagonist syndrome), Planescape: Torment (Black Isle, I worship thee), Baldur's Gate Series (B.I. again), Nox (really old)… , Heroes of Might and Magic V, and more.
5) I find that RPing helps me write stories. Then again, I was used to RPing before coming to DA (more convincing now, I hope :3). Mainly with Dungeons and Dragons (I've stubbornly stuck with 3.5 edition since the prospect of browsing another bazillion rulebooks balks me). Good fun, though I've an odd penchant for playing strange, kooky or otherwise just plain ugly characters. If you've no idea what D&D is, try picking up the game "Temple of Elemental Evil" for a faster electronic introduction.
6) I love most varieties of music, though I prefer things with catchy beats, or a pounding base, or RHYMING LYRICS (Disney classics :D). I avoid any modern wangst music like the plague, though then again there are great parodies that arise from those… .
7) I prefer cooking my own food when I can, unless I'm short for time. See my Deviant ID for a hint at my skillz :lol: My favourite foods are Malaysian foods: Satay, Roti, Kway Teow, Mee etc. (I'm so sick of sandwiches by now in the UK). I prefer plain water--coffee does some really WEIRD things to my head, and my parents have given up trying to teach me to distinguish alcoholic beverages from one another.
8) I'm not strictly religious by a long shot, because to be so would demand obedience to certain scripture (and paper, however you look at it, is dead wood). However, I am very grateful for things the way they are now with my family, friends and future prospects.
9) I've been to quite a few places around the globe. I'm more of a city person (urban Japan, Singapore and the Gold Coast being some of my favourites), though I'd love to see the Alps and Tibet some time. Canada ought to be nice too.
10) If you've read this far, you are a dedicated time waster, and should be acquainted with TV tropes if you're not already so. :3…

Questions I'm being asked. (Gee, this journal is still going on?)

1) The best book I've read recently is "Thud" (fantasy with more than a slice of life), by Terry Pratchett (who never fails to amaze). And for something a bit more classic, "The Stars my Destination" a.k.a. "Tiger, Tiger" by Alfred Bester. (Sci fi)
2) I don't have any favourite youtubers (if you mean following people)
3) Lucky number? No such thing for me. Though let it be known that I love nice rounded figures, so stick your Pi and imaginary numbers elsewhere. >:M
4) The Queen of England is a real person. Though if I were her, I don't think I'd be on DA :P
5) ... I thought OTP was one-time-password for a long time. I'm really not much of a shipper, since I believe it's up to the authors to write the story (and if they're smart, they'll know where to cash in, or kill off :evillaugh:)
6) See 7 above
7) I laugh in bad horror movies. (And for the matter, I cringe and hide behind furniture in bad romantic films/books). But if you want honest laughs, look no further than Tiny Toons and the classics.
8) Pigs will be able to fly when their launched at high speeds from suitably high altitudes, or at calculated trajectories. No one said they had to fly very long, right?
9) If I could have one superpower, I'd make it the ability to make other people smarter, wiser, and as a whole, better people. (Then I can be the ONLY villain on Earth, mwahahaha)
10) Tongue twisters? Not my kind of interest, unless you mean in the sense of watching politicians try to backtrack through speeches. :lick:

(Hey, not bad questions at all!)

I choose to tag no one. I DEFY YOUR CONVENTIONS! :D


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Micheal Teh
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Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Funny



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