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Lighter than Air Ch. 2
Karen did a double tuck as she moved effortlessly on the balance beam. Her leotard sparkled in the light as she moved. She then moved and backflipped with a double twist and landed the dismount.
Her feet stuck the landing. But what caught her off guard was the sound of hands clapping. She looked to see her friend Elise, judging from her bag she had just gotten out of ballet practice.
“Nice job Karen. Next stop the Olympics!”
“Thanks”, Karen replied. “Though I don’t feel like I am doing it well enough.”
“Oh come on the way you do it, you are really light on your feet”, said Elise patting her back.
“Yet I still feel earthbound. You on the other hand seem to know what it feels to break free. I guess ballet does that to you”, said Karen sighing.
“Actually I . . had some help” she chuckled.
“What kind”, asked Karen a tad curious.
“Well”, said Elise then giggling. “He’s a friend
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A Reporter's Thought's
As she settled in for the night, Lisa couldn’t help but think about the events that had happened up until now. Tomorrow she would have to go back to school, but the summer break she had, had been very eventful. She got more than what she bargained for. Who would have thought all this started because of a broken camera?
She remembered, she heard that a rogue boomer was going on in one of the old desolate places in the neighborhood and decided to check it out. Who would have thought she would be able to capture the Knight Sabers? Got a decent picture of one of them too... well she thought she did. She will never know... for one of them didn’t seem to like her picture being taken and had her camera smashed. HER CAMERA! THE ONE HER FATHER HAD BEFORE HER AND GIVEN TO HER!
The thought almost made her blood boil. She may not be that angry at the Knight Sabers anymore, but if she ever finds out who the Blue Knight Saber is, she would give her an earful and maybe even demand she pay
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The Princess of the Ocean
She is kind as the gentle waves
Her spirit is like the untamable waters
She moves and adapts like the element itself
She can be fierce like a ocean storm
And can be warm as the warmest waters
And as suprising as the unknown secrets withing the sea
She practically rules it
She’s it’s princess.
And always will be.
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Times Are Getting Better
                     As the year ends
                  I reflect on what has happened
                    From the start to finish
               Things have improved and gotten better
               And this final month is the proof of that
               Even in the dark times light shone apon you
                    And I am grateful to hear that
             And I know things will get better from here on in
                          I know the best awaits you
                             And I c
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Lighter Than Air
Elise balanced herself on the barre as she continued to practice her ballet. She leaned back and let her leg lift and then she rose up and went on pointe and moved her way perfectly across the room.
Once she ended in fifth position, there was a clap. She looked to see her boyfriend Ken standing by the door watching her. "Bravo. A first grade a performance."
She smiled and blushed and grabbed her bag. "Thanks, but I still have a ways to got. Remember I am not that far in advanced courses."
"Still it was all worth", said Ken hugging her, "And I mean ALL of it."
Elise blushed realizing she was still in her black leotard and white tights, she couldn't help but blush. "Oh Ken", she said.
"You really enjoy dancing don't you?" asked Ken.
"Oh yes. .when I dance it's the next best thing to being lighter than anything in the world", she said as she broke then embrace and did a small turn and purée to emphasize her point.
Ken smiles and gives her a peck. "You already do with me."
"Thanks by
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SMPM 14 A Legendary Showdown
The three elemental islands surrounding Valencia was all peaceful and quiet. The sea whipped around the shores and the cool breeze blew. Only a few sea Pokémon, such as a Goldeen leaping out or a Krabby crawling to the shore, dared to disturb the silence. Nothing seemed to disturb anything about it.
However, the serenity of the islands was about to change as evident in the new sounds in the distance. The sound of boats revving off in the distance came first, followed by helicopters. They were all blazed with a huge 'R' and they were all approaching each of the islands.
On Valencia island many of the townsfolk stared as the ships approached, including a resident heroine, Melody. Melody was known for helping the Chosen One in saving the world from destruction. But right now she and the other residents could only watch as the strange group of people came ashore and unleased their Pokémon.
This caused everyone on the isl
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SMPM Chapter 13 Heart of a Gym Leader
"IMCOPETENTS" shouted Tomoe and Geovanni through the vid window. Jesse, James and Meowth flinched at this.
"You four bungled it despite having more than enough heart snatchers for the job", said Tomoe. "I am beginning to see why Geovanni doesn't hold you in such high regard. Perhaps we should replace you with someone more competent."
Jessie and James and Meowth squirmed in unease. But just then as if to answer their prayers Mimet stepped up.
"Now hold on Dr. Tomoe", said Mimet. "Despite these three's foul ups, I have managed to look back into some of the encounters these 3 did and through their reports I discovered a extremely pure heart!"
"Oh and the owner", asked Tomoe.
"Her name is Cissy and she happens to be one of the four leaders of the Orange Island gyms, better known as the Orange Crew", said Mimet.
"Very well", said Tomoe, "I presume Geovanni is willing to part with another pokémon for a heart snatcher?"
Geovanni hums. "Very well but try not to make me regret it!"
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SMPM Chapter 12 A Super Monster Showstopper
Dr. Tomoe was leering at Geovanni on the vid phone. Not very pleased, not pleased at all.
"Geovanni. Your world has shown great promise and yet we have yet to bring back a single heart crystal!" he exclaimed. "Our sovereign is growing deeply impatient."
"Yes, and I don't blame you, but it seems the tatics you use are more so to blame since you barely had any luck before Team Rocket came along", said Geovanni. "So don't put the blame on us!"
"Argh. That is no reason to slack behind, why if I had 3 pure hearts for each one lost. . . " started Tomoe.
"Wait, say that again", said Geovanni.
"I said if I had 3 hearts for each . . ." he again started.
"That's it! I found out our flaw", said Geovanni. "My dear Doctor. You, and then we, keep failing everytime you go after ONE single pure heart, but have you thought about taking several hearts at once. . and then split the monsters up."
"Yes", said Tomoe. "That would not be a bad idea. . even if one is destroyed we would still benefit from the m
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Alex and Merida
A young girl was passing the time exploring the woods that day. She was a very adventurous girl, and was very brave. She always loved to explore places that was new to her. Right now she and her family were visiting this kingdom and this was her first time here. This is why she was exploring. The thrill of the unknown excited her.
“I wonder what I may find”, she asked no one in particular. She continued to move through the woods trying to see what she could find, when to her amazement a small tiny bit of flame appears before her. She had heard of these things; they were called wisps.
“A wisp”, she gasped, and then simply said, “Hello there.”
More wisps appeared creating a long line of them. Curious she decided to follow those wisps. She traveled over a few rocks and over a log and tried to keep up with them. “Hey where are you taking me?”
She ran following the wisps for who knows how long, to her it almost was an eternity but she soon fou
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Together Forever
Princess was sitting at a local café, waiting patiently for someone. Today was that special day and she could hardly wait to see this someone again. It has been yet another year but she has known this someone for such a long time. They have seen each other off and on again and again but he never dared miss this day, it was a very special day. A very special day. She smiled and blushed in knowing.
Her thoughts then paused when he heard the sound of footsteps rushing up to her. She gasped to look to see who it was approaching her and to her happiness, it was who she was waiting for.
“Made in time”, he said. “Hope you weren’t waiting long.”
“Not at all”, she said smiling and putting her hand out. The young man smiled and took it and kissed it.
Princess couldn’t help but blush when this young man did that. “Have a seat Jason.”
Jason nodded and sat on down. The café owner took their orders and headed on back inside to get
:iconthetimetraveler:TheTimeTraveler 2 3
Princess: A Mermaid
Look off into the distance
See her tail in the morning sun
She comes up and smiles and waves to you
A charming smile on her face
You can’t help but want to swim to her
The mermaid everyone comes to love
She brightens your day
She makes you laugh
She is compassionate
And she is just
How could one not love this one
She is as one with water when she swims
She glides along as smooth as ice
She loves it all from morning to night
She is loving
And she is playful
Be warned she can be a bit too playful
She may pull you in the water to get a smile on your face
That is her nature
That is who she is
The best mermaid in the ocean
:iconthetimetraveler:TheTimeTraveler 1 1
Gift for Princess
Into the ocean
She dives into the deep blue
Reflects her pure heart.
:iconthetimetraveler:TheTimeTraveler 2 1
The Rainbow Mermaid
       It was another great day in the land of colors, Rainbowland. Of course practically almost everyday in this land was peaceful, the encounters of Murky Dismal and Lurky not withstanding of course. Along with it’s tranquility, most of it is known to the beings who inhabit this land, from the Sprites, to the horses, to the Color Kids and even Rainbow Brite herself.
However, Rainbowland, like any other land, is vast and can contain many mysteries, and one such mystery was soon about to be found by Rainbow Brite herself.
Rainbow and her magnificent horse, Starlight, were out having a small casual ride, which was a nice break from bringing colors to the whole world, which they did do earlier that morning.
“Sure is pleasant today”, RB said.
“Indeed it sure is”, said Starlite. “What is even more amazing was that we never noticed this trail bef
:iconthetimetraveler:TheTimeTraveler 1 2
Narnian Crisis Chapter 5 Interception and Departur
The Narnian Crisis
Chapter 5
Interception and Departure
Disclaimer: I don't own the Chronicles of Narnia or any of the characters except myself. NattieNatCat is the property of the original deviant by the same name.
The group headed slowly and quietly through the canyon, of course with the flyers overhead. Of course they couldn't help but feel a little claustrophobic.
The walk through the whole thing was pretty tight. Sonic had to keep restraining himself from running.
"You know Sonic", said Sakura, "You could easily dash to the other side."
"No way, we have to stay together", said Sonic, "Besides who know what lies ahead."
"Sonic's right", said Jason, "Even though Rabadash won't be aware of what happened until dawn we must still be on our guard. We must keep our pals especially close. Especially Nattie and Urkel.. .well maybe not him."
"Aw now don't be mean Big Brother", said Nattie. "He is a part of the group as much as anyone else here."
"Yeah listen to the catgirl, my pal", said Ur
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Shinobu Polar Express Ch. 3 Hot! Hot! Chocolate
As Shinobu stared out of the window of her seat. Su was still busy using the seats as her personal jungle gym and was leaping about. The other kids on board couldn't help but keep staring.
"Your friend is sure amazing", said a nearby girl from over the seat. "But she is surely a great acrobat."
"That's one way of putting it", said Shinobu.
"I might want to ask her to help me, I hope to perform at the Kaleido Stage someday", said the girl.
Shinobu gasped, "Really?"
"Yeah. Been my dream for some time. My name is Sora Naegino", said the girl.
"I'm Shinobu Maehara", said Shinobu. "N-N-Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too. I noticed you were pretty sad when you came on board", said Sora.
"Well you see, it's my first Christmas without my parents. They divorced", said Shinobu looking down. "To avoid getting caught up I stay at this women's dormitory."
"I kinda understand. It was hard for me to have Christmas without my parents", said Sora.
"Did they divorce", asked Shinobu.
"No they died.
:iconthetimetraveler:TheTimeTraveler 1 0
Shinobu Polar Express Ch. 2 Tickets Please
Shinobu makes her way into the car. As she did she kept her arms to her chest and looked around shaking. Su on the other hand looked around with a gaping smile on her face. All around them were other children, all in their pajamas and nightgowns. Some were in their seats, others were moving about. Some were silent, some were talking and a few were singing.
She shyly moved by and went to a seat. She sat down and kinda looked down and away to keep herself from being seen. Su however just started being herself and started bounding on seat after seat like they were monkey bars.
Seeing there wasn't anything she had to do, she just stared out the window, watching as the train sped by buildings, houses and villages. 'Probably asleep, not even knowing about us', said Shinobu to herself.
Su meanwhile nearby was perched on a seat looking at the kids at one seat, who were looking at her in a bit of fear and astonishment. She simply smiled and asked, "Hey do you have any food on you?" The answer b
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Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American Sign Language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Back when the Wii was young, I had the privilege, no the oppurtunity to buy a unique game. Thanks to the review of a friend, I had the thought to buy it. It was Nights:  Journey Into Dreams and I was blown away. I had known of it's predecessor on the Sega Saturn for some time but I never owned one and by the time the N64 rolled around I was won over to Nintendo's team. So I thought it would be one game I thought I would never play, that was until near the end of last year.

But some stroke I saw in the games area on my Xbox360 I saw that the original NiGHTs was a available for download and I was so suprised how well it was.

This version is revamped with newer graphics but you have the option to play in the old Sega Saturn graphics for a real retro exprience. ANd as a bonus, you beat the normal game and you can play the CHristmas NiGHTS promotion game. No kidding! ^_^

Anyway I will give you some nitty gritty for those that are unfamiliar with it.


This game follows two kids like in the seuql. We have Elliot and Claris.

Eilliot is having concerns on letting his basketball team down, whild Claris is wanting to audition for the special play celebrating their home town's anneversary, but is afraid she will mess up the audition. However they both have nightmares and are drawn intot he dream realm. Turns out Wizeman wants to invade our realm by stealing the idiya of all dreamers who come there, but the one he can't touch is the red Idiaya of courage. But Night's is attracted to those who are. Together they need to get their Idiaya back and stop Wizeman.

There is not much to the cinema of the game, only enough to give you an idea of what's going on. Just sounds and little lines. Okay that is done let's move on to the game.


Each area you have to retrieve your Idiaya taken byt the Nightmarens in each level. YOu have your character duelize with NiGHTS and then in a time limit you have to collect enough blue chips on each course and try to ram it. Each level is divided into seperate courses, each with their own Idiya and the faster you get the blue chips, the better the score. Not to mention there are trick areas where you can have NiGHTS do tricks to earn more chips. Also you can have nights Paraloop to ward off enemis and Drill Dash.

However if you run out of time you will unfuze with Nights and you have to walk your character all the way to the start to duelize with him again.

After you finish each level you go up against a Nightmaren boss and some of them are a little tricky but otherwise pretty good. ANd if you are wondering, yes you will eventually ruan in to NiGHTs counterpart from the 2nd game, Reala. 

If you manage to reach a C rank in all the main levels you can unlock Twin Seeds and take on the final boss. Get at least a C Rank there an you get the best possible ending.


Pretty standard good sounds and enjoyable. Nothing much to say.


Has a pretty good soundtrack and the main song Dreams, Dreams is Excellent.

Overall I am glad to finally have BOTH NiGHTS games in my collection as well as the Christmas promotional one but it's all good all the same. Overall I rate this game a good 8 out 10.

That's all from me! ^_^


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