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Aromy - iOS 7 Theme - LAUNCHED -


The wait is over, Aromy is finally here, Alive, in Cydia just for you !

Aromy is the most colorful and beautiful theme ever designed for iOS 7. Its detailed icons brings every pixel to life and breathes a new soul into your iPhone right from the start.

Aromy supports over 120 app icons ( And future updates with more icons coming soon ) so you can enjoy seeing the apps you use and love the most right from the start, without looking at the stock/old iOS 7 icons ever again ! You will love it right away, love at first sight, i promise !

I’ve worked for this theme so hard and I didn’t just made this theme for everybody, firstly it was made just for my iphone, and because of that every single icon was worked in detail so that every single pixel looked perfect on my device. NOW, you can have it too !

I posted some screenshots with my icons on twitter and things just got CRAZY ! I got amazing feedback from people and from some great graphic designers out there and I was just stunned by the great response, so I thought why not release this theme to the public ?! 

And here I am, after 3 months of hard work and struggle of making everything perfect, Aromy is alive, and wants to live on your iPhone until the end of your days „lol” .

For updates regarding Aromy and everything I do follow me on twitter thetimeloop and you can also take a look on my website 

I hope that you will love Aromy as much as I do, and I also hope that with this theme I did a cool thing bringing color and joy in your every day life !

Thank you !

Peace.     Timeloop ( Fabian Albert )
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wallpaper please
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Any chance you will be updating for ios8?
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When will be compatible for ios8 iphone 6
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nice, a shame i have to pay, i understand why it's paid, you spent a lot of time on this! :) love it
Nerdz182's avatar
I need update to 7.1 please!! Aromy is my favorite theme!
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I have a request, can I buy your icons in png format, so I can use em on Android???

Just let me know your paypal and i'll transfer the amount ASAP!!!
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Just purchased it and it's great, but is there any chance you could release a psd? A lot of icons aren't themed yet and I'd like to at least get my first page fully themed properly. I made some crappy imitation icons but the edges look a little off.

Also one suggestion: some of your icons have weird colors for no apparent reason. For example, Cydia is purple even though the stock Cydia icon is brown. Why not colorize them to roughly their stock colors and make the custom colors optional instead? After all, the primary purpose of an icon is to help the user locate an app and color association is a pretty big part of how our brains work (which is why Apple made different app types have different colors and similar ones like Messages/Phone/Facetime share the same colors).

Regardless, lovely work! 
Would also love a PSD... I hate having unthemed icons and I can always send what I make to you to include in updates if you like them.
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These look amazing. When you release them, could you post them as png files as well (for us Android users). I'm willing to pay as much as the price is for the Cydia file.
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What a Masterpiece, so simple and clean!
It is already my favorite theme :)
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The simplicity is pure, nice work thetimeloop. :clap:
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Might actually be the deepest theme i have ever seen on iphone.
Amazing work!

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Very clean dude, nice work really :clap:
I cant wait for this theme to be released. This is by far the best iOS 7 Theme EVER!!
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