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Call your senators and urge them to vote "Yes" for Net Neutrality by tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th:

- Arizona
- Alaska
- Florida
- Louisana
- Nevada
- South Carolina
- Utah

We're on #REDALERT people!!!

p.s.: I can't do anything because I'm a student with a visa, but please do it for me, your folks and your country.
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jk lol

I have now set up my own RedBubble shop and uploaded 4 of my detailed artwork there. There is no clothing though, since I'm not comfortable putting my detailed art on T-shirts and hoodies.
You can check it out here and see if there's anything appealing to your eye ;P:…

--TheTigerBlaze :fire: 
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Oh what's this? Another game recommendation?!

So.. I was on Ilkyra's stream and she was playing music from "Ori and the Blind Forest", which got me interested into this. I watched the game's trailer, and the art does look stunning when I first saw it.

"Ori and the Blind Forest" is platformer game developed by Microsoft Studios and Moon Studios (fun fact: They're a studio of former Blizzard Studio artists / developers), and it was released on March 11th 2015 on PC (including Steam) and Xbox One. I got the Definitive Edition of the game, since I couldn't purchase the original version by itself and the creators said that the Definitive Edition is an "update" to "Ori and the Blind Forest". So I went on ahead and played the Definitive Edition first at Normal Difficulty. Unlike the original version, you can use Light Wells for fast-travelling and you can also adjust the game's difficulty.

The controls in "Ori and the Blind Forest" are a bit difficult to adapt to, but it's very enjoyable to play as an athletic Ori the further you progress into the game. However, some areas of the game, notably the escape sequences, are the major mothertruckers here, I died more than several times trying to beat them. In fact, I died 800+ times overall in the game (I was exploring all of the game's areas and secret's okkaaayyyy??? Nothin' to be ashamed of! Even the areas I'm not supposed to go to yet...), and yes, there is a death counter in the status menu.

You still get to enjoy the soundtrack, story and artwork, which are the only strongest points about this game.

Also game trailers:

I'm also looking forward to the second Ori game, "Ori and the Will of the Wisps".

--TheTigerBlaze :fire: 
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This summer I bought 2 games on Steam, being "Night in the Woods" and "Rakuen". I played "Rakuen" first because it's a game I've been wanting to play since a couple of months ago, and holy crud was it good.

"Rakuen" is an RPG game developed by Laura Shigihara (also the composer of this game), who I think she's known for performing a Minecraft song on a music video made by Slamacow and composed tracks for Plants Vs. Zombies and To the Moon. While some RPGs I know of have combat features such as the "Aveyond" franchise (the game series I grew up with) and earlier "Final Fantasy" games, this game doesn't. It's only filled with puzzles and lets you enjoy the story of the game as more unfolds.

And speaking of the story, it's a real tearjerker, my only warning if you plan on playing this game, which you should because it's overall amazing and inspiring. The soundtrack and everything in this game is so unforgettable and I eventually fell in love with those aspects.

Also, here's the trailer:

-- TheTigerBlaze :fire: 
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I GOT ACCEPTED INTO SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)!!! THE COLLEGE I WANTED TO GO TO!!
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Yes I'm on my Macbook Pro laptop right now, and I am currently in New York attending a 3-week 3D animation course (which I raged about a few months back), which, I gotta admit, is pretty hard to follow and fun to play around with the software (Maya) at the same time.

But back into my problems at hand... I plugged into my tablet to my laptop, but then I can't zoom in. I'd have to enable "Zoom with Scroll Wheel" if I wanted to Zoom in and Out with my Wacom Intuos Tablet, but it's not working as I wanted. I tried pinching on my tablet to zoom, but instead I slid 2 of my fingers across, which was meant for scrolling but on zooming instead.

I tried googling for help on this but none of them are really useful. If you guys are using Photoshop CC (or any version is alright) and using Mac OS X AND using a Wacom Tablet, can you give me some pointers on how to fix this?!

--TigerBlaze :fire: 
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Stole this tag journal from CheeseTart 

I have to post these rules.
Each person has to share 13 things about them.
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
Choose 13 people.
You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
You can't say you don't do tags.
Tag-backs are ALLOWED
YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

13 facts

Bullet; Yellow My first language is English, which proves my fluency in that language.
Bullet; Yellow I get to have all 4 seasons in my home city.
Bullet; Yellow CheeseTart is the only one in the dA community who knows how my voice sounds like. But that will change soon. :3
Bullet; Yellow Out of all of the places I travelled to, Lapland in Finland is my most favorite.
Bullet; Yellow I have a soft spot for snowy cold climates.
Bullet; Yellow I'm actually a tomboy, but it doesn't mean I don't tolerate anything girly. (actuallyitdoes)
Bullet; Yellow I'm still single and a lone wolf as of now. (beat it, boys)
Bullet; Yellow My family is as annoying as fudge.
Bullet; Yellow I rarely ever swear.
Bullet; Yellow More of a Twitter person than Facebook person.
Bullet; Yellow I was in different communities in the past, not gonna say which.
Bullet; Yellow Preferred vehicle: Quad bike.
Bullet; Yellow I now rarely played Club Penguin, because I want to focus more on what I want to do.

Quick update:
I'm very inactive last month because of my exams, but it's over. Right now I'm on my Work Experience Week and I'll try to have all of the character ref sheets and concepts for all of my comic series as soon as possible.

1. You Play any sports?
I used to play badminton.

2. Are you popular?
In terms of any community, not really.

3. Club Penguin or Toontown
Club Penguin.

4. Favorite Wii U game.
Uhh.. I don't own a Wii U. :/

5. The Beach!!!
*turns away* nope

6. Favorite Food?

7. Favorite Hotel
Hard to choose...

8. Road Trip Where would you go?
Treasure Island. (there is such a place called like that in Hong Kong. ^^)

9. Do you hate anyone?
Just some people. *stares at child artists*

10. Favorite Car?
Electricity-fueled car.

11. Siblings?

12. Wanna Run 5 miles with me?
No thank you.

Dude, I'm just walking!

Not tagging anyone.
Up to you.
I stole this from JaneSonia.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(mehhh I don't feel like tagging others rn)

I actually have a lot of characters whose backstories won't be revealed until the events of a certain series, I would spoil a few facts from them but then the plot of one of my series would then be a bit more predictable. So what I would do is to give out facts for one of my OCs whose biography is already revealed. Hugo, I choose you!

1. Hugo and Herbert were born from the same polar bear tribe in the North Pole lead by their father, Frostbite A. Bear.
2. Hugo and Tigerspirit currently share a close brother/sister relationship and disowned Herbert prior to "Family", despite that and his brother were biologically related.
3. As a cub, Hugo was more popular than Herbert because he was stronger than him (same goes with Hugo's immune system), which may be the cause of Herbert's bitter attitude towards others especially penguins, a trait that Hugo despises.
4. It will be unlikely for Hugo to repair his bonds with his brother, as evidenced by the fact that he vowed to protect Club Penguin Island from serious threats from Herbert.
5. Hugo and Cadence agreed to a dance-off once, but both bear and penguin's dancing skills were equally impressive, and eventually called out a draw.
6. Hugo is a singer, but he only sung covers of different songs.
7. Unlike Herbert, he prefers squid and sardine pizza over seaweed pizza, as he claimed that seaweed gets stuck in his teeth.
8. Possibly after Herbert's true defeat (which possibly could involve death, surrender or imprisonment), Hugo will return to the North Pole after a sorrowful farewell with the residents of Club Penguin, and later found a mate and have cubs.

I'm not gonna tag anyone, it's up to you guys. ;)
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Ever since my first one, Family, I wanted to write more short stories not just to get more attention in the fandom but hey, it's just I had a few more ideas. ;P

"Cadence and the Song Wolf"
The diva singer meets a song spirit that resides in the wilderness.

After knowing that Hugo was killed, Tigerspirit and Boltjaw joined the EPF to solve the case.

UPDATE: I have put the MQ comic series on hiatus, because of school and stuff. Also, since that I have been thinking some interpretations in Club Penguin. I wanted to apply these interpretations into a comic book, "Club Penguin: Card-Jitsu Shadow" and it's sequel, "Club Penguin: Card-Jitsu Solar", where it features the first master of Card-- Okay nuff spoilers!
Should I consider changing my username to TheTigerBlaze to match up my blog and YouTube channel? Because now that I have Core membership and it's what I've been considering for a while..
Or you think my current one is fine?

Tonight was unexpected. I was given A YEAR Core membership by tigerwolfcast (specifically Chris Gliddon, who WAS Polo Field from CP).

Soo.. thanks again for the membership! ^^
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It's this time of the year again... School.. -_-

However, as for the first week of school, it ain't too shabby, but with tutorial class during the weekends and homework deadlines, I feel very stressed already (since summer)! What have I done with my life?!?!?!
So... My drawings may not be out as often. But if possible, I can post WIPs, sneak peek in my comic scripts (but will be posted rarely because I might spoil everything before the actual pages come) and as well as sketch dumps.
I also have to work on 2 entries for each contest; Another contest entry for Starchlld and another one for a CP player on Twitter. I might have to sacrifice my time for one of the entries for more time in school.
By the way, during my study periods, I have been writing the script for the first book of "Monkey Quest: Light of Hope" as well as practicing drawing other animals like dragons, owls and other birds even. So let's just say that the progress of my script for the first book is coming along a bit quicker. c:

Soo.. yeah. This week has been a stressful week for me, but I will manage it if I can.

Until then, see ya!
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The FIRST 10 people who comment on my journal will get a feature here, showing off some deviations in your gallery, that I like most.
In turn, you must submit a journal like this, and you'll give me the first slot of your features.

(NOTE: Since I commented on Starchlld and CheeseTart's journal, Owl has to come first since I commented on hers first, while Selena will have to be on 2nd. Sorryyyy!!!)

1. :iconstarchlld:
<da:thumb id="540523176"/><da:thumb id="555849417"/><da:thumb id="550796853"/><da:thumb id="545526423"/>
I really like her traditional artwork! She's totes a friendly gal, I would say. And on one note, every time you feel down, just keep your head up! Things will get smoothen out for ya. ;D

2. :iconcheesetart:
Lil' FireFly by CheeseTart
Though I don't know her much, but! Her art style on penguins are cute! ^^ Just keep it up! :D

3. :iconmsreddington:
<da:thumb id="551842391"/><da:thumb id="541957343"/><da:thumb id="541971026"/><da:thumb id="474042122"/>

Her drawings was really stunning! And I like how she implemented realistic styles on animals such as cats (In which I wish I would have done!!! >_<).

4. :iconskullkittenz21:
<da:thumb id="502010752"/><da:thumb id="510940081"/><da:thumb id="524163597"/><da:thumb id="524200814"/>
Well, some art she did can be quite uncomfortable to me, but I do admire the details and shading she worked on. ^^
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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
About 4 years.

2.What does your username mean?
"Feline" refers to that I have a passion for cats, both domestic and wild. "Film" means I always think of film scenes of my own in my head, and finally, "Artz" means that I've always liked to draw and improve my skills in drawing. This will be changed once I got a membership.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Tough, creative and clever.

4. Are you left or right handed?

5. What was your first deviation?
It was an artwork I made with Microsoft Paint, but I lost it. ;-;

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital Art. ^^

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Animation, digital 2D AND 3D.

8. What was your first favourite?
Can't recall. -.-

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Mostly digital art, and some awesome animations as well.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
At first, it was :iconretrouniverseart:. But now it's :iconilkyra:, :iconnightrizer: and :iconice-artz:.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Ooh... It's hard to say.. Sweating a little... . Hmm... Probably ElectroSpanz, SharonTD or Starchlld. I dunno...

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I think they all inspired me for every work I do, especially very experienced or professional ones.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, Photoshop, a sketchbook and pencils.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
deivantART obviously. =P (Razz) 

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I don't have any. Whoops?

Found this from :iconrambitionkur0kku: (I'd say this because she used to do tags)

1. Pick two or more of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag five people to do this meme!

OC(s): Fenikkusu Arashi, Lauren Brightstalker

1. Hey whats your name

You know what guys?
I am thinking of making my own Club Penguin medieval story, based off my idea on this picture:

I already have ideas of that story. Whether it is setting during the events of RambitionKur0kku's story "A Medieval Curse" or in my own setting, the format should be in manga or as a narrative...
It is something that I SHOULD do, right? Or I'll just scrap it and let it play in my mind?
I don't know! I mean, I can be imaginative when it comes to a story at times.
Your opinion guys? :? (Confused) 
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Well, I just got sick since yesterday. It started out with a sore lower back and throat, plus a side of feeling a bit dizzy and fell asleep easily (which is the worst!).
And right now, I attempted to do another Club Penguin drawing but my skills weren't up to my standards. :| (Blank Stare) 
I don't know! I should be better right now but what gives?! I think I will try on that drawing tomorrow and see how it goes...
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