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Oh what's this? Another game recommendation?!

So.. I was on Ilkyra's stream and she was playing music from "Ori and the Blind Forest", which got me interested into this. I watched the game's trailer, and the art does look stunning when I first saw it.

"Ori and the Blind Forest" is platformer game developed by Microsoft Studios and Moon Studios (fun fact: They're a studio of former Blizzard Studio artists / developers), and it was released on March 11th 2015 on PC (including Steam) and Xbox One. I got the Definitive Edition of the game, since I couldn't purchase the original version by itself and the creators said that the Definitive Edition is an "update" to "Ori and the Blind Forest". So I went on ahead and played the Definitive Edition first at Normal Difficulty. Unlike the original version, you can use Light Wells for fast-travelling and you can also adjust the game's difficulty.

The controls in "Ori and the Blind Forest" are a bit difficult to adapt to, but it's very enjoyable to play as an athletic Ori the further you progress into the game. However, some areas of the game, notably the escape sequences, are the major mothertruckers here, I died more than several times trying to beat them. In fact, I died 800+ times overall in the game (I was exploring all of the game's areas and secret's okkaaayyyy??? Nothin' to be ashamed of! Even the areas I'm not supposed to go to yet...), and yes, there is a death counter in the status menu.

You still get to enjoy the soundtrack, story and artwork, which are the only strongest points about this game.

Also game trailers:

I'm also looking forward to the second Ori game, "Ori and the Will of the Wisps".

--TheTigerBlaze :fire: 
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This summer I bought 2 games on Steam, being "Night in the Woods" and "Rakuen". I played "Rakuen" first because it's a game I've been wanting to play since a couple of months ago, and holy crud was it good.

"Rakuen" is an RPG game developed by Laura Shigihara (also the composer of this game), who I think she's known for performing a Minecraft song on a music video made by Slamacow and composed tracks for Plants Vs. Zombies and To the Moon. While some RPGs I know of have combat features such as the "Aveyond" franchise (the game series I grew up with) and earlier "Final Fantasy" games, this game doesn't. It's only filled with puzzles and lets you enjoy the story of the game as more unfolds.

And speaking of the story, it's a real tearjerker, my only warning if you plan on playing this game, which you should because it's overall amazing and inspiring. The soundtrack and everything in this game is so unforgettable and I eventually fell in love with those aspects.

Also, here's the trailer:

-- TheTigerBlaze :fire: 
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I GOT ACCEPTED INTO SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)!!! THE COLLEGE I WANTED TO GO TO!!
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