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Lesandra 'Tiger' Wingisele (2017) ref sheet by TheTigerBlaze Lesandra 'Tiger' Wingisele (2017) ref sheet by TheTigerBlaze
EDIT (4/20/17 11:20PM HKT): Added trivia.
EDIT (4/26/17 1:56PM HKT): Edited front view

Anthro version: TBA
Element ref: TBA
Other poses: TBA

Been wanting to renew my fursona's design and her color scheme for a loooooonnng time.

Name: Lesandra "Tiger" Wingisele
Age: 18 (in human years)
Gender: Female
Species: Draconic Tiger (An artificial race of tigers created ritually by Spirit Hunters)
Personality: Same personality as creator's
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Home: Mirage Jungle (Doragontora [currently], Andesite Caverns [formerly]), Real World (unnamed tiger streak [formerly])
History: Lesandra was born as a normal cub with her streak, that was until when the Spirit Hunters snuck into her pack and kidnapped her, her father went into a silent pursuit for his daughter. The Spirit Hunters performed a ritual, in which they fused an adult Asian dragon's soul with hers, which painfully altered her appearance. As the Spirit Hunters finished their ritual, Lesandra's father attacked them, causing them to retreat, then turned to see his daughter with her new appearance with a broken heart.
He was worried that she might get discriminated by other cubs in his streak, however, by the time Lesandra was in her cub years, some of the cubs didn't criticize her at all, yet amazed by her appearance, much to her father's relief. This was because Lesandra's birth-pack was one of the most targeted tiger streaks to have their newborn cubs stolen by Spirit Hunters and have their bodies to be merged with dragon souls, turning them into Draconic Tigers. They eventually learned that even though their appearance was changed, they are born to be one of them, which was one of the values and rules that tigers have to adopt to and to be aware of. However, one male tiger cub named Tafu ignored that value and picked on Lesandra, he even challenged her, from races to fights. Since she is a Dragoul Tiger, Lesandra was stronger and faster than Tafu, who accused her of cheating every time she wins.
One day, Tafu vowed Lesandra to a rematch on a race, and Lesandra accepted the rematch and complained that he should stop challenging her. Tafu didn't listen and both cubs ran deep into the forest, out of the streak boundaries, only to be ambushed by Spirit Hunters. One of the Spirit Hunters captured Tafu and when they were about to net Lesandra, a spark of pale yellow fire and lightning (identified as Yellow Plasma) emitted from her swiping paw, startling the Spirit Hunters and freeing Tafu. Using her new ability, she managed to chase the Spirit Hunters away. Tafu then called her "a cursed demon" instead of thanking her for freeing him, and went off to warn the pack. 
Lesandra arrived to the streak last, and noticed Tafu telling the pack elders and leader about her powers and saying that "she's a curse to the streak! You need to send her off, or kill her!", the leader and the elders still need to debate about Lesandra's newfound element, to Tafu's frustration. Lesandra was told by her father that she is a Dragoul Tiger, and he told her that they were crafted by the Spirit Hunters and enslaved them as minions, because of their abilities to wield ancient powerful elements such as Lesandra's yellow plasma. Then he told her the story of the first Dragoul tiger to ever served the Spirit Hunters, but then went against them and freed a clan of Dragoul tigers after it heard their plans, he also believes that Lesandra might turn out to be like the first Draconic Tiger someday. As her father finished the story, the leader and the elders have reached their decision, they decided to let her stay and they might use her powers for a good reason. Tafu heard this and started to attack Lesandra, who barely managed to dodge his blow which gave her a cut on her left ear. Even she never had a heart to fight back, she threw him away from her parent's den anyways, but Tafu still had his strength enough to overpower the Dragon-souled cub and pinned her down. When Tafu was about to land a death blow on Lesandra, the leader stopped him and put Tafu on den-arrest. As Tafu was leaving, he turned back and tell her that she would become a monster that will reign the jungle and would affiliate with the Spirit Hunters.
Still torn about the events during the evening, Lesandra ran away from her streak in the middle of the night, and eventually got lost in a thick rainforest then ran into a Spirit Hunter, only to be rescued by a middle-aged Dragoul Tiger named Waizu, who took her in as his disciple and taught her the natural ways of her own race.
Waizu happened to be the former wielder of Plasma, and passed on his knowledge to Lesandra during their time in the Andesite Caverns. When Lesandra reached the age of 17 human years, she and Waizu were found by Dragoul Tigers in armor and cloaks. Lesandra then was surprised to learn that Waizu is a Chief, and was missing for a decade. They were then escorted to the sanctuary city for Dragoul Tigers, Doragontora, where Waizu returned to his position and appoints his disciple among the ranks.

Bullet; Orange In her previous incarnation, Lesandra mastered Solar Plasma (was Lightning Fire back then), Song, Winter and Moon, as Draconic Tigers (in the past draft of the lore) were to learn up to 4 elements. In this version, she only wields Solar Plasma.
Bullet; Orange The faded purple belt around Lesandra's waist is a reference to the purple cloak she wore in her 2013-2016 version. However, it is also a reference to Martial Arts ranking (specifically Taekwondo or Karate), meaning that her skill level (in both of her element and defense) is in the 3rd or 4th highest to a master, or in the Draconic Tiger universe, the Chief (Waizu). This also means that Lesandra is in the stage where she begins to refine her element into different forms (laser, lightning and fire). A fact that contradicts this is that Waizu claimed that Lesandra is already at his level and only wears the purple belt because purple is her favorite color, so this can deceive other tigers who challenge her in the city.
Bullet; Orange Lesandra is slightly larger than an average young Draconic Tigress. This may be because of her neck fur or the Dragon Soul she was merged with.
Bullet; Orange Her favorite food are salmon and deer. Oddly enough, Lesandra wore a deer antler tail ring in her past incarnation.
Bullet; Orange She uses her element to dry or groom her fur, which in result, made her neck fur look spiky and how her cheek fur looked like an Eastern dragon's.
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