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This is the kind of artwork I will do for requests and/or commissions.


- Anime humans
- Sonic-styled characters
- Original characters of my own
- Original characters belonging to other users
- Adventure fantasy cartoon settings
- Cartoon background art
- Gay/lesbian art
- Underwater, swimming, drowning

- Nude art
- Blood and gore
- Death
- Incest
- Vore
- Zombie apocalypses
- Military settings
- Characters belonging to existing media (Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Phineas and Ferb, Zootopia, The Last of Us, Mega Man, etc. etc.)
- Fan-made characters belonging to existing media except my own fan-made characters
- Use of online programs such as Kisekae because it wouldn't prove anything
- Anything gross
- Anything My Little Pony
- Pokémon
- Comics (due to time consummation)



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Journal History


UPDATE:  It seems to have ended for now.  But I'll keep this journal here a bit longer just to be on the safe side.

cyborg802 started as a semi-stalker who started Favoriting some of my work.  Then all of a sudden, he posts this deviation and lets me know:
Seto Vacation by cyborg802

Shimameguri no Shaya by TheThunder-Art

So I gently reminded him to ask me first before doing it again.  Then he pulls a fast one on me by uploading another and flat-out telling me he did it.

He didn't even try to remove the watermark and when I scolded him, he just told me to control my anger.  He took this one down, but after giving me a fake apology, he blocked me and re-uploaded it.  So he's a thief and a coward.  And then a friend of mine told me that cyborg802 didn't stop there.  Here's another one:

Battle Shaya by TheThunder-Art Battle Magis by TheThunder-Art Battle Lana by TheThunder-Art Battle Kiri by TheThunder-Art Battle Kiaka by TheThunder-Art
He's now probably choosing work that I was unable to get any watermarks on for size reasons and stealing that next.  Now I actually got my work (or game title) copyrighted, so chances are that cyborg802 isn't going to get very far.  He claimed to me that he has autism and that his mom is helping him with his faults, but he's actually one of those people who's playing with autism as a means of saying that it excuses everything.  And as we all know, autism doesn't work that way.  This user has blocked me, so I'm unable to present any more necessary evidence and therefore I have to count on others to do it for me.  He's sneaky, dirty, rotten, low, a thief, and a coward.
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I may have way more supporters of my work than actual haters and naysayers, but this entry has to be done.  It's time for me to counter every single little argument that on the Internet would be considered ridiculous.  So here we go, one by one.

1.  Children underwater drowning

You can make many arguments against this one, more than you know.  Children swimming underwater and/or drowning has been done before numerous times, some of them in family-friendly kids' movies and even Disney movies!  So to say that a person can be judged by uploading art that shows this to be mentally insane having no conscience or morality is probably even more insane than the person who did the art.  Now I will showcase some examples:

I was probably in elementary school when I saw this movie and this was back when I guess elementary schools were good with playing non-educational movies to classes such as Dennis the Menace, The Return of Jafar, and, believe it or not, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.  Finding this clip again still on YouTube fully reminded me of the premise of this scene.

"The scene in Beethoven (1992) where thanks to an irresponsible babysitter, young Emily Newton (Sarah Rose Karr) nearly drowns in a pool as the titular family dog rushes to her rescue." - oklik, YouTube user

So, do you think the writers were devoid of conscience and had mental health issues to put this in?  Of course not.  And Beethoven is considered a kids' film.  Don't get me wrong, it can be uncomfortable to watch at times, but just keep in the mind that on the Internet, almost anything goes.  That means, there's likely a cult following for these kinds of themes whether we like it or not.  Drowning is no joke in real life because it means death, but in art, I feel like the artists, just like movie writers, are ultimately the ones who get to decide whether or not to kill off their characters.  Or, as a really bad joke, kill their babies.

"The scene in Gordy (1995) where wealthy boy Hanky Royce (Michael Roescher) nearly drowns in a pool as Jinnie Sue McAllister (Kristy Young) runs for help and the titular pig swims to his rescue." - oklik, YouTube user

CordellBridges also presented this clip on YouTube.  So the character Emily was probably at a preschool age when she nearly drowned in Beethoven, and my OC Shaya is only 4 years old when she almost drowns and like Emily, she is saved by an animal.  Like Emily, I'm not sure exactly how old Hanky is, but probably less than 10.  But it's still the same theme of a child drowning on screen.  And just like in Beethoven, Hanky is saved by an animal.

And of course, there's the title crawl of Disney's Lilo and Stitch.  5-year-old Lilo, cute as a button, is seen swimming underwater.  I'm gonna guess that anyone who thinks minors drowning much less just swimming underwater is probably afraid of this movie's opening.  I don't know for sure and I certainly don't know if they've seen this movie as I have, or if my haters are just being hypocrites trying to talk me down.  Besides, Lilo and Stitch was rated PG, owing to a surprising number of visibly dark stuff.  Beethoven was also rated PG, but Gordy was rated G!

Definitely one of the finest examples of a child swimming underwater and coming close to drowning is 12-year-old Melody from The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea.  Say what you want about the movie itself, but some fans can agree that Melody was easily the best thing in the movie.  When Melody is unconscious and close to drowning with Flounder holding her aloft, she actually looks peaceful.  And instead of being scary, like when she started drowning, it can be kind of sad to watch.  All Melody wanted was to be a part of the sea and discover where she really belongs because she felt like she didn't fit in with her palace life, and when Morgana, whom she started to trust, turned on her and left her to die, it's like this is what she gets for meddling, yet she doesn't deserve her fitting end, at all.  So yeah, it's pretty damn sad seeing Melody looking peaceful from drowning.

And of course, drowning has been done in anime too many times to count with many different kinds of people, which makes me wonder if my haters are able to spend so much time on the Internet if they're really uncomfortable with seeing underwater art with child characters, or, as the late Robin Williams puts it in that Patch Adams film, "I make you uncomfortable."  In that case, I'm singled out for no good reason.  And of all the millions of people online, I'm the only one who has mental problems.  Yeah, go talk to Donald Trump and then get back to me.

Now let's go over other examples of artwork online that portrays drowning to prove that I'm not the only one.

James Saving Ally (Collab) by EmeraldThunderBR Allison's Close Call by EmeraldThunderBR Panic in the Blue by EmeraldThunderBR

Cocoa's accident 2 by UWDR-64 Comm: Hannah and the pirate trap by UWDR-64 Comm: Medli can't float.. by UWDR-64 Caverna Submarina 5 by UWDR-64

he's drowning by TheAmazingGMan
The OC Greg is supposedly 4 years old at the time of his near-drowning experience and OC Ribbon meets him for the first time, saves him, and falls in love with him.


Mature Content

Serena by UWfan-Tomson

Mature Content

FE Sakura Drowning 1 by UWfan-Tomson

Mature Content

FE Sakura Drowning 2 by UWfan-Tomson

Mature Content

FE Sakura Drowning 3 by UWfan-Tomson

Mature Content

FE Sakura Drowning 4 by UWfan-Tomson

Mature Content

FE Sakura Drowning 5 (final page) by UWfan-Tomson

Okay, so this user uploaded the drowning sequence on pixiv, but Serena should be considered a "minor" and the fan art of her drowning is still technically online.

Mature Content

Clamperl Peril Animation by UWfan-Tomson

In the Pokemon anime, May's age at her debut was 10, so she probably is 10 years old in fan art and such as well, including a near-drowning animation.

Trapped in the holds by UW-FnarFnar

Mature Content

Mummy's Curse by UW-FnarFnar
Shantae's Captive Perfomance [Commission] by UW-FnarFnar


Mature Content

Commission: Right into our trap by Darkenrok

Each of the Powerpuff Girls are only 13 here, as they were in the anime spin-off Powerpuff Girls Z.

Underwater Crisis - Lilo and Yuna by nekomom PKMN - Misty's Underwater Crisis :REPOST: by nekomom

Mature Content

PKMN - Triple Trouble by nekomom

So as you can see, I'm not the odd one out.  Therefore, my haters can't possibly have me removed from the Internet because of artwork.  It's everywhere online and it's unavoidable.  If my haters really are uncomfortable with my work, then they should be uncomfortable will all the kinds of artwork that touches upon the same themes and maybe they should stay off the Internet.  And another thing.  Drowning isn't just scary, it can also be sad if done in certain ways, like in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea with Melody.

2.  Children on adventures and in perilous situations

Oh please, this is an even more ridiculous reason than the first because this hasn't stopped films like The NeverEnding Story, Lilo and Stitch, The Land Before Time series, Big Hero 6Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, other Disney movies, TV series such as Avatar: The Last AirbenderPhineas and FerbInspector Gadget, the anime spin-off of Pokemon, CardCaptor Sakura, various anime series, and video games such as UndertalePokemon series, EarthBound, Sonic the Hedgehog series, and other examples.  In the English dub of the Pokemon anime, May introduces herself as a 10-year-old girl.  And how many adventures did she get herself into?  No one has ever really brought up the possibly of traumatizing kids for life in most of these examples because in most cases, it's not relevant to any plot.  With the OCs of EmeraldThunderBR, yes, trauma is a part of his OCs' back stories and they help form who they are in present time because it's called realism.  And no one, I mean no one, can fault an artist for including realism and scar-pooling their babies, especially if the realism is necessary to writing a good story.  Bullet Rangers so far sounds shockingly realistic for a fictional story, as the settings and characters feel like part of events that can happen in real life, especially comparing it to a military experience.  It should also be noted that in real life, some U.S. soldiers with PTSD are unfortunately being neglected and cast out for their so-called "mental health" when the sad reality is that they are scarred from survival on the battlefields and need mental treatment.

This can easily be considered one of the most traumatizing scenes in family-friendly film history, the death of Artax from The NeverEnding Story.  This movie should actually be one good reason why my entire game idea of having children less than 13 embark on adventures has been done before and this film, last I checked, was not universally hated for having the warrior Atreyu be only a child.  However, there was a tragedy behind the scenes.  The horse who portrayed Artax actually died due to an elevator malfunction that was used to film the swamp scene and Atreyu's actor was in fact scar-pooled and traumatized from the accident, maybe for life.  The background music added to this scene really upped the tragedy in the movie, but it's even more tragic in real life that the production team overlooked a gift horse in the mouth.

And then there's the entirety of Spirited Away.  Enough said.

But in any case, getting children characters involved in dangerous situations much less creating children characters is not an excuse to call an artist mentally deranged or challenged, especially if sometimes they try to relate to their own experiences that may have scarred them.  So one of these days, you may or not finding me basing some of my work off of my experiences with haters, bullies, and Internet trolls.

3.  Not for children

This more or less should have to do with the audience you're trying to appeal to.  With my dream game idea, I'm aiming for a demographic of children who are entering their adolescent stages of youth, the point when they start to open up to the world around them, start thinking about it more, and contemplate on what they want to do with their lives.  In other words, I'm shooting for an E10+ ESRB rating like the Shantae games.  Oh, and if my work is considered inappropriate for children because of the possibly of scaring them into death or post-trauma?  Try watching this first:

When I was a child, believe it or not, I used to be afraid of the big bosses in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and my brother had to beat them for me.  It was either me getting sent into shock from taking hits or maybe even the background music, but I tended to run for cover.  This was ironic because movies like The Land Before Time and The Lion King didn't scare me or even make me cry no matter how many times I saw them.  Eventually, I got over it and nowadays it's just reflecting on movies and games from the past and pointing out all those moments that should have been big attention grabbers.  Kids getting scared is a reason why they watch movies and play video games.  Tapping into their emotional sides is actually more important than you know because that's how they show whether they like something or not.  If movies and games make people cry and scare them in good ways, that's a sign that your art is getting your audience emotionally invested and they'll keep coming back to replay these moments, even years later when they can say that it either touched or scarred their childhoods.  So, for better or for worse, I will be aiming my game idea at adolescent kids.  Because, keep in mind that Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, despite all its dark and edgy themes, was rated G, yet Lilo and Stitch, with a 5-year-old titular character, is rated PG.  But maybe Lilo and Stitch was back when Disney just started to consider making more of their films PG as they are nowadays.

4.  Highly suggestive clothing and exposure

Kiri by TheThunder-Art Young Shaya by TheThunder-Art Luna by TheThunder-Art