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Thieves have been around for centuries, if they want it, they'll attempt to get it, and some of them even get away with it, but how do we need to respond to thieves?

First, You Must Notice One.

The Common Thief </u>
The common thief steals art from others in various styles from everybody or one of the same person or two people. This thief has a lot of stolen art in their gallery and most puerile ones tend to say that it's theirs in a journal or in a reply comment repeatedly. Some idiots usually leave the signature there and not care about who sees it. Some scribble over the art. Those are trolls. Be aware. (You can still report to the Art--Police or TheThiefPatrol about harrassment.)

Da Brats
Most cases of the underage thief are harmless. They steal art because they think its cute, say that they did it, and lie about it. Most cases can be easily removed because:
1. The Thief is Underage.
2. More reports can they can get banned.

Crayon Boy/Girl
The Crayons steals art, recolors it, and favs other's art. As to why they do so is anonymous. They can be malicious and say that they did it by themselves but how you can tell by these thieves is that the drawing looks boxy and ms-paintish, it looks rushed and undone, the coloring is terrible, there's barely any shading, and it doesn't even look like they did a good job.

Mr. and Mrs. Reference
These thieves reference art but do not give credit to the referencee. They are very harmless and some are generous. If you explain to them as to why referencing is bad, they might stop and try to draw their own style. Some can be explained to and not care. (not all cases are the same.)

Scammin' Ass
These are just scammers. Scammers ask for commissions but do not pay people back. The easiest way to solve this is to ask the individual to pay up first and then draw their commission. These cases are rare .

Switchin' Bitch
These type of thieves steal art, and then when exposed, they deactivate their accounts and switch to other ones.

The Just-Because-Yo-Ass-Got-It-From-Google-Don't-Mean-Nothin' Thief
The JBYAGIFGDMN Thief steals pictures from google and posts it on deviantart. These thieves might not know who the person who drew it is, but they're still inclined to take art from deviantart.

The copy cat copies art on print paper and posts it. They might think its harmless but its not. If you will copy, make sure you have permission from the artist and make sure its not prohibited from the artist. These cases are slightly rare.

The Harasser
This thief steals art and harasses the artists and/or talks about them. They do not care. However, the harassers get banned quickly.

These thieves can be the same thing in a way, even all in one. But not all cases are the same. If you have any questions, please ask. You're being harassed? You consult the officers on Art--Police, Stop-Art-Thefts, or TheThiefPatrol.

If you would like to join, ask! We need 18 officers. There is only 1/18 here. And that's me! But I'm the chief.

How to Respond To Thieves, Harassers, and More

Just because DA doesn't care about thieves anymore, we do! Please don't be afraid to fight back and consult the police affiliation or other art-police force. Its your art, you care, and we do too!

First, the way you respond to a thief is important. Try to encourage them to draw by themselves and evolve, tell them to stop stealing art and state the consequences. Respond intelligently

"YOU @#?$!!! STOP STEALING ART *bagawk*!!! YOU *buk buk buk* FREAKING *cluck cluck* I'LL *Wah wah. *"

"Retarded much?? Idiot cunt LAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWL"

"Hi, this is a warning from me, please stop stealing art. If you don't know how to draw, learn to draw. If you draw by yourself you can learn to get better. Please be responsible and listen to me-- this is a warning and you can get reported. "

Etc, respond intelligently. If they do not listen, then simply report to the :iconart--police:, :iconthethiefpatrol:, or :iconstop-art-thefts:. c:
More Journal Entries



Look, if there are any concerns you have, We WILL HELP YOU.
If you need any help just Go ahead and come to us and we will report, and do Everything we can to Remove the art thieves.
we will quickly reply and then get to them as fast as we can.
We will do anything to help you.
We will not leave you hanging! if you have a problem with a thief, come and report to us so we can help you, We will do our best to ELIMINATE ANY PROBLEMS you have.
And we will stand up against the troll/Thieves.
if they are troll and thieves at the same time, we will report them.
we are not scared.
Please, come to any police group, come to us, so we can all eliminate the thieves. Thank you for your help in reporting to us and helping us.
we may not do much but we will warn and report.

We mostly help by Reporting to our Affiliated group Art--Police. We come with firm notice and report users. c:
Sexeh Officers: 3/19





No deviants to display.


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Known for stealing and vandalizing copyrighted works into "fetish art." See the whole gallery: biliahthesegagamer.deviantart.…
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Art/Character Thief/abusive user by the name of savienbby.
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