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Madara Wallpaper +1920x1080+

By Thethiala
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© 2011 - 2021 Thethiala
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N awesome pic of Obito wearing a mask.
Yeah that's Obito.Madara would've had red armor if he was That guy with the mask(Obito).
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woow so so cool
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Nice pic of Obito. XD
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Well he is Tobi,Obito and Madara, since those are just names....
Rain-and-Thunder's avatar
But Obito is who he really is, his real identity. ^^
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Yes, but that is jut a name itself. He is who he is. A human/person can easily change his or her name. They are still the same person but they are known under different names. Same goes with Obito Uchiha.
Rain-and-Thunder's avatar
yea, but that's still who he really is, the person Kakashi though was dead, only wasn't ^^
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Well the Obito that Kakashi knew is long since dead and gone.... :D
Rain-and-Thunder's avatar
that was what kakashi thought, til he revealed himself....shocked the crap out of me as well cause I thought the guy was dead.
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Yes he did ( Alot too :P ) I was pointing out that no everyone in this series change so much.
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Yes but Kakashi hasn't changed since he was the same age as Obito when he "died". Sasuke and Naruto are still the same. You gotta remember that this is a Manga/Anime not rea life... ;)

But he is Obito, just nothing like the Obito Kakashi once knew.
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No, no the Obito that Kakashi once knew is dead. The Obito that now stands on the battlefield with Madara is nothing like the Obito that Kakshi knew.
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Great work, Ps360hd2 send me here xD
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i think it's someone
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best naruto wallpaper ever, you should make more!!!!
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wow its amezing
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My new wallpaper ^_^
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great work.!
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Oh,oh,oh its badass! This wins badass contest! :dance:
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