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Feminization Crisis: Bionic Cyborg by DancingSpartan Feminization Crisis: Bionic Cyborg :icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 152 15
Persona 4 TG: A New Yu!
“And another one bites the dust!” Chie exclaimed, having literally kicked yet another Shadow into nonexistence before turning back to the rest of her party. “Phew! I’ll admit, this is a pretty good workout! Maybe coming back here wasn’t the worst idea after all.”
“Speak for yourself…” Rise muttered as she wrapped her arms close to her chest, obviously much less chipper than her tomboyish friend.
Honestly, it was hard for any of the others to blame her. The Investigation Team, as they had come to call themselves, had only just indoctrinated their new friend Naoto Shirogane into their ranks, following her capture and subsequent release from the TV World. The specifics surrounding that case and the group’s current activity were obtuse at best, but the basic gist was that there was somebody throwing various people into the strange world behind televisions that forced them to confront aspects of themselves long repressed, even crea
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 68 10
Little Weapon Academia TG (Part 1)

The grinning moon overlooking Death City appeared even more manic than usual tonight, its golden glow brighter as it bit down on its bleeding gums even harder. If one attempted to decipher the hunk of rock’s feelings, they could only describe it as excited.
And why wouldn’t it be? The night was All Hallows’ Eve, the night terror was to be expected and weirdness the norm. Witches and monsters walked the streets as openly as the children impersonating them. In a strange way, it was the most peaceful night of the year, amazingly devoid of the usual magic mischief that ran rampant every other day. For one night only, meisters, weapons, witches, and various other freaks of nature put aside their differences to simply enjoy the night they were considered equal.
Except for one scheming witch. Medusa Gorgon was never exactly one to follow traditions, having long ago separated herself from the Witch Order to formulate her own de
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 49 3
Little Weapon Academia TG (Part 2)
“This is so stupid! This is stupid, and I hate it!”

Such was the cry of Black Star, one that fell entirely on deaf ears. Unlike the other students, who were either at the Halloween Bash or prowling the streets in pursuit of candy, the young ninja was preoccupied with being punished for the last major explosion he triggered. Instead of a mere suspension or detention, however, he was exiled to a place worse than death itself: the library.
“This has to be some form of cruel and unusual punishment!” he exclaimed, again to no one. “Especially on tonight! Don’t they know that this is one of my favorite nights?!”
Yeah, they really did. Black Star was always a fervent fan of Halloween, as it was one of the few days he could be an obnoxious showboat and be praised for it. After all, everyone loved a ninja for Halloween. Oh, and the candy! Good god, the candy! He had finally surmised the perfect candy rout
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 35 6
Little Weapon Academia TG (Part 3)
“I am not enjoying this. This is idiotic, and I do not care for it.”

So sighed Death the Kid as he wandered the streets of Death City with the equally unenthused Liz, the overenthusiastic Patty leading the way. The boy was slowly starting to regret his decision to leave the party based on Patty’s incessant insistence and the appalling application of streamers along the ballroom. Was it so hard to even attempt to be symmetrical with deathforsaken party streamers?! How could one let one half of the ballroom be decorated with black decorations and the other with orange? Not only did the colors not work anywhere near as effectively separated, it was as if they were arranged in such a deliberately asymmetrical manner as to drive him insane.
Considering Patty was on the decoration committee, this theory was not without reason. It would be just like her to sabotage the Halloween dance just to make Kid physically ill enough to
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 33 31
A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Maya Fey TG) Chapter 1
It was a peaceful afternoon. Around 4:00 to be almost exact. It was the end of August, meaning it just the perfect day to be walking around and do who knows what. Tons of people could be heard walking around outside playing or just hanging out with one another. But there are those people who like to stay indoors and play video games and watch television all day. Our protagonist is no exception. He wasn’t a shut in, but he was also not so eager to interact with others when not needed.
He was in his room playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir when someone could be heard yelling for him from the floor beneath him.
That would be his mom. “Chug, stop playing video games and go out for a walk or do something active! Stop playing that trash and hang out with someone! It would be so much better for you if you got some fresh air!”
He sighed then yelled back, “Yeah, yeah! I will just give me a few more minutes!” This is about a boy named Chug Gaaconroy. Loves video games a
:icontg-vocals:TG-Vocals 107 15
Mature content
Highschool DxD Tg: Akeno :icondragonemperor999:DragonEmperor999 137 35
The best of the best, reconized by the best!
Happy New Year everyone!

To any of you who may be watching the group and applied to become a member some time last year, but were rejected, there may be a reason for that. Some technical stuff was going on behind the scenes that prevented us from accepting new members, so people that we may have tried to accept were instead rejected when the join application expired.

That issue should hopefully be sorted, as we were able to accept a handful of new members towards the end of last year. If you tried to apply to join the group in the past, and were rejected after your application expired (or were rejected, we're still discussing other things behind the scenes), I urge you to reapply. Who knows, you may find yourself with a spot on the group.

Hope to see you soon.
~ clockworkMelody
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