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By thetetine
There's been some improvement lately for blender's raytracer, Cycles, mostly hair rendering and SSS.
I wanted to play with these new features, so I made this. The image is a bit noisy, but, I didn't want to spend hours rendering it at thousands of samples or tweak settings =P
Here are some intermediate renders : [link]
I've uploaded the original blender file to Blendswap too: [link]
Also, I used the neat tutorial from BlenderCookie on hair styling : [link]

Made with Blender 2.66.5 r55744 (bot build) and filtered with Gimp.
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© 2013 - 2021 thetetine
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Simply Heavenly !
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wonderful images
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Impressionnant de réalisme ! (à part peut-être les yeux qui mériteraient à mon sens plus de détail) :)
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Merci =)
C'est un des points que je m'efforcerait d'améliorer pour le prochain modèle ;)
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nice hair. I had the same problem with subsurface scattering on the skin texture it looks like noise. There must be another way. I fount this tut here part 4 and 5 [link]
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I guess Cycles' SSS could use some optimisations. Still works nicely, maybe with a lot more samples for now? (I didn't have the patience >< )
Thanks for the tutorial, it's really useful =D
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Et sinon les tâches de rousseur c'est ton fétiche du moment ? ;)
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Comme le dit Gab, c'est pas spécialement nouveau, mais c'est vrai qu'en ce moment ça se voit plus dans ce que je fais =P
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lol, du moment... ouais, en temps geologique ptet aha
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Et je sais pas si tes dessins ont une bonne impression des 3 dimensions, ou si ta 3D ressemble à tes dessins. Mais c'est pas à évident pour moi de savoir de suite si t'as fait ça sous Blender ou en dessin.
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Impressionnant! On dirait une peinture et pas de la 3D!!!

Vraiment bluffé! Faut continuer !!!!
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Thanks =)
Dommage que ce genre de travaux prenne autant de temps, sinon j'en ferais volontiers plus XD
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Il s'agit d'un excellent modèle. Il est beau et sophistiqué.
Je l'ai téléchargé à partir de "Blendswap".
Configuration des nodes est très avancée.
Je ne pouvais pas croire qu'il n'a pas utilisé texture bitmap, parce que je n'avais aucune idée que, au lieu de bitmaps, vous pouvez utiliser la couleur vertex.

J'admire votre travail. J'ai appris beaucoup de vous.

Pardonnez mon imparfait français. Mon anglais n'est pas la meilleure non plus. ;)
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Thanks =)
I'm answering in english, I hope you don't mind.
When I'm working on this kind of model, I usually try to avoid UV textures, because, like most people, I actually find UV unwrapping quite boring. I found that vertex paint combined with color ramps can replace texture in cases where you don't really want precision and small details, or when you only use masks to apply procedural textures.
And I'm glad you found something useful in this file =)
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Actually i really like uv unwraping. It's kind of relaxing. :)
You know, this is proces of optimazing, hiding seams, adjusting the shape of islands to optimal fill the space texture. Deciding which parts are most important, and which may have a lower resolution. It is very important in gamedev. Quite enjoyable pastime if you are Procrastinator, and the next step is the frustrating one: Rigging and weight painting.

And.. yes, this file is extremely useful. I could not deal with the SSS on my model's face (Lady Mechanika). My previous attempts gave a flat effect. Thanks to you, I think I know how to deal with with it.
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That's funny because, I kinda like Rigging and weight painting (if I don't have to do the weight paint entirely by hand of course, good thing there's a bone weight option when armaturing) XD
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The last time automatic weigh has failed for too complicated model. Works well for low poly, but on Mechanika it has crashed. Plus, i had some issues with symetrical painting. It was PAIN-ting. Fortunately, there is rigify - great time saver.
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Rigify or BlenRig. Needs some effort to setup properly but works quite well too =)
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wow :'D how nice :'D
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