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The Ancient Egyptian art group!
sometime ago, I(DraconicaNimbus) have ask to someone the categories thingy already. So, anyone that have just arrive a my note about it, doesn't need to answer. :)

Welcome to the The Temple of Netjer, the ancient egyptian art group, devoted to all the Gods of the Kemet!:D

For joining:

:pointr: You have to like/love/adore Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian gods!:XD:
:pointr: Send a note to the group!:)
:pointr: watch the group page! :D

:icondraconicanimbus: and :icondesert-of-seth:

we are also the jury in the contest we make.


Hello, Kemetians! See the pageview number!? almost 1000 pageviews!!!:XD: great!!!!
and ehi, to make this club more active, me, DraconicaNimbus and my buddy,Desert-Of-Seth planned three things.

:pointr::bulletgreen: Dev ID
yeah, we are searching for a dev ID. It's not really a contest, it's FREE and doesn't have any deadline! ;)

:pointr::bulletgreen: "Be a My Follower!"- Lats make the Great Ennead!
Jst to make this club more funny and a bit more particular, I had this idea: Choose you're favourite god (only one) and became an his follower!!:XD: In the journal we post you appear under his sign! :D just for fun. Send a note with you're god, please!


Ra = the Creators - hawk headed gods
Horus = The Distants - hawk headed gods
Seth = The Greats of Strenght - Sethanimal-headed gods
Nun = The not-beings - Frogs headed gods and Snake headed goddess
Amon = the Obscures - Ram headed gods
Anubis = The Guides - Canine headed gods
Sekhmet = the Protectors of Maat - Lion/ess headed gods
Bast = The cheerful ones
Sobek = the protectors of the Gods - Crocodiles headed gods
Ptah-Apis = the craftsmen - Human or Bull headed gods
Isis = the Throne of Kemet = Human headed gods
Osiris = the Ruler of Underworld = Human headed gods

:pointr::bulletgreen:Submitting artworks
If you have anything relate to ancient egypt, and you wish to put here, send a note to the club and we will post it here!

Deviations(when we announce a contest or for subitting artwork)

:bulletred:It MUST be YOURS.
:bulletred:Write you're name in everithing you do for us.
:bulletred:No limit for dimensions.
:bulletred:You are free to use every drawingstyle you want.(digital, traditional, pixelart)

When you're deviation is ready, upload it in you're page and send us a note.

:iconkraden: :iconcrissyl: :iconbastsanura: :iconkoishii-no-tenshi: :iconchaoscurry: :iconankhalianet: :iconherisheft: :iconabigailryder: :iconlady-noremon: :iconneopatra-isis: :iconsleepstealer: :iconkailein: :iconyamidragon: :iconwerethekau: :iconnakuracalavera: :iconrydicanubis: :iconheatherd: :iconpharaohslady: :iconanthrosaur::iconsabertoothkitty: :iconrumiko-skiler: :iconpharaoh-yami: :iconswazzo: :iconisadorabrokenheart: :iconhelix1047: :iconmessengerselece: :iconraven561: :iconnaatta: :iconanescences: :icondragonvampire: :icondrgnheart: :iconurd-chan: :iconroana: :iconquietinthedark: :iconmeowmix654321: :iconaudrey-tifa: :icondeliriously-dying::iconthorlekye::iconwolf-eye::iconwarre::iconfirelilyas::iconxargon-dragon::icontanithisis::iconsiavel::iconaluessinth::new::iconyoruni::icondragontamerno::iconakaiyukimegami::iconmaroy::icondragonkid::iconkurotoshi:

:iconavpalternative: :iconall-crazy-reptiles: :iconevilteapartyclan: :iconpharaoh-atemu: :iconygo-egypt-club::iconthe-phoenix-club: :iconegypt-club::iconegyptians::iconstargateatlantisclub::iconthe-maltese::iconegyptian-thieves::icontotd:


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MobianMonster Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
This place still alive?
beckyg Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005
Woo hoo! We share a brain! *joins*
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Oh, beautiful Arts!
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Ohh... I'm so happy to your collaboration. :hug:


Akaiyukimegami Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2005
:aww: Thanks for adding "A Struggle for Self-Redemption" to your gallery and for the :+fav: on "Anpu-Anubis!"
Dragonkid Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
Woo! I'm in! :boogie: :D
IsadoraBrokenHeart Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2005
Thank you for adding my piece to your gallery!

Bright Blessings!
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Weee, bang goes the 1k! :XD:
Warreh Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2005

I've been getting back into my Egypt craze...this so rocks.

I'm DEFINATELY joining. x3
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