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Star Wars - Peacekeeper (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

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Obi-Wan Kenobi in his prime: fighting to make the galaxy a better place. Wink/Razz   Inspired by The Clone Wars, which is quite possibly the coolest TV show ever.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but check out the companion short-story if that's your thing!
Star Wars - Peacekeeper (Short Story)
     “We’re keepers of the peace, not soldiers.”  The empty words echoed in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ears as though he were standing in the council chambers.  Master Windu often repeated the phrase, reminding the galaxy of the true intentions of the Jedi Order.
     “How times have changed…”, he mused.  His eyes were tired, gazing out onto the desert plains laid out before him.  The hot sun baked the battle-torn ground, and scattered up into a hazy glare.  Wisps of black smoke bled from the broken machinery on the battlefield, a testament to the destructive power of the Republic’s forces.
     “Say again, general?” A clone shouted over the crashing sound of the AT-TE walker stomping past them.  Obi-Wan’s eyes came back into focus, and his lightsaber let out a hiss as the blade slid back into its hilt.

I lost count of the Photoshop layers, but there's more than 200 of them.  Nine separate Blender renders too; my poor GPUs toiled for more than 24 hours total. :o (Eek)   The Kenobi model came from The Force Unleashed II game, and the clone model from TF3DM.  As usual, both are retextured and modified.

Thanks to my brothers for their feedback, and to ashrafcrew for the awesome debris effects!

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Funfact: The reason why Palpatine and the Sith hate and want to destroy the Jedi is because the Jedi orchestrated the "Sith Holocaust" Where the Jedi attempted to exterminate the entire Sith race! Hence the title "Revenge of the Sith" because Palpatine wants to avenge the billions upon billions of unarmed innocent Sith that were slaughtered and butchered by the hypocritical Jedi Scum! The Sith Holocaust was the event that fueled Palpatine's hatred and vengeance towards the Jedi!!! Palpatine would request the creation of the Clone armies and the protocol Clone Order 66 to avenge the once proud race who became victims of genocide by the Jedi and the Republic!!! The Sith Holocaust resulted in billions upon billions of innocent unarmed Sith being slaughtered and exterminated to the brink of extinction! While the Jedi Purge or Clone order 66 resulted in only thousands dead!!! Tell me everyone who is more evil!? Palpatine and the Sith who were persecuted and forced by the Jedi and fought a war driven by hatred and revenge for the Holocaust or the Jedi who continue to ravage the lives of countless species across the Galaxy!? Let us never forget that the Jedi also commanded armies of clone slaves and sent them to die in the worst battles and wars losing blood, limb, and their souls!!! At least the Separatists used only robots which is way more ethical and moral than cloning human slaves!!! #SithLivesMatter #CloneLivesMatter #TheSithHolocaust #RevengeToTheFallen

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Absolutely epic!
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Obi-Wan became brutal
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obi-one, fight mode!

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This is absolutely epic!

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Absolutely stunning piece of art!

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This is what should be in the clone wars

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Seriously, why don't the Jedi use shields more often? Would certainly lend itself well to the whole Jedi KNIGHT concept.

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How crude of obi wan using a shield instead of a force barrier.
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Perhaps even, uncivilized.  Wink/Razz 
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Sometimes one must focus on bigger issues, like artillery shells; in such moments is is better to leave the mundane to the mundane.
War is always crude, even in service to the Light.
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Absolutely love this image! Is there any way I could use this to put onto an Alt Art card for our team to give away at events? We play Star Wars X-Wing miniatures here in Sydney Australia. Lately I have been doing alt art cards to give away at tournaments or local gatherings. Happy to send you a sample of one of my cards.
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Amazing idea and composition 
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Absolutely love this image! Incredible work!

I don't suppose there is any chance of a 4k version floating around?
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to get you to help make Clone Wars S. 8.
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