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Deep in the forests of The Twin Planets many old trees live. Infused with magic, the trees can develop a conciousness and feelings.
Often a magical tree is moved or left alone when woodcutters chop down trees, however there are those who are greedy and believe the rumours are no more than a myth.
When a magical tree is cut down it will follow the people who cut it. Screaming and howling, dripping a trail of blood, it will follow without rest.
When it finds them it will rap its roots around them and use their bodies (whether alive or not) as a grow bag to gain back some of its lost nutrients.
The tree will not give up. It will follow one person for years, slowly making its way to them. They need to sleep,eat and rest. The tree due to its magic does not.
It will find them, no matter how long it takes...


mis-keyed the size of the cavas. DX so this was the canvas size. oh well :3
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