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I had to change my journal entry, I was getting depressed every time I glanced at my front page. 

Weeeell I have a new crestie :3 He's 10 and a half months old, yellow brindle with dalmation spots, and his name is Riley (although mum calls him "Wally" because we can never find him - "where's Wally", har har?). I'm really happy with him, because he looks about as far from a red harlequin as you can get. I bought some new things for the viv and moved everything around too, so it doesn't feel like Rory's been replaced.

I've got a few photos of him which I'll get up for y'all, but he's been the most nervous reptile I've owned so far so I've had to give him a fair bit of settling time. I'm really proud of how much he's improved already with being handled, and he should be ready for some good photo sessions soon. 

Zorro is also improving again with his handling, so hopefully we'll get some more snaps of him outside of his viv. Problem with photographing Zorro is that it's a two-man job because DAMN he is a fidget-bottom. 

Iris is wonderful, as usual. I did do some photos with her in the bath (blank white backdrop oh yeahhh) but I dunno where they are. I'll find them eventually. 


Credit and notify.

1. I must be notified of all stock usage. I prefer if you comment below the image you used, but notes are fine too. If you link me to the deviation rather than just the image, I will fave it! 

2. I must be correctly credited. "thetamar da" is not a correct credit. Please only use one of the following credits:
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3. My written permission must first be attained BEFORE my stock is used in prints, commissions or other works which are sold for real money or DeviantArt points. Selling artwork containing/using my stock for virtual currency on simulation websites (such as Horseland, Howrse etc) is fine, but you CANNOT sell my raw/unedited stock for virtual or real currency. Simply throwing a filter over it does not count.
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Charities and other non-profit organisations do not need to pay for use of my stock, although I do ask that you ask my permission first. I do not approve of all charities.

4. Minor edits (filters, colour changes etc) and reposting my stock as it is is absolutely fine, provided you follow the above rules.

5. Using my stock as a reference is absolutely fine! I'm more relaxed about credit rules for references rather than linearts/photomanips, but I still like to be notified so I can see your lovely art. 

If you are confused on any point, drop me a note to clarify. 

If you are looking for a picture and you cannot find it in my gallery, please drop me a note! I have many HUNDREDS of photos which I have not got around to uploading to DeviantArt yet, so the chances are the picture you want is just sitting in my files.
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