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I make HTML layouts for RPers

I still barely use dA but starting to upload some things recently. Getting back into photoediting and have been improving my HTML skills.

If you RP on a literary roleplaying game which allows HTML on its boards and you would like me to code a layout for you, I'm happy to do so if I have the time. You can check my HTML gallery for examples. Just drop me a message with:
Character name:
Character quote/stats/any other text you want on the layout:
Preferred colour scheme:

If you like coding your own layouts, I've also made a reference sheet for the codes I use. Might be helpful to someone!

I don't check dA very often so I may not respond to notes speedily. The best way to get hold of me is on Discord (Aspelta#6312). You can also find me on my website,

I don't charge but if you wish to offer something, please make a donation to a good charity on my behalf. I favour Amnesty International, Stonewall and Redwings Horse Sanctuary UK.


Stock Rules

Credit and notify.

1. Please notify of stock useage. I prefer if you comment below the image you used, but notes are fine too. If you link me to the deviation rather than just the image, I will fave it! 

2. Please provide a clear credit and a link back to my dA account in an obvious place.

3. Regarding commercial use...
My written permission must be attained before my stock is used for profit. This means real money or dA points. I nearly always give permission for this so please don't be afraid to ask!
Charities, non-profit organisations and education groups (teachers/students) do not need to pay for use of my stock, simply follow credit & notify.
Selling artwork containing/using my stock for virtual currency on simulation websites (e.g. Howrse, Horseland) is fine and you don't need to pay for use. Simply follow credit & notify.

4. My stock cannot be used in any way which promotes extremist political views, hatred or discrimination, or human/animal rights abuses. If I feel my stock has been inappropriately used I reserve the right to ask you to take down the offending artwork.

5. Minor edits (filters, colour changes etc) and reposting my stock as it is is absolutely fine, provided you follow the above rules.

6. Using my stock as a reference is absolutely fine! Simply follow credit & notify.

If you are confused on any point, drop me a note to clarify. I am not on dA very often so if I don't reply speedily enough, you can find me on Discord as Aspelta#6312 or on my website,
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