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What Really Hurt Korra Pt. 4 What Should be added

I didn't expect to be writing this many parts to this series. ^^; I will link the first 3 parts in the comments below. I have made several suggestions on what should be cut from the plot entirely, but here's what could be added to prop up the series more. Have the moon cycle play a role in season one's plot Given Amon turned out to be a self hating water-bender, have the moon cycle play a bigger role. There are rare events in the moon cycle outside of just an eclipse: https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/full-moons/en/#:~:text=There%20are%20a%20few%20different,Moon's%20many%20phases%20and%20types. Have it so Amon has control over Republic City longer, have Korra and Mako find out Amon's secret and realize he plans to use one of the rare moon cycles in his final blow. This would add needed tension and remind the audience of the bigger world of the avatar world. Make Dreams Much More Important To The Plot Dreams were shown to be important in Avatar, but played a minor role. Dreams in the


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Sheng Li and Aden References- Korra AU

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My Style development

I just wanted to take the time to talk about what I want my art style to develop into. Characters will be the only use of line art (color line art) and include cell shading. background characters To create an atmosphere and save time the background characters will be blank slates and different colors Inside buildings I will create buildings and inside builds with shapes, line art is a huge waste of time for drawings that big BackgroundsGradients in two or more colors are a quick way to create a sky and look better with brushes used with them, line are again is a huge waste of time. this should also create a good variety for the focus of t

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Air Nomad style necklace watch


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Tired Cast Background commission


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Wolf Spirit-Black Pearl Design Change Sketch


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The Legned of Korra AU OC Vasuda Final redesign


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