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Time Lord Victorious

Made using an image from the front of the BBC's DW page.

Amazing what you can do with print screen and Paint! XD
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After all the years of hammering it home how people shouldn't F'up the timeline for short-term, personal, or well meaning motives since the flow of events can be surprisingly fragile in many instances...
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Nobody's perfect, and even Time Lords need down time every now and then! ;P
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I can't get that image out of my head, in which The Doctor has a bowling Prize and a beauty pageant tiara on his head, giving that blonde woman at the end, that speech about being a winner.
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Well, the pageant lasted forever. It's about time he won it XD
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what does time lord victorious mean? if victorious is his real name, i will not watch it again lol.

cant wait to find out the doctor's real name.
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Time Lord Victorious is the name he gave himself in The Waters of Mars when he decided that because he was the only Time Lord left, he wasn't the loser, but the ultimate winner.
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oh ok cool.

sooner or later, we will find out his real name :D hope they dont make it something dumb :P
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well, his childhood nickname was theta sigma (we think)
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Anyone else back away slightly from the screen when The Doctor finally fell over the edge?

(Great effect btw :))
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Oh, I did!

He became everything he hates.. :(
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I loved the episode because the doctor gets totally mad! power mad! If Adelaide hadn't killed herself, he would have become just like the master, and I believe there still is a risk for that, and only the master himself can save the doctor from that fate and get his feet back on the ground.
And did you notice from the end of time preview, the master has blond hair! I mean, blonder than he was, like bleached blond! :D He will never die, that one, the doctor should be relieved. Or maybe it was that master-bot from scream of the shalka...

Love and Kisses
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ah, i knew we were getting a blonde master ages back! you have a good
point though- he's already been knocked back to earth by adelaide's death, but once he sees how close he got to being the master, i think he will possibly be the one crying for forgiveness... :(
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That episode was sooo sad, he did seem a bit crazy at the end, like the Master.
it would be a cool name though for a time lord,
Victorious..., anyways, well done!
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^_^ hence ThetaKoshei!
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Bwhaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the framing of this. Too overtly symbolic, especially considering that one Christmas special where he got flown upward by angels. Oh, RTD, I both love and despise you...
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framing in relation to VotD?
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Yea - in WoM, the Doctor snaps, goes wrong. So, they make his face all skull-like when he's wearing the spacesuit and then, in this scene you've screencapped, they frame it so it looks as if the Doctor is standing in flames, making his actions in the episode a descent into hell.

But in VotD, RTD was playing up the religious symbolism the other way, having the angels carry the Doctor upward to show how the character above other, normal beings.
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Ahhh, I get it! ^_^

Must admit, I'm a sucker for fire, so I didn't really look into it in that much depth, but i can see what you mean.
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Awesome flame-y stuff!! =D
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he reminded me of the master
ThetaKoshei's avatar
i teeny weeny bit.. hmmm
SonicalConverse's avatar
that would just be weird if there were two masters around
OR if they combined into one time lord..
ThetaKoshei's avatar
haha! my username is that being! (well in terms of nicknames anyway!)
theta= doctor
koshei- master
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