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Tenth Doctor Costume

By ThetaKoshei
This is David Tennant's actual costume! XD :heart:

the blue suit and red converses. quick trivia- the converse logo from the inside of the shoes has been removed! probs the BBC not wanting to advertise it...

and yes- that is the Lazarus Machine behind it!

Cardiff exhibition easter 2008.
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Apr 11, 2008, 6:13:05 PM
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StarlightWhispers's avatar
Haha when I saw Time Crash and the Tenth propped his foot up on the console, I tried to look for the Converse logo and saw that it looked funny. I wondered if it were removed or painted over. Glad I know now. Haha
MadnessMayhem133's avatar
I was there same time same place! i have my Dalek picture posted and i think also pilot fish..? :)
dani-carip's avatar
I just wanna climb inside that suit and never leave! If David Tennant wants to wear it again, tough luck! He'll just have to stay naked, which is fine by me :D
ThetaKoshei's avatar
XD you'd have to fight me for it first though...
Gure-nii's avatar
Suiiiit! o.o
And converse^^ Me haz red converse!

I'm going there this summer, can hardly wait! :D
ThetaKoshei's avatar
it is amazing!!!

im hopefully getting the red converses for mah bday! ^^
Gure-nii's avatar
You gotta love the red converses! ;)
ThetaKoshei's avatar
i do i do i do!
Kayla-Chan's avatar
I went there too! Did u see his PJ's? XDD So tempted to check if there was a satsuma in the pocket!

It really was an awesome exhibition! I think i played with everything in that room XDD Except was was behind bars XDD I could almost touch the rotating Tardis! i sound like a major freak O__O

It is a great experience though! Im glad you had fun there too :P
ThetaKoshei's avatar
it was absolutely amazing! XD

i posed with his pjs! XD
i just need to go back now- i went at easter, so i missed the rest of S4 stuff, such as jacks cossie... grr i wanna c jack..
Kayla-Chan's avatar
What?! I missed cpt. Jack stuff? >,<

I went there June 2008! I posed with a few things! Even took a double red converse shot XDD I got a few weird looks when I played with the stuff but I dont care! It was a memorable part of my life on one of the best b'day prezzies ever! ^^ I even went inside the Lazarus Experiment! Haha! Secruity was a bit shit wasnt it? Lol!

P.S Like yr icon!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
you actually got into it?!

i dont have the guts t oeven try it! Xd i thought i was being daring by ignoring the DO NOT TOUCH signs on the cossies! XD
Kayla-Chan's avatar
Haha! Well there was this little child lock thing on the door, so I just unhooked it and leant dramatically inside! Heh, i dont think i have the guts to actually stand in it! Screw the secruity i dont want to turn into a baby!! lol!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
yup! XD

me wanna go baaaack... :(
Tamzikara's avatar
I wanna touch it! I might be going to the cardiff exibition tour-yiss thing in august - It sound brilliant! I shall stroke thy shoe et trouser leg. *squee!!!* need - to - glomp - him... 0.o stay back, he's mine! I know ju - jitsu! hwaayyiee yaaa! *ehem* yes, very nice picture. myne... all MYNE!!!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
me did touch it!!!

and i deffo recommend going- walk through once, do stuff round cardiff then go thru again! (tis what i did!)
GenerallyGemma's avatar
Or someone nicked it xD

I stroak it EVERY time i go there :D
ThetaKoshei's avatar
XD yup!

me tinks the beeb removed it- my posters of him in the white ones dont have the logo either i just noticed...
ValkyrieCane's avatar
OMG! I want that suit!.... along with the man who wears it possibly... LOL!!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
not possibly- definitely!
DTloverforever's avatar

You lucky lucky person you!!!!

DID YOU TOUCH IT?!?!?!?!?!
I would have done....
ThetaKoshei's avatar
of course i touched it!!!!!
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