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Spock Cross Stitch

His chin/mouth looks a bit wierd here, but that's cos I haven't washed it yet and there is some pencil on the fibres... :( Will update this when I have washed him, so hopefully he wont look quite so retarded.. XD

If you want to stitch dear Mr Spock, here is the pattern I used: [link] thanks to :black-lupin: for letting me do this! ^_^

I added SPOCK onto it myself, if anyone wants to copy it exactly, let me know and I will upload a pattern for that!
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Feb 17, 2008, 9:55:45 AM
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due do you have the pattern for that i could really use that il give you points lammas?? i dont know ask. ^^
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you!
Here is a link to the pattern :[link]

Please make sure you credit the artist if you post your final work on here, she likes to show everyone!
inuzuka-carlos's avatar
yay :D thanx i will no worries
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I hadn't seen this; what a fun project!
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black-lupin's avatar
YOU FINISHED HIM! Yay he looks great! I love the font you used for "Spock" underneath! Great work so excited people are getting use from my patterns :) I'll add you to my 'completed projects' section!
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woo! thanks! ^_^

for the font, i basically attempted to recreate the ST font, was a nightmare to get the K to work.. XD I used my ST book (novel of the new film) to get the existing characters right, rthen kind of adapted that for the letters that werent on it.
black-lupin's avatar
Your welcome!

Well it turned out great gratz on a nice job :) Hope you had fun stitching it!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
i certainly did! ^_^

you know, is there any chance of getting some TNG kits together? id quite like to do a series now... hehe
black-lupin's avatar
I can give it a shot. I've only watched the first series of TNG so far (I keep watching TOS over and over).

Do you have a fave character I can start with? And a pic rec? :D
ThetaKoshei's avatar
Picard or Riker, whichever turns out easier! ^_^

how do you want me to get the piccy to you?
black-lupin's avatar
You could just paste a link to something on the web?
ThetaKoshei's avatar
hmm.. i will see if i can find it! ^_^
ThetaKoshei's avatar
thankee muchly! ^_^
ThetaKoshei-the2nd's avatar
Oh help. It is complete. Lol!! :doh:
ThetaKoshei's avatar
But it is gooood! ^_^ luff spock! still trying to find El/JLP though..
ThetaKoshei-the2nd's avatar
Yes, yes... Of course! =D

You managed to get five minutes out of your to-do list?!
ThetaKoshei's avatar
yup, but dad will be home soon, so no more bumming around.. :( though i am going to take my lunch hour to watch today's Star Trek: Enterprise.. ;P
ThetaKoshei-the2nd's avatar
Your lunch hour?! Owch. Enjoy Enterprise. That picard or not/ (and please don't shoot me if I'm wrong!) =D
ThetaKoshei's avatar
haha! no, Enterprise is set before the original series of ST, so no Picard.. (does have T';Pol in it though, poor Vulcan lady has a very tough time..)

Guess what though? ENT has finished on Virgin, so THEY ARE PLAYING NEXT GEN AKA PICARD!!! *excited muchly*
ThetaKoshei-the2nd's avatar
I feel the excited muchly coming along! Enjoy.
ThetaKoshei's avatar
XD luffing TNG.. only problem is, unlike ENT, they arent showing one every day, only one a week.. :(

on the other hand, may be going to see Gloucester Rugby vs Australia week after next! (if dad did get tickets and didnt change his mind at the price) ^_^
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