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...Because I think your judgement will be "HOLY DAMN!"

Yeah, time for another incredibly sporadic, random Life Update, to say that the contest for the cover for Chameleon Moon, Book 1; 2nd Edition is over, winner chosen, book actually done and published, looks ridiculously amazing ...and sold more copies in its first month (20 days rather, since it was published on Oct. 11th) than the first edition did in a year, so... Yeah, Holy Damn.

And the 2nd Edition is just... better than the first. I'm so happy with it in every way. The interior design too, and the actual writing changes - of which there are Several, characters are given more detail and connections to one another, the world is expanded, questions answered and more raised, I'm just writing more confidently and happily than I've ever been.

And now I'm getting back to doing Actual Art - in the form of my own book covers too!

This prequel short story, "Runtime?"
Mine. That's also a super fun one, which I highly recommend picking up for 99 cents if you feel like trying the Chameleon Moon 2nd Edition. It intro's a few new characters and worldbuilding concepts... and is just really fun/banter-filled/action-y. And, I've been told, mess with your emotions in a borderline-sadistic way. (But because it's me, the ending won't ruin your life completely. In a bad way at least.)

And the upcoming anthology of 7 short stories, "Life Within Parole, Volume 1" was an amazingly fun collaboration with JillianLambertArt! Her wonderful ink, my colors. Felt so freaking good. :heart: We must do this again.

So I'll be... actually uploading more art. And being around, hopefully! I'm just getting stuff done, making art, writing, and living. Wow. Stuff's good, guys. Thank you for being here. It means a lot.
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Ribbontail Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2016
HOT DAMN that's a beautiful book right there! 👏👌👌 Many congratulations again on getting the second edition wrapped up and published, Sylv, I know CM is better than ever before. A paperback copy is gonna be my Birthday-Christmas present to myself this year! Thanks again for bringing such a great book into the world; you never know how powerful the pen is until you've seen the impact it's had on others' lives. And boyo I can't wait to hop on the Parole train!
TheSylverLining Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhhh thank you so much! <3
KRM4069 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Yay very cool for you.
TheSylverLining Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! <3
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