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FIRSTLY: Hey guys! I know I haven't been around forever, but I am indeed Alive. And today I've got a pretty big announcement/project/Art Thing going on that you might be interested in. Yes, on this, an art website, where I used to basically live, and keep meaning to be more active on. And I still mean to. But it has been Ye Olde Wilde Ride, and... you might see why in a bit.

So you might remember I wrote a book a while back.
And it honestly did a lot better than I even expected, I met some amazing people, and the experience was basically awesome - until, like many small/indie presses this year, my publisher closed. But I/Chameleon Moon aren't going anywhere - the rights are mine again, and it was very well-received/doing well at the time. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good. Super excited. I have a lot more to do, and the story needs to continue. So in October, I'm re-releasing Book One as a second edition. November, I've got a crapton of short stories, and December... Book Two. (Which was like 98% done when my publisher closed. All it needed was a cover. And speaking of... That's up next for the relaunch of Book One.)

And I could do my own covers - it'd be a push to get everything ready in October with my Health Crap, but my art is up to it, and it'd save a buttload of cash, which is always great. It'd be the smart thing, right?

But for real, the one thing that's made everything worth it/amazing is community. (Damn, I'm sappy. You missed it. Or maybe not, but the love is real anyway.) And even if I'm not here as much as I'd like to be... damn, dA is still so important. I don't even really have... words. <3 And this is part community celebration too (Hence the 'Giveaway, Do Literally Anything/ALL Entrants Get Free Story' part).

So how about...

We try...

CM Second Edition COVER ART CONTEST: One $120 grand prize, four runners-up win $20 each

All winners get free copies of Books 1 and 2, plus at least 4 unreleased short stories!

Last day to submit entries is OCTOBER 1st! Happy Almost Halloween!

ALSO, SEPTEMBER FREE STORY EVENT: Everyone who does *something,* not just visual art, and not just a cover entry, gets a free, never-before-published CM Prequel short story!

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • $120! (It would help if you have Paypal or an equivalent thing so I can give you these monies.)
  • Your art on Chameleon Moon: Book 1, Second Edition cover. (With cover artist/illustration credit, of course, I shouldn’t even need to say this but I’m an artist too, it needs saying.)
  • Advance Copy of Book 1, 2nd Ed.! In both ebook and paperback (tho physical books might come a little later; I’ll try to time it to avoid this).
  • Advance Copy of Chameleon Moon Book 2: The Lifeline Signal!(This will be electronic, possibly a formatted ebook, or possibly a PDF or straight-up word doc; depends on how finished it is, and what your device can handle. Talk to me!)
  • Advance Copies of (at least! I got WIPs!) 4 Never-Before-Read* Chameleon Moon-universe short stories!

4* Runners-Up Will Receive:

  • $20!
  • *Can be more if I get enough amazingly awesome entries!
  • A free electronic copy of Chameleon Moon Book 1: Second Edition
  • Advance Reader Copy of Chameleon Moon Book 2: The Lifeline Signal
  • Advance Copies of (at least!) 4 Never-Before-Read Chameleon Moon-universe short stories!

Click here for more details!

(This goes to my semi-pro Wordpress blog where writing things/Me Being Alive are more regularly. I am alive. And doing contests. I swear.)

Here are some character ref examples! Because I feel like showing them off and having them on my blog.

(And they might come in handy.)


Hello lovelies! :D I wanted to let you know a couple things.
  • I am alive!
  • My first published novel, Chameleon Moon, is doing really well. The good reception has been astonishing, quite honestly. I'm feeling more and more like an Actual Real Live Published Working Author every single day. It's been amazing.

  • Like, better than I ever expected. It was my publisher's #1 bestseller last quarter, and has been consistently on the top 10 bestseller list, every month, for both paperback and ebook. 
  • Basically... WOW. Thank you.
And that is why I haven't been around. Because I've been doing a lot less Art Things (sadly! I really hope to do more Art Things in the future - I really miss it! And I miss the friends I made here, and the dA community in general), but a lot more more Book Things.

And oh yeah... because I have a series deal... Book 2 is in editing now. :D And it has a title. 

The Lifeline Signal: Book 2 of The Chameleon Moon Series By RoAnna Sylver.

(I'm just writing that everywhere because it still doesn't quite feel real. <3 

So yep. Everything is cool. I have one book that's doing really well, and another one coming. And one more cool announcement. 
  • I've also been writing a lot more short stories, extended-universe stuff to go along with the proper series. And singing. And voice acting. And doing a lot more creative stuff, now that I'm slowly getting healthier. (Remember me talking about getting slammed with some pretty serious illnesses? Yeah.)
  • And now all my creative stuff finally has a home - and I'm making it work for me.

If you want some access to never-before-read Chameleon Moon-universe stories (that I will only post on Patreon), check it out. Patreon is basically like a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe, but for individual creative people making things, and over time. You can tip me a couple dollars (or even $1, for real) per cool creative thing I put out - and the way I have it set up, it's not a monthly thing (like some people do), it's a by-project thing. I don't get paid (and you don't pay) unless I make something amazing.

Also, I also have it carefully set up (Patreon seems set up so that creators can gouge their patrons pretty badly, tbh!) so that literally no matter how much you can give, you get all paid content - $1 buys as much story as $50 - and you will never pay for something you don't get to see.

Does it sound like I'm just advertising myself/my art now? I am. A tiny baby (disabled, chronically ill) author/artist/singer's gotta do what one's gotta do. This will help me so, so much, with health/medical expenses alone, but peace of mind even more than that. (And like I said... you get exclusive Chameleon Moon content, and lots of other neat Patreon-exclusive stuff I do, that I make sure is my best work. Cool.)

And now, shameless plug over. 

That is my life so far. Book going amazingly. Sequel coming up. Working on a bunch of new articles, short stories, art, music, and cool stuff on Patreon. Wanted to update everyone here, tell you the love remains, and hopefully I'll be more active in the future. <3 Rock on! 

I know I haven't been here much lately... but that's for a good reason. :D

My book is now published. 

I've been working on this for 6 years. And now it is done. I am a published author. This is surreal and amazing. I am so happy, and a little terrified. But mostly happy.

If you like books about diverse superheroes (lots of queer and trans people) in burning apocalyptic cities, this might be for you. :) I hope it is. Thank you so much. Wow. This is just... wow. I'm a love-cano of happy and gratitude. Wow.
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1. Mac or PC?
PC. I was spoiled by my college's nice Macs, but all I've ever had at home are PCs. It's an arrangement of extreme familiarity, with a great deal of bickering and the occasional blowout fights. We always come back to a peaceful co-existence, though.

2. Favorite game series?
Probably Pokemon, honestly. I like a lot of stand-alone games, but that's probably the only one in which I've played every canon incarnation. (I also like Disgaea and Fire Emblem. OH, and OBVIOUSLY, King's Quest! OH and Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. And Fable. To a lesser extent.)

3. Your favorite ice cream flavor?
Peanut butter and chocolate. Always. (Also birthday cake flavored ice cream, which I did not even know existed until relatively recently.) 

4. PC gamer or console gamer?
I play a lot more games on my 3DS and PSP, because then I can lie down while I play (back problems). So, console, I guess. Though I have more recently been playing ROMS on my computer.

5. Which animal would you like to be (other than a wolf because they're freaking overrated)?
UHHH, I would choose to be an Animorph, because that way I can be any animal for two hours, including aliens, and freaking dinosaurs if we're going by the non-canon games.

6. Favorite books?
That's... I don't... I could not really begin to tell you because I have too many favorites. Ha, one that just popped into my head that I love are the Nightside series by Simon R. Green. Haven't read them in a LONG time, and his writing style has never exactly sat right with me, but his concepts are outstanding.

7. How big of a pervert are you (be work safe about it)?
...Not all that much, really. My biggest thing probably is that I tend to find humans boring. I like aliens, gargoyles, mutants, fantasy humanoids, centaurs, satyrs, monster people, stuff like that... and anthros are just fine. Not big on fursuits, tho.

8. Would you have a fist fight with a hobbit or a really hairy man that is mistaken for a bear?
Uh, I think you could just like, knee a hobbit in the face and be done with it. I'd rather stay away from bear-men. (Unless they're actual bear-men, because, see above. Rawr.~)

9. Do you like dragons or unicorns?
I like both. I think I would prefer fancy, dainty Lisa Frank dragons and totally metal, brutal unicorns. 

10. How loud are your burps?
Not all that loud, or frequent. I do make other funny noises, though. Definitely not as loud as my sneezes.

 I don't really feel like tagging anyone else, but whoever wants to do this can do it. :)
It's been a hell of a summer. That was my last journal entry, that it was here, but now it's past and so much has happened. All of it good. Most of which isn't all that interesting to anybody reading this.

But what might be... is that Chameleon Moon, the book I've been working on for five years, is going to be published. I'm overjoyed and stunned, and have been the grateful recipient of a ton of internet support, which makes me incredibly happy and encouraged. :) 

Here's some details... and here's the post announcing it that went mini-viral on tumblr. :lol: I still can't believe it. Any of it. It's all too amazing. And the release estimate now is in one year, October 2014. Which I can't wait for and will be a lot louder about as the date approaches. 

I'm happy. Happier than I would have thought possible. Now I just have to get over this lingering cold, and we'll be golden.
SUMMER. TIME OF REJUVINATION and rest and creativity and feeling like myself again! Time for something that is not exhaustion and burnout. Time to do what I want and make neat things. :) This is the first summer I've had off in... since before I can remember. They've always been filled with summer courses or DANTES exams, or moving cross-country. This one is going to be lovely. I'm really happy right now.

This means I'll be here a bit more, hopefully. :3 Since I'll have more time for things like art. Yay!

I've also been making a lot of music, since the other thing I do best is sing, and I'm learning to make my own music with electronic devices like laptops and midi keyboards and neat things like that. I might show that here, and will definitely share if you're interested. :music: (My stuff IS online, but I'm not sure how much I want to share here just yet.)

And since I'm having time to breathe and exist aside from running on the hamster wheel called academia, I'm remembering that I DO like it here, and interacting with the neat people here. So that means questions are back! :la: 

1) Any fun plans for the summer?
2) Do you sing or play an instrument?
3) Do you like being inside with the AC cranked, or outside in the sun/swimming/cool drinks?
But the love remains.

Most of my courses are online this semester, so hopefully I'll have some time for additional online fun, namely, being a little more active here again. I've drawn a lot, but haven't gotten a chance to update anything.

Commissions are still open, and I'm still alive (and happy and productive), I promise.

How have you all been? Tell me of your lives. It might inspire me to reply!
Because holy effing crap Batman, just under 1,000 pageviews until 200,000. I can't believe it. So, yes. Whoever catches that (preferably with a screencap) gets a request from me, because sweet molly malone I never expected to get this far and I truly appreciate every one.


As I'm saying pretty shamelessly everywhere right now, commissions are open. I'll amend that to say that while I'd prefer to do busts or kisses, full body is fine too, we can work something out, not sure why I was like NO before, but why the hell not. Still probably not going to do NSFW things though. I've gotten a couple requests like that, and nope, sorry, you don't want to see me draw dicks, they always come out looking like sad elephants.


And a random-ass feature! Because there are over 4,000 messages in my devwatch and many of them are really really pretty. And I haven't done a feature in a long time and those are pretty nice. I'm trying to be here at least a little more even if I don't have time to forum like I used to. I don't think I could be called a reg anymore, which is a little sad, but. I'm doing things I love, too.


Chicken with a pulley... by Witchy-Ways :thumb345391256: Preed mask by StanHoneyThief
Pink Panda Perfect by nekophoenix
Tobias by Kecky Incendiary by flatw00ds :thumb327823125:
Good Omens: Sauntering by Kaytara christmas salarians by enormousmoonboots I'M MIKAELA CHILTON by MoMoCookie
Why not post about it HERE, on an art site? Yes, yes I will.

Anyway. I'm taking commissions again. Bust portraits and kisses, because they're easy for me and I know I can do them well.

These are examples, and there's more information in the first two description links.

Commission - Humanized Galactic NOVA by TheSylverLining Commission - Humanized Marx by TheSylverLining a mike chilton and a chuck why not by TheSylverLining

It also goes to my tumblr. Add me if you want; I'm not on it too terribly much. It's mostly fandom crap, and art. Nastiness will be blocked/deleted/reported, as always.
Connecticuit. China.

I... don't know what to say. Not that the Oregon mall shooting wasn't awful, it was, but. This? You don't kill children. You don't hurt little ones, no matter your deranged and inconceivable point.

Shit. Shit.

God, everyone please just try to stay home as much as possible until the year is over. I'm convinced that after it's proven the world is not ending in 2012, this will calm down some, but until then I will be very, very worried for everyone I care about, as well as, obviously, all the innocent people I don't personally know.

I don't know if anywhere is safe now. But try to stay safe.
EDIT: Holy shit, there was a mass shooting at my local mall. I just. Wow. Wow. Thankfully everyone I know there is fine... but there were at least three (some sources say four) dead, and lots wounded.

The shooter wore body armor, carried an assault rifle, and a white Friday the Thirteenth hockey mask. One of those injured might have been the mall Santa.

I wish I were making this up. It sounds like a terrible movie, but. Nope.

I am so convinced he was one of the crazies out now who thinks the world is ending tomorrow or on the 21st. Just another reason to STAY THE FUCK INSIDE those days. Everybody. Just. Stay safe.


# # #

Someone got into one of my email accounts today and changed the password. It was likely just a spammer, but the 'suspicious login' location makes me... well, suspicious. So yes, if you get any nastiness from one of my emails, delete it and change your own passwords just to be safe. It's either a spammer or someone being incredibly immature. Either way, be safe.

That's all. Have an awesome holiday!
Hi guys! I know, I haven't been here in forever. I'm having to balance college with the work I'm doing for Phoenix Online, so fun-times on deviantART often gets left crying on the ground. I'm sorry. :c I miss everyone in Complaints and the Tavern, so please know I haven't forgotten. I'm just busy as hell with, ugh, REAL LIFE stuff, and when I'm not, I'm much more suited to hiding under a mountain of blankets or mindlessly scrolling through tumblr. The love is still here, though.

I've still been doing a little art for myself though, when I can (which isn't often)... mostly Mass Effect RP stuff. :lol: Debating whether to put art of really gay salarians up here - but who am I kidding, I think we all know what I'l end up doing.

But, here's the really cool thing I wanted to mention! :iconilikeitplz:

The game company I work for, Phoenix Online is putting out a new game! It's called "Cognition," and is an awesome dark noir adventure game, about a kickass lady FBI agent with freaky visions that help her solve crimes and nail bad guys and whatnot. And because it's a Phoenix Online game, there's great writing and classic adventure game humor.

It's the spiritual successor to the classic Sierra game series, "Gabriel Knight" - so if you're a fan, you're gonna love this. I really love this.

And guess what? It's on Steam Greenlight! And this would be ridiculously awesome if it got Greenlighted, for the game and everyone at POS, and me! Because that's where I do things. :3 And it makes my heart happy.

If you're on Steam, please vote for Cognition! I'm really proud of everyones' work on this, and it's a great game too! If you like dark mystery adventure games with awesome art, music and writing (and stuff I'm involved in, and I KNOW you all love me~), help us get this Greenlighted! ♥

Thank you for listening to my spiel. :lol: I know it sounds like I'm whoring this out... and I am, because it's my job. :giggle: But honestly, I'm telling you, even if it weren't I still would, because I love this stuff this much, and it makes me happy to share creative things I work on and like with you guys.

That's all for now! I'll try to have the energy and time to be a little more active later. See you!
So I know I haven't been around in forever, I'm sorry. But there's a good reason for that.

You know how I draw concept art for Phoenix Online, for their game King's Quest: The Silver Lining? Well, another thing I do is voice act and sing, and now write songs. And I've been doing that for them, in their game-universe "radio show," The Hassan and Graham Show.

And now you can see what I've been doing when I'm not here!

:star: THIS IS THE MAIN PAGE (those three buttons are all my art!)

:star: AND THIS IS MY "FEATURED ARTIST" PAGE. With my music! And bio! And face!

You can download my songs there!

"Water Angel" is original/based on the Blackmore's Night song "Loreley," one is a power metal version of "Greensleeves," and "I Will Remember" is an original song written and sung by me.

I really hope you enjoy the songs!

And if you want to leave a comment saying something nice, that would just be amazing. Because if Phoenix Online see that my singing is well-received, we'll probably get to do more! <3 (Any nastiness will be removed by the staff. Just saying.)

I know I have a lot of followers and friends who like my stuff. This is a way you can really help me out, and be generally AWESOME. If you like my music, and especially if you like King's Quest and wonderful adventure games, please check this out!

Sylver joins the Hassan and Graham Show by TheSylverLining
Instead, everyone should watch this.…

I makes it with loves because I love Motorcity beyond pretty much all fucking reason. Yep.

my cat just died
my mom screamed and i went down and he was gone

she was holding him and he was staring and eyes werent blinking and. yeah. dont ever look into a dead cats eyes okay its. no you dont want to see someone you love like that.

my poor baby

i had him since i was six. i'm 23. 17 years. i iknow he was an old cat but. 17 years.

best friend.

my heart is actually breaking

:heart: :iconamadeusthecatplz: :heart:

We Are Not Amused by TheSylverLining

and here's a stupid drawing i did when i was happy he didn't die three years ago


kittyyyy. ;__;
So, someone illustrated one of my fanfictions. :lol: The fic was "Metalhead," a Titan: AE piece about the smarmy, upfucked sexy Preed, and how he got that metal plate in his head. I wrote it around a year ago (and still haven't ENTIRELY finished, there was an epilogue thing I kept meaning to write and still might now that I think about it) - and these THREE illustrations were put up in June, and I somehow didn't see them! :crying: I was just randomly dicking around in the TAE group I follow and there they were!

I would have totally pimped them before, if I'd seen them. 'Cause I love 'em. And am flattered as hell a Titan AE fan and artist decided to draw my dysfunctional writing. :dummy:

Metalhead fanart - part 1 by StanHoneyThief Metalhead fanart - Part 2 by StanHoneyThief Metalhead - fanart part 3 by StanHoneyThief

And here's Metalhead if you'd like to read it. ... I realize the stigma fanfiction has, but I frankly give less than zero fucks, because I enjoy it, and I like to think my stuff is rather good. Sturgeon's Law and all that.

All riiiight. Always a nice surprise. :meow:
So much has happened. Like. A lot. So much that I can barely even think of where to start or how to put it all out. I'll just give the big things, and might add to this as I think of things later. If you stop reading now, just know that I should be around more, because it is now summer. :) And I don't have six million things demanding my attention and energy right the fuck NOW NOW NOW. I might even be in TheComplaintsTavern again!

Here's the big thing: I'm now doing concept art for a videogame. This is King's Quest: The Silver Lining by Phoenix Online, what I was working on before - but then I was only drawing and writing things for the extended-universe storyline. Now I'm a concept artist for the actual game proper. Designing and drawing backgrounds and items that will be in the game.

In the game. In the actual game. I've seen WIPs from the 3D art team, turning an environment I drew into 3D. King Graham is going to walk around in environments I draw.


So like. Holy crap. I still can. Not. Believe this. Even if I go on and become a full-time videogame concept artist and make a career of this I WILL NEVER GET USED TO SEEING BELOVED GAME CHARACTERS WALK AROUND IN MY ART. The fact that it's King Graham the first time just... I cried, okay. Realizing what was happening. If you know me, you know I form incredibly strong attachments to characters and universes, and King's Quest was... pretty much the first thing I really loved. So this is just... big for me. It's work and coordination and a little scary if only because I freak myself out about everything and tell myself that getting things wrong/letting the team down is unacceptable, ever. Which is a silly attitude, but one I can't shake. Fortunately the people I work with are wonderful beings. :heart:

I'm still going to be doing art, voice acting and songs for the upcoming radio show too - that's just gotten pushed back a bit. Still gonna be really fun.

So that's what I've been doing, mostly. Which is why I've been so absent, and... not really actually uploading shit. It's because the things I'm drawing, I can't share. Which sucks for my dA account, but... is really pretty amazing for me. So instead you get my derpy fanarts I do to relax. :lol:

Other things that have been going on:

:bulletred: DONE WITH ANOTHER SEMESTER OF SCHOOL. I turned in an over-100-page portfolio, and have earned the equivalent of around $15,000 so far by doing prior-learning credit-challenge essays. Fuck yeah. Also, $1500 scholarship. Always freaking helpful.

:bulletorange: Mass Effect. New favorite fandom. In case you hadn't noticed from what I've been putting up here. Holy shit. Just holy SHIT, man. Since my last journal entry here, I've played all 3 games and shed kind of buckets of tears over Mordin, Thane and Kirrahe. Remember when I said that "Hotel Dusk: Room 215" was the only game to make me cry from a story/character standpoint (not counting pretty music)? That was true... THEN. Now, oh holy crap, just say "Hold The Line" and I start to tear up. I'm not even getting INTO "Scientist Salarian" reprise. It's not even funny. It's sort of worrying. It's normal to want to actually tattoo lines from a game on your skin, right? ... Right?

:bulletyellow: SUMMER. Today was my first day off. I have been pushing and PUSHING so hard I've made myself sick, and now I just kind of... don't know what to do with myself yet! It takes a long time for me to get used to being on vacation and not in a constant state of GO GO GO GO.

:bulletgreen: Oh, I got contacts. :) I like them. My eyes are still getting used to them and I wear glasses a good bit still, but it's really neat to be able to see without them.

What else...

:bulletblue: Oh yeah - two agents are still looking at my book manuscript, so. :3 Hopefully that'll go somewhere cool too in the near future. A lot of things are just kind of in-progress right now, and sometimes it drives me nuts that it doesn't move faster, but. Hey. Can't rush the universe. It's summer. I'm gonna relax if it kills me.

You thought I forgot I used to ask my watchers questions, didn't you?

1) Any fun plans for summer break? Or, ah, winter, if you're in the opposite hemisphere?
2) What's a really awesome fandom you've recently fallen in love with?
3) If you got a tattoo, what would it be? ... And where? :eyes:
Hey guys! As you might know, I currently work as a regular artist for Phoenix Online Studios, a game company that specializes in adventure games, including a continuation of the classic King's Quest series. I absolutely love it; they're a wonderful bunch of people to work with, and consistently give me really fun assignments.

And right now, they're looking for some volunteer 3D environmental artists! That's something I don't have experience in, but I thought some of my friends or watchers might. :)

If you have any mad 3D skills, head on over here -… for the job info. It's not a paid position, but you get hella experience in the game-making industry, learn how it all works, make amazing contacts, and work in a great atmosphere. Plus, as Phoenix is a growing company, you never know if that experience might lead to something bigger.

Plus, you get to work on freakin' awesome games. :lol: If you're like me and have any love for King's Quest or adventure games in general, this is definitely worth a look.

Feel free to spread the word, too! If you know anyone with 3D art experience who feels like breaking into the game industry, point 'em this way. I greatly appreciate it too. Thank you guys so much! :heart:
EDIT: Here's my Grievances interview! :la: That was pretty fun.…

# # #

Remember those black boil pustules of death that were on my face and in my mouth? The dermatologist, in a thinly-veiled "SORRY YOU COULD HAVE DIED, PLEASE DON'T SUE US" move, reimbursed us $242. Which was actually pretty unexpected, and nice. :lol: I never expect companies/doctors to actually admit when they've been wrong, but. Hey. Cool.

I'm doing pretty good otherwise. :) Sorry I haven't been that active here, because school has decided it wants me to die, and likes assigning me multiple 30+ page essays per semester. Plus, I have a lot of art (and writing, and SINGING!) due for Phoenix Online/The Four Winds, which is pretty much priority 1, aside from the shit I actually get graded on.

Happily, for my research paper writing class, I get to write about gay subtext in cartoons. :la: Rather, "Queer Representation in Western Animated Media." Hell yeah. So that'll be fun.

So that's where I've been. Working, overwhelmed, but pretty happy. :3

:icongrievances: will be interviewing me this month, so there's that too, which is pretty neat. Still love you guys. Even if I can't be here as much as I'd like to/maybe should.
This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and screamed.


There were huge, nightmarish black pustules all over my lips, on my cheeks, and inside my mouth. That's where most of them still are. My parents took me to the emergency room, because that's generally what you do when you look like you've caught the bubonic plague overnight. :fear:

It turns out that I had an allergic reaction to some skin meds I was on. The doctor was "stumped" at first, then did a bunch of digging - it turns out that one of the more obscure, rare, WEIRD reactions is blood blisters, and necrosis. Essentially dead spots, like a really low-grade version of the flesh-eating disease.

Pretty cool, huh? :la:

Except it'd be cooler if it weren't on my face and IN MY MOUTH, and looking like I have some kind of leprosy… with a major audition on Wednesday. xD Oh well. I can deal with that! I'm sure it'll be gone by then and if it's not I'll just explain. It'll be cool.

And, fun fact, according to ER doctor, we could hypothetically sue my dermatologist for malpractice, since my dermatologist who prescribed the drug I reacted to actually been informed (by us) that I was allergic to sulfa, and still prescribed a form of sulfa - without telling me. We won't, because who has the time or money necessary (and I really just want to let it go and move on), but. Kind of nice to know we could.

So that's what I did today.


I took my prescription the ER doc gave me, and am going back to bed. Yikes.

As a surprise blessing though, I figured out that if I ever AM in the hospital or something, you guys will definitely know, since I now have someone who I trust with my account, to update shit. That won't HAPPEN, but it's just good to have a plan. :3

Yep. Bed now.