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Welcome to Phaeton

The city of Phaeton used to be perfect. Its people content, its government fair, and its way of life normal and easy. Nothing could have prepared its people for The Switch, an event which rocked their world and turned their world upside more ways than one.

What would you do if one day, you found your entire world had flipped upside down...with an bottomless expanse of sky below and above your head, the very ground you used to walk on?

:bulletblue:FINAL ROUND DEADLINE: November 12th.:bulletblue:

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What would you do if your world turned upside down? If the very ground you once stood on loomed above your head? The Switch is a cyberpunk/dystopian Original Character Tournament where you must explore the city of Phaeton, fight other competitors to prove your strength and trustworthiness, and find out why The Switch occured- and if there is a way to reverse it!
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The future of Phaeton has been decided....and with it...

...its victor has, too.

:iconpokesam: is our official winner! Congrats!

Thank you to all who have competed and given this OCT so much; it's definitely more than I expected (or deserved, if I'm being honest).

I really dropped the ball on a lot of things (a lot of which were out of my control or something I couldn't have prepared for, sure, but still- I could've, and should've, done better as the host) and I'm still just...thank you, those of you who stuck through to the end. Thank you, those who cheered the competing on and kept things rolling- and an especially big thanks go to the other judges who took up the slack in my place. I'm sorry this OCT dragged and lagged as much as it did, and I'm sorry for any other offenses I might have caused- but thank you for making The Switch as much of a success as it was!

I will be contacting the people who offered prizes and they (who still can/will, anyway) should be contacting those who get them here soon! If either finalist would like critiques, please note the individual judge of their choice privately!

tempted to make a 'good night sweet prince' line here
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Starting an Character Tournament where participants interpret free and paid characters hosted on the adoptable character archive. We host fan other content as well (all combat and fighting related content is welcome in the galleries archives) Come help us get the page rolling!

mission statement: Our mission - A found Character Battleground ,Simple premise for the contributors. We take characters form the adoptable's boards (open and free t use charters) flesh out their character slightly, and make them FIGHT TO THE FINISH! <Some of the adoptable charters are pay to use, so make sure that you use them correctly, and ask permission before you chose one for a fight.> These fights can take the form of > Comic Strip Battles > Animated fight sequences > Character back stories and conflict setups > Character martial arts setups > Flash Games > Close to anything you can come up with. POSSIBILITY OF AN ADOPTABLE"S CHARACTER TOURNAMENT? We will host a tournament every couple of months once we get enough interest on this page. The tournament will be highlighted on the page, and tracked via an interactive tournament guide. Participants can chose a character to champion, and will submit there content as a battle against another character. Multiple people may be formed into pit teams to service a single character (much like a race car) depending on who volunteers which charters in the submission post phase. Battles are decided by vote, and are based on the quality of the art, story, and general likeablility of the content created as much as by your character's ability to kill the other character (We assume that you will find a way to make sure your character wins against physical or metaphysically superior characters through the magic of comic book, narrative, and cinema. )Inspirational material Fight Scenes in Anime : Kaneda Vs Tetsuo(Fan dubbed version) :… Genos VS Saitama:… Robotech SDF1 and Zentrati fleet VS Millions of Space ships (tactical warfare) :… Naruto VS Orochimaru :… Fight Scenes from Western Animation Popeye the Sailor VS Simbad the Sailor:… Doctor Rick VS the president of the United States:… Tai lung VS the Furious 5:… Live Action Fight Sequences: IP Man2 :…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Noris:… John Which 2- Killing with a pencil:… The Joker Train Chase :… Karate kid fight scenes:… Rocky fight scenes:… Equilibrium - Gun Kata:… Menin Suits Live Action Sequences (Choreographed live action and monsters) Godzilla :…… WWE:… Mexican Luchador wrestling:… Source Material For Adoptable Characters Adoptable-Yard-Sale… DA-Adoptable-Center:… Lil-Adoptable-Haven… Adoptable-Frenzy… Adoptable-Monsters:… Adoptable-Beasts:… Adoptable-Creatures:… Fang-Adoptable:… Adoptable-Kingdom:… Adoptable-Babs… Clothing-Adoptable… CrazyAdoptable:… FeralAdoptable:… Adoptable-Events:… ADOPTadoptables… AdoptableVault:… Adoptable-batch:… Adoptable-OC:… Global-Adoptable:… AdoptablePalace :… AdoptableBubbles:… Great-Adoptable:… Skylight-AdoptableRP:… The-Adoptable-corp:… Adopt-an-Adoptable… Adoptables-Adoptable… All-Adopt-Adoptable:… AdoptableMarketplace:… Adoptable-Core:… TheAdoptableSociety… Adoptable-Pony (currently dead)… Adoptable-Bases:… Adoptable-Lions:… Adoptable-Network:… DAdoptable TheAdoptableForest:… Adoptable-Auctions:… Stardust-Adoptable:… AdoptableCastle:… Adoptable-Harbor:… AdoptableForest:… MyLittleAdoptable… AdoptableDelights… TTAdoptableFactory:… Lovely-Adoptable:… Adoptable-Crazy:… LovelyAdoptableMaker:… AllAdoptableCenter:… adoptable-club:… Adoptable-Counter:… The-Adoptable-Parade:… Adoptable-Station:… FUN-FREE-ADOPTABLE:… The-Adoptable-Zone… Adoptable-batch-2… TheAdoptableMarket… AdoptableHub:… The-Adoptable-Cafe:… Adoptable-Homeland(under construction)… Adoptable-Delights:… Adoptable-Place:… TheAdoptableHome:… Adoptable-Society:…

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Hey, is everyone all right? It's been a little under three months since round five closed and the journal hasn't updated since. I'm not stressed about the results, I'm just getting kind of concerned for the judges...
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I still check this place just about every day, haha XD does anyone know when the results will be up?
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This OCT started like a year ago.. ;u;


Can't wait for the ending..
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